How Democratic Are We

Published: 2020-07-16 22:00:05
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How Democratic Are We
Democracy is defined in the book The Struggle For Democracy, as a system of rule by the people for the people, defined by the aspects of popular sovereignty, political equality, and political liberty. To understand the meaning of the definition of democracy, the three principals must be defined. Popular sovereignty is basically that the majority is the final rule. Political equality is the tenet that all persons have equal sway in the political business. The right to have basic freedoms without interference from the government is political liberty. The United States has been viewed as the most democratic country in the world and US citizens automatically say, yes, we (US) are democratic” or even go as bold as saying I love our democracy!” without even understanding the full concept and definition of democracy. To really understand the idea, it has to be broken down. Consider popular sovereignty, does the government really do what the people really want Are the people informed well enough to make proper decisions Are the people even able to be involved when they want to, or is it selected in what they have a say in Then going to the second concept of political equality,
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