1. to the heart of darkness; it

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1. The labyrinth is represented by anything that shows lack of organisation, by any image of chaos. One image of the labyrinth appears in Conrad’s Heart of darkness” and is represented by the jungle – labyrinth of the human psyche. The jungle is filled with trees, that give the image of vastness, but they can also be hard to get through, making it harder and harder to find your way out. Acting as a labyrinth of the human psyche, it shows the way in which characters evolve and how their behaviour changes. A labyrinth makes people feel isolated and it changes them interiorly. Congo is seen as the evil which leads you to the core, to the heart of darkness; it is an initiatory evil, an initiate journey=; The Jungle as a formula of the labyrinth where you are losing yourself and you have to find the way, a cliché. The heroes of some initiate stories are thrown into the unknown, exploring the unknown without a purpose. This labyrinth reveals Kurtz’s true nature and allows his inner savagery to come to surface. In the end, Kurtz becomes more dangerous than the jungle.
2. The idea of the labyrinth is also present in Virginia Woolf’s To the lighthouse” through the use of the stream of consciousness – the uninterrupted flow of thoughts could be seen as a labyrinth. Through it, we get a better understanding of how the characters are built and what they are truly thinking.
This is a labyrinth because the author presents the characters’ thoughts (they are not directly introduced, only by some conjunctions or parentheses) impressions and emotions often without any logical sequence.
3. Eliot’s The wasteland” is also a labyrinth as it is a heap of broken images. It seems to have no beginning and no end – labyrinth of the new, destructed world, infertile and filled with death.
4. Labyrinth of the Eros and of the human mind: Sons and Lovers” – Oedipus complex: difficult to find your way out.

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