10. crisis and the change of perspective

Published: 2020-06-15 10:26:04
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10. Modern man’s identity problematized and dissolved
The 20th century was dominated by crisis and the change of perspective in the way humans felt and behaved. After the wars, people came to accept the idea that there is no future. 20th century man’s life is meaningless, with no direction.
The destruction caused by wars influenced a lot of writers; this is why man’s identity appears in a number of novels and plays and also poetry.
Man’s identity is brought somehow into question in 1984” by George Orwell. After the war, Britain had taken a socialist turnaround. The communist economy was a catastrophe. People began to dehumanize and panic because they did not have enough things, so they went unlawfully to get them. In this way, corruption occurs. 1984 shows the development of socialism, excessive control, the cancellation of man’s private space. The Individual is controlled either by force or by persuasion. All the attention is directed to survival, people become animals – instinct of survival – become beings of violence. People were always under surveillance and were not allowed to be themselves. They were doing as the party was saying, in this way losing their identity and becoming objects. The Party was brainwashing and changing them.
Slowly, man’s identity disappears through permanent surveillance (Big Brother), through torture: physical and mental/ room 101; exploiting their biggest fears.

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