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Published: 2020-07-22 15:50:05
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It is arguably agreed upon by many troughs across the Earth that public presentation assessment is a cardinal and of import direction tool that an employer has at his/her disposal. Research has established that public presentation assessment carried out decently and in good religion, aid to ticket melody and wages employees. There are two types of public presentation assessment: negotiated public presentation assessment and traditional public presentation assessment ( Carroll & A ; Schneider, 2005 ) . It is believed that public presentation assessment validates and refines organisational actions in footings of choice and preparation ; and it besides provides feedback to employees with an purpose of bettering future employee public presentation. It is overriding that employees vary in their desire for incorporating public presentation in the workplace ; they have a general privation to cognize how good they are executing. This paper seeks to discourse the effects of positive feedback on employee public presentation, mentioning theories on employee public presentation and giving their relevancy and defects.
Feedback refers to the communicating to an person or a group of people with respect to their behaviour on the client, organisation, another individual or a group of people. Positive feedback entails stating an employee ( s ) about good public presentation and this feedback should be seasonably, specific, frequent and consistent. It is believed that constructive feedback alerts an employee to an country in which his/her public presentation demands to better. Constructive feedback is non unfavorable judgment instead it is descriptive and it is ever meant to turn to the action but non the individual. The chief intent of constructive feedback is to help employees in understanding their place with regard to the expected behaviour. Surveies have concurred that grasp for effectual public presentation is a important employee incentive. It is true that most people crave positive grasp and therefore this grasp fosters more of the cherished actions.
Surveies have shown that the attending by an organisation coupled with increased outlooks following the present chance can take to a self-fulfilling policy of enhanced end product by the employee. With respect to organisational behaviour, employees who receive regular, scheduled feedback together with preparation, coupled with increased outlooks ever have a higher degree of worker end product ( Shields, 2007 ) . On a larger position, developing employeesaa‚¬a„? accomplishments and abilities is an existent organisational authorization for employees to go better to themselves or to the house at big.
Positive feedback and employee development consequences into reduced operational costs. Employees who receive preparation in line with their single or organisational ends and appreciated on good work done ; it is important that they will be more efficient in their responsibilities. Positive feedback through preparation aid employees to make their occupations better, preparing them to replace their supervisors. Most significantly employees who are invested to be trainers may be inclined to remain with the concern therefore cut downing employee turnover.
Employee development combined positive feedback bounds organisation liability. It has been observed that certain occupations require preparation and enfranchisement for an employee to successfully put to death the minimal demand in relation to their occupation place. Positive feedback and preparation aids in restricting liability in instance of human mistake, peculiarly on the portion of these employees. It is hence of import that HR professionals to restrict organisational liability by developing employees and systematically supplying positive feedback ( Carroll & A ; Schneider, 2005 ) .
There are assorted change direction theories that are attached to employee public presentation and positive feedback. It is argued that a good leader will ever reenforce certain desirable behaviour of employees and will utilize positive feedbacks to do them satisfied, experience good and valued for their attempts. Some of the theories put frontward for positive responses include: positive support, wages and negative support. In add-on, a good leader weakens unwanted employee behaviour by utilizing negative leading responses and these include extinction and penalty.
Positive support theory demands that good managers/leaders will automatically detect the concealed powers of positive support ( Williams, 2002 ) . This theory is free to be used to about any state of affairs to give morale to employees in order to increase their public presentation and measure the capablenesss. Positive support is chiefly about supplying positive feedback to your employees. Regular proviso of positive support demonstrates that you are knowing about your employeesaa‚¬a„? public presentation ; and supplying regular informal feedback. When giving positive feedback you can either concentrate on public presentation or an person.
Positive support about public presentation entails utilizing positive public presentation feedbacks like: thank you for finishing the study on clip, you have done a great occupation with that assignment, or that was a great client service. Positive support about the individual involves giving positive feedback about individualaa‚¬a„?s qualities and abilities like: you are good with Numberss, you are resilient among others.
Positive support theory has the undermentioned booby traps: if the support exceeds public presentation your attempts will non hold an impact, it besides demands that you be specific particularly when actuating an employee who has been a hapless performing artist but has improved, over praising may ensue into minimum end product in the long tally ( Williams, 2002 ) .
Reward theory is an easy signifier of positive feedback. Harmonizing to this theory, a wages has a significant benefit to the individual on the receiving terminal. Directors and leaders who consider reward plans may utilize the undermentioned signifiers of wagess: fiscal wagess ; gifts such as film tickets, shopping verifiers ; chance such as publicity, disputing assignments or development activities ( Shields, 2007 ) .
The wages theory has the undermentioned booby traps: if directors select a theoretical account of supplying frequent wagess, employees may see this as their entitlement which finally reduces the motivational influence. Second, if directors offer big inducements like vacations, immense fillips for top executing employees they risk these inducements to be viewed as political. And in conclusion, some leaders to be just, may revolve the wages, this is regarded to be uneffective and will do the procedure of pull offing alteration harder for him.
Reward plans are extremely adopted by many directors as compared to positive support plans. This is chiefly due to the simpleness and easiness of execution and beside that, they donaa‚¬a„?t have fiscal restrictions and necessitate minimum alteration in leading behavior. In add-on touchable wages is more challenging as compared verbal grasp. With respect to this, many employees will outstandingly increase their public presentation in chase of a wages at the terminal of it all ( London, 2008 ) .
In decision, the cardinal aims of supplying positive feedback includes formalizing choice and other direction or cultural patterns ; assisting employees comprehend and understanding that they are responsible and accountable for their public presentation ; and in conclusion helps directors in doing determination about wage and/or publicity ( Williams, 2002 ) . With respect to organisational behaviour, employees who receive regular, scheduled feedback together with preparation, coupled with increased outlooks ever have a higher degree of end product. Positive support and Reward theories have been put frontward to exemplify the magnitude of supplying positive feedback on employee public presentation ( London, 2008 ) . These theories laud that supplying positive feedback motivates employees and hence it is relevant in increasing employee efficiency and concluding end product.
With respect to the above treatment it is hence recommended that for employers to increase their employee productiveness they must supply seasonably, consistent and frequent positive feedback on employee public presentation. This entails appreciating good public presentation by truly praising and honoring the employees. In add-on, employers should besides further developing employees in the specific field that they want them to better public presentation.

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