2.3 Financial abuse- is the theft ,

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2.3 Identify the ways to ensure that evidence of abuse is preserved Types of abuse:- Sexual abuse – is a form of sexual activities that a person/ resident has not give consent,,for example: touching their privat parts or even rape. Evidence: loss of sleep unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour, bruising soreness around the genitals. Physical abuse- is when someone is using physical force to hurt people causing pain and injury this could be either pushing, biting, pulling or kicking, etc. Evidence of physical abuse : slap marks, bruising, broken bones, skin tears, change of behaviour/ depression. Financial abuse- is the theft , taking people’s money, goods or property. Emotional- psychological abuse : is when someone is using verbal abuse, threats, bullying, humiliation, shouting or swearing, control and intimidation, racial abuse, to cause mental distress. Institutional abuse is when the lifestyles of the residents are abandoned in favour of routines or restrictive practices of the Care Home, for example : eating the same food every day, assisting a resident to bed or get him up every day at the same time, sitting in the same place , watching the same programs or listening the same radio station every single day. Neglect and Self-Neglect….Self neglect is when the residents does not pay attention to their own health or well – being. Residents can neglect themselves due to illness or depression . Neglect — when the staff is failing and or refusing to provide care or protection , food or shelter/ home for a resident. Examples of neglect: inadequate care, failure to provide access to social/ educational services, denial of right to make choices.

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