100 Years of Solitude

Published: 2020-06-26 15:36:03
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100 Years of Solitude Just as Edmund Spenser believes in the ever-whirling .
wheel of Change; that which all mortal things doth sway,”” so too does Gabriel .
GarcA- MA?rquez. In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Colonel Aureliano BuendA- experiences life and the changes which accompany it. Spenser views .
human life as a constant change from one stage to another. The change may .
be either good or bad; but one thing is certain, change is inevitable. The .
warfare is futile and has caused him to rot alive.”” Throughout Aureliano’s .
life, he undergoes a transformation from a lively leader to a corrupt cynic, and .
ultimately dies a dispassionate loner. The civil war causes him to continually .
alter his attitude on life. The views which he once had, slowly disappeared, just .
as the hands of time turn into fading memories. While the spokes of .
Aureliano’s wheel are becoming loose going downhill on the road of life, the .
wheel of change never ceases to stop rolling.

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