A Study Of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Environmental Sciences Essay

Published: 2020-06-13 16:26:04
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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ( BTNR ) is one of the first wood militias established in 1884 over concerns of climatic issues. Although the modesty decreased in size in 1930s, to merely approximately 72 hectares, and in malice of urbanization and the loss of home grounds, a significant biodiversity is still present in this nature modesty. The fact that BTNR has more works species compared to the whole of North America deserved to be celebrated. However, if no attempts are taken to protect this modesty, its well being and future being may be threatened.
The authorities and the National Parks Board of Singapore have taken important stairss in keeping and bettering this modesty. The Singapore Green Plan establishes wide policies for nature preservation. The BTNR is protected by the Parks & A ; Trees Act 2005[ 1 ]for the preservation of our native biodiversity. Among the Torahs are certain activities are prohibited within the nature militias, particularly activities that cause negative impacts on the biodiversity such as boosting in groups of more than 30 without a license, eating of animate beings, taking off native vegetations and zoologies from the nature militias, cycling and walking off the designated trails. Even with these Torahs in topographic point, the direction of BTNR is still confronting challenges in protecting it. One of the chief issues faced by the direction is the lifting figure of visitants coming into the modesty be it for recreational, educational or research intents. Other issues faced include the perturbations caused by building and public lodging country environing the modesty, the invasive works species and the devastation of trees due to lightning.
Singapore has one of the highest rates of lightning activity in the universe. An norm of 171 electrical storm yearss is recorded yearly in Singapore[ 2 ]. Lightning can do harm to tall trees, killing them or even do forest fires. Although there are stairss taken to protect the trees, I believe more stairss can be taken. Walking through 2 waies in the BTNR, I personally observed a few tall trees being destroyed by lightning and the smaller trees around them might be affected, if this large tree falls. Therefore, non merely the tree being hit by lightning is damaged, but a little country of workss will be affected. If I were to pull off this modesty, I would better the lightning protection system utilizing the ANSI A300 criterions, which was developed by the Tree Care Industry Association ( TCIA )[ 3 ].
Invasive Speciess
Then, there is the job of ‘Alien Invasive Species ‘ . An ‘alien invasive species ‘ is a non native species which becomes established in a home ground and threatens the native biological diverseness. One invasive alien species widely established in the BTNR is the Koster ‘s Curse ( Clidemia hirta ) and it tends to be found in spreads and along waies. These works species compete for foods, infinite, H2O and visible radiation with the native species. Without any controls, the works can herd out and displace the native species, which may do their extinction. Furthermore, these workss besides have an indirect consequence to the native species, as they may change the dirt H2O content, alimentary cycling, light conditions and etc[ 4 ].
Although it has non posed a serious job to the BTNR, it should be known that it has become a serious plague in Hawaii. If I were the director of the modesty, I would present a regular programme of remotion of this species, before it becomes a serious job. Not merely should this works species be controlled, it should be eradicated, looking at what jobs it has caused in Hawaii. Besides, control and riddance could be really dearly-won, hence I would suggest a preventative step such as transporting out reviews on cargos from abroad, custom cheques and quarantine ordinances[ 5 ]. However these preventative steps have to be a collaborative attempt among the authorities organic structures, and besides international administrations. Therefore, as the director, I would convey up this affair to people up in the bureaucratism. Furthermore, it is besides of import to educate the general populace to do informed determinations about how to restrict debuts and their spread.
Primary Forest Species ( Management, Restorations and Reintroductions )
Some of the most of import communities in BTNR are the carnal pollinators and dispersers. More should be done to back up populations of these species, giving precedence to general pollinators and dispersers instead than specializers. Besides, one of the drastic steps that could be taken is to re-introduce natural dispersers like hornbills, which are presently extinct in the modesty. However, the procedure of reintroduction of these species is complicated and expensive and they might non hold the positive effects on the modesty. However, reintroductions may be the lone manner to reconstruct the doomed of pollenation and dispersion services caused by extinction[ 6 ].
Besides, more protection precedence should be given to keystone species. Other than the above mentioned carnal pollinators and dispersers, workss such as figs can be planted as they provide fruits for the animate beings and birds. Figs flower and fruit all twelvemonth about, so it provides a changeless nutrient supply for the animate beings. The loss of these species can hold major consequence on prolonging the modesty.
The BTNR is isolated from the Central Catchment Nature Reserve ( CCNR ) . This habitat atomization affects biodiversity is by decrease in the sum of available home ground for all beings in an ecological niche. It prevents motion of animate beings and seed dispersions and may do the extinction of the species. It is nevertheless notable that the direction is taking stairss to better this state of affairs. The authorities is presently making a feasibleness trial to construct an eco span associating BTNR and CCNR, to ease motion of animate being dispersers[ 7 ]. This has the possible to extenuate the job of isolation of BTNR. As the director, I would be in favor of the edifice this eco span and would make everything in my power to gain it.
Human Perturbations
Construction and Urbanization
Although the BTNR is a protected site, the countries environing it are non. Therefore, lodging estates and building sites can be seen around the wood. These building works pollute the country, and therefore is damaging for the modesty. Furthermore, lodging countries nearby disrupt the ecosystem of the forest. In Singapore, it is non mandatory to do Environmental Impact Assessments ( EIA ) for developmental undertakings. Therefore, we still stop up with development undertakings environing the forest. As the director, I would wish to suggest in presenting buffer zones environing the modesty, which will besides be protected. Therefore, with an country of protection environing the forest, there will be fewer perturbations caused by development sites in the hereafter. Besides, I will force for statute laws to do EIAs compulsory for future developments in the nearby country, therefore protecting the country environing the forest.
Increased Number of Visitors
The most of import job that is faced by the modesty is the huge figure of people sing the modesty. The figure of visitants to the modesty has increased enormously over the old ages, be it for recreational or educational intents. Some may reason that the modesty has exceeded its transporting capacity of visitants. The modesty has allocated four specialised walking trails and a mountain and kampong trail for visitants. These trails bring about what is called the ‘edge consequence ‘ , whereby the boundaries along the waies have higher light strength, larger temperature ranges, lower comparative humidness and more air motions. These conditions are extremely unsuitable for forest specializers but favour the non-forest species[ 8 ]. Increasing figure of visitants besides causes noise pollution, which disturbs animate beings, and some may roll of the designated trails. Research has shown that boosting on the trails of BTNR has led to important debasement and decreased perviousness. Besides, extensively used trails causes a deficiency of litter screen, exposing the dirt to raindrops, which leads to erosion[ 9 ].
Although we can non extinguish or censor visitants from doing their manner to the modesty, we can seek to understate the figure and besides the impacts. The modesty serves an educational intent and provides chances for everyone to appreciate and understand nature better. Careful visitant direction can understate the negative impacts and besides guarantee that a balance is reached between visitant demands, direction demands and besides ecological demands.
One of the solutions that I have come up with is to restrict the visiting hours of the modesty. The modesty should besides curtail the figure of visitants allowed in at a certain period of clip. Besides, the modesty could be closed for short period of times which allow for remainder and recovery. Besides, surveillance and enforcement against bad behaving visitants should be increased by increasing the figure of Texas Rangers covering the evidences. Another solution is to fence of all boundaries of the waies so that visitants are non able to entree delicate countries of the forest. There should besides be a buffer zone with plantations between these waies and the wood.
In decision, I believe that the most urgent job confronting the direction of BTNR is to pull off the figure of visitants good, to happen a balance between carry throughing the modesty ‘s educational and recreational intents without interrupting the ecological systems in the wood. In the long tally, even if the direction manage to construct an eco-bridge, and protect the works and carnal species and re-introduce certain good extinct species, if the human traffic is still unmanageable, the sum of harm that will be done by the visitants outweigh more than any other jobs. The visitants non merely interrupt the carnal species, they besides contribute to the harm of the dirt and the whole ecosystem. Although, the authorities, and the modesty direction has been taking actions to protect and better the BTNR, the jobs mentioned above shows that preservation must be actively continued to continue our nature and heritage.

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