Socrates And Athenians

Published: 2020-06-28 00:21:05
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Socrates And Athenians
Athenians & Socrates
The Athenians generals, Cleomedes and Tisias, came with their forces to the Melian territory. Their quest was to bring the Melians to their side in war or destroy them. The only thing that is standing in their way is Socrates. Now the question is can Socrates save the Melians And if so how will he do this Truly we will find this out through this paper. For I cannot answer neither one of those questions at this point.
The Athenian?s only demand is to make the Melian an allied nation that will help in the objects of war (97). The Athenian?s reasoning in this demand is that the Athenians do not want look weak to their enemies and to their allies by letting the Melians stay neutral. They also worry of the islanders doing something foolish like rebellion (99). The consequence of failing to do as the Athenians command is usually death (99)(93). The other argument that the Athenians discuss is the weakness of the Melians. Hope is not an option for the weak Melians, for this kind of hope will get them killed (103). The Athenians also argue that the gods favor the strong over the
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