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Published: 2020-05-25 15:56:03
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CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Evaluation is a process of determining the subject that had been taken and to be enrolled by the students. It’s important because its tracks and monitor the students subject and grade. Evaluator helps the students through advising what subject to be taking. A student who has taken higher subjects but failed or who has not taken the pre-requisite subjects has to re-enroll the subjects. The University is not obliged to offer subjects for students who failed to follow the curriculum or who failed in their subjects. Students should follow the subject recommended by the evaluator.
Students are advised to check with evaluating staff regarding discrepancies of grades in their records such as F and INC. These grades become final and cannot be changed once reported to Registrar 1 year after the last day of the semester it takes. Student evaluation is a part of the university’s enrollment process. During enrollment, students fall into a long line to obtain their subjects from their respective evaluator. The evaluator evaluates the students on what subjects they can take in the semester by checking the students’ grade from previous academic year.
If they passed the subjects they are allowed to take the prerequisite of the subjects if not they discuss options with the adviser. The proponents observed that the primary part of the evaluation which is grade checking is done manually. The evaluator manually input the grades in prospectus record which the proponents also observed a not so reliable file keeping. After the grades are recorded and confirmed the evaluator manually put a check to all the subjects a student is allowed to take. Then she advises the student what subjects to take.
Then CS students specifically has to write down their respective subjects and schedule on ACAS form and hand it back to the evaluator in the CAS faculty office to be signed. After it is signed the student has to take it back to the Registrar to be encoded. The process undeniably is so time and patient consuming, there should be a medium to speed up and make the whole student evaluation better and that is to automate the process. This will ease both the evaluator and students in the incoming enrollment. Analyzing those problems come up with a solution, the Computer Science Students Evaluation System” that will improve the manual valuation of the CS students. With the said system, it will provide a way that the students obtain enrollment easily, it speed up the evaluation process and provide a better retrieval and record keeping of the students grades. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The proposed system will help to facilitate and speed up the enrollment process. It provides a way so the students can obtain enrollment easily. The system also provides accurate evaluation, record keeping and record retrieval. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The following are the common problems that the CS Department encountered: 1.
Student’s evaluation forms are not updated regularly; 2. Student’s evaluation forms are sometimes misplaced and missing; 3. Manual evaluation consume a lot of time; 4. Request for student’s evaluation copy is very slow. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The main objective of this student evaluation system is to facilitate and speed up the enrollment process. The proposed system aims to: 1. To speed up the student evaluation process 2. To provide a way so that students can obtain enrollment easily 3. To provide better record retrieval 4. To provide accurate evaluation and record keeping
SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The proposed system will mainly focus on Computer Science students of Northwestern University. It deals with their subjects and grades. Encoding and updating of records into the proposed system is done alone by the evaluator of the said department to ensure reliability of data. The proposed system can generate relevant and useful reports such as list of failed students, dropped students, incompletes subjects and the available subjects of the students to be enroll for the next semester. This system can stand alone and cannot access the database of the CICT.

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