The Use of Technology in the English Classroom

Published: 2020-08-13 13:00:04
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Computers, telecastings, nomadic phones, ocular media and other engineerings have become a immense portion of mundane life. Technology has changed the manner we perform many activities from pass oning to playing games. A individual can now speak to friends and even aliens 1000s of kilometers off, right from their sleeping room. Events happening around the universe, whether important or non, can go common cognition to people proceedingss after they occur. Beyond communicating, engineering has besides changed the manner people shop, research, bank, and book vacations, merely to call a few. Technology has become a normal manner of life for today ‘s kids, being integrated into many parts of their lives. Every twenty-four hours, kids are passing legion hours absorbed in widely accepted societal networking web sites and other engineerings such as Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, computing machine games and telecasting. With the outgrowth of these engineerings comes a alteration in the manner kids communicate, make friends and collaborate with others, and much involvement has been taken into whether or non engineering should go incorporated into the schoolroom.
This development of engineering has brought with it, serious deductions for instructors and instruction systems around the universe. Part of a instructor ‘s function is to fix his or her pupils for the real-world, life beyond school. With engineering now playing an tremendous function in modern society, instructors need to see how they might integrate computing machines and other engineerings in larning experiences while being cognizant of any negative impacts in making so. Many concerns and authorities bureaus have adopted the usage of engineerings such as simulations into their administrations for educational methods ; nevertheless some schools and other educational establishments are yet to accept engineerings in the schoolroom for clearly problematic grounds.
Some research workers claim that the benefits of engineering are so great that pupils are being disadvantaged if instructors are non incorporating engineering into their schoolroom. Common ideas become apparent while reading through a figure of believable diary articles written by advocators for the incorporation of engineering. These thoughts include the eternal resources and information now available to pupils as a consequence of the Internet and hunt engines such as Google. Other benefits include how learning can be made much more piquant and merriment with the usage of computing machines, pictures and other engineerings. Although engineering in the schoolroom seems to hold an tremendous support base, there are some research workers who are non all that keen on the thought. These research workers refute the work of these theoreticians and see the negative impacts to outweigh the positive. Some common thoughts presented throughout the literature written by people against integrating engineering into the schoolroom relate to the thought that it affects good instruction and opens up a universe of atrocious images and information that could pervert the heads of immature kids. Further negative impacts that appear throughout the literature include the cost of buying and keeping engineering, and the thought that engineering is harming kids ‘s literacy accomplishments and restricting originality.
This paper aims to research the positive and negative effects of the incorporation of engineering in the schoolroom, with a focal point on the English capable country. Reading and composing, two chief results of the English acquisition country ( Curriculum Council, 1998 ) have been said to be greatly impacted by the integrating of engineering and therefore will be the footing of a future action research undertaking refering the attitudes and ideas of upper primary pupils towards engineering in English acquisition experiences.
This paper will be limited in its direct application to the action research undertaking as much of the research relates to the general usage of engineering in the schoolroom instead than being specific to the English acquisition country. The research found has besides greatly been based on high school pupils instead than primary pupils, nevertheless, can still be related to this age group. It will non hold a major focal point on the effects of the integrating of engineering on instructors and will merely touch on the instructor ‘s function and accomplishments needed to guarantee effectual instruction occurs in a technology-based schoolroom. Furthermore, it will non give much consideration to the effects of engineerings, other than computing machines and the Internet, on the effects of acquisition.
Support for the Integration of Technology in the Classroom
There are legion believable diary articles written in support of the integrating of engineering, in peculiar computing machines, into the schoolroom. Harmonizing to ( come in person here ) , computing machines should be an built-in portion of the modern schoolroom as they have the ability to do acquisition in all capable countries easier and are valuable tools that help to develop a kid ‘s linguistic communication accomplishments. This research worker suggests that computing machines and other engineerings provide pupils with an eternal universe of communicating webs and information resources that can non be found in traditional tools such as text editions. Furthermore ( person ) recognises the importance of holding an apprehension of engineering, every bit good as the accomplishments required to efficaciously utilize computing machines in order to come in into an interesting and well-paying calling in the hereafter.
Further research by journal article authors in support of the integrating of engineering in the schoolroom, such as ( enter ) , offer extra benefits for pupils. ( He ) suggests that by supplying pupils of low socio-economic position with the chance to larn how to efficaciously utilize computing machines and other engineerings, they are able to larn of import womb-to-tomb accomplishments that they may non hold learnt at place. This ensures that no kid is disadvantaged and prepares them for life beyond school. Another research worker, ( enter ) , acknowledges that instructors may be nervous about incorporating engineering as they feel that they will hold to alter their instruction manners and schemes which they have found to be really effectual. This is non the instance, provinces ( enter ) , alternatively, engineering, if implemented efficaciously, can be used to back up and heighten bing teaching method.
One research worker, ( insert ) , proposes that engineering has the ability to play a big function in the development of cognitive larning thoughts in the schoolroom. The of import function societal interaction dramas in a kid ‘s acquisition was recognised by two good known theoreticians ; Piaget and Vygotsky. Computers promote interaction through the communicating opportunities it provides, every bit good as through interaction between the user and assorted plans installed on the computing machine. This interactivity harmonizing to ( person ) encourages the development of higher-order information processing accomplishments every bit good as critical thought and cognitive procedures. Furthermore, computing machines can supply pupils with chances to execute problem-solving activities, in a collaborative nature while actively prosecuting pupils. ( Person ) suggests that, when a instructor incorporates engineerings in larning experiences, pupils are required take on an active function in their acquisition, instead than passively accepting what the instructor has to state them. This statement is merely comparative under the premise that instructors act as teachers instead than facilitators, which is non ever accurate. ( Person ) so goes on to explicate the chances engineering offers pupils in respects to the many ways they can show information such as through a PowerPoint, picture or typed papers, merely to call a few.
In a constructivist schoolroom, pupils are involved in collaborative activities that involve treatment and larning from equals while edifice on anterior apprehensions and experiences. ( Someone ) states that engineering provides pupils with ways to join forces and portion thoughts and cognition with, non merely each other, but with people from all around the universe. This encourages pupils to believe outside of their immediate universe, and acknowledge other civilizations and thoughts.
Effectss of Technology on English Learning
Although surveies are limited in respects to a direct nexus between engineering utilizations in the English schoolroom, there are a little figure of research workers who have written journal articles sketching the benefits engineering has on English acquisition. Advocates for the inclusion of computing machines and other engineerings in English such as ( enter ) propose that the bulk of today ‘s pupils will finally be working in environments that require them to utilize computing machines and other engineerings. Therefore, ( enter ) , states that pupils who are non utilizing computing machines in the schoolroom are non being prepared for their hereafter. Other research workers say that engineering should be used in English as it is fun and allows pupils to print their narratives, verse forms and other literature to the universe.
( Person ) presents a instance survey of a instructor named John who decided to encompass engineering in his English schoolroom. He decided to make a societal networking Internet site for his category in which he reinforced schoolroom thoughts, discussed undertakings and other relevant acquisition experiences. He besides uploaded images, pictures and other information that he found applicable to the content he had taught in category. Through this networking site, John ‘s pupils were able to join forces and discourse issues, apprehensions and thoughts to their equals outside of the schoolroom. John so found that he was able to take thoughts brought up by his pupils on the networking site and utilize these to organize the footing of farther acquisition experiences. The pupils were really enthusiastic about this usage of societal networking and frequently visited the site even when non asked or expected to. John besides found that the diffident kids and kids with hapless societal accomplishments in his category contributed often to the site even though they struggled to pass on during category times. ( Someone ) states that through this instance survey and many other similar experiences, it can be seen that the benefits of engineering in the English schoolroom far outweigh any negative impacts it may hold.
Alternate Positions
Although theoreticians such as ( insert name ) present a sound statement for the inclusion of engineering in the schoolroom, other theoreticians exist to turn out that there are negative effects far outweighing the positives. ( Person ) suggests that, while engineering provides pupils with an about eternal universe of information and resources, the Internet besides has the ability to link them with the limitless information, images and pictures of the most atrocious parts of our society. Although instruction functionaries, authorities bureaus and other companies attempt to make regulations, ordinances and plans to forestall this from go oning, the job still exists.
Other research workers such as ( insert name here ) believe that, while engineering does open the door for new plans and resources that have the ability to heighten direction and acquisition experiences, it besides brings with it the possible to be really riotous. He suggests that instructors consider what would go on if one of these much relied on resources was to neglect. Would this intend the terminal for the peculiar lesson or construct being taught? Or would it intend that the pupil with particular demands could non be involved in the learning experience as a consequence of their technological adjutant neglecting? ( person ) rejects the thought of going reliant on engineerings in order for a schoolroom to work swimmingly and efficaciously. He fears that instructors may utilize engineerings such as audio-visual media and computing machine plans to replace choice student-teacher interaction and treatment. This could take to larning experiences that are non personalised and planned good plenty to provide for multiple intelligences and the demands of all pupils.
Further surveies by other research workers have discovered extra negative deductions specifically associated with the integrating of engineering in the English acquisition country. ( Person ) passionately feels that computing machines and the cyberspace are forestalling originality of thoughts. He explains that, with the limitless figure of resources available to pupils, they are going more inclined to copy narrative thoughts and happen replies to homework inquiries with the usage of hunt engines such as Google. Other researches complain that, as a consequence of societal networking web sites, pupils ‘ literacy accomplishments are going poorer. Students are utilizing sawed-off versions of full words and are composing sentences that are short, uncomplete and frequently non really meaningful. Social networking besides prevents pupils from larning real-world interaction accomplishments as there is limited look and tone of voice.
Although many research workers propose that engineering makes larning more effectual as it is merriment for pupils, others such as ( enter ) argue that larning is non about holding merriment. He believes that larning should take attempt, subject and answerability. ‘Real larning ‘ , ( person ) says, causes pupils to actively believe about what they are making and should affect hands-on acquisition experiences instead than meaningless exercisings on computing machines. Online acquisition does non let the pupil to have instant feedback and treatment like they would have from a instructor. Other literature suggests that, when pupils are utilizing computing machines and the Internet, the instructor ‘s occupation becomes one of supervisor instead than instructor or facilitator. ( Person ) acknowledges how rapidly and easy a individual can go distrait and off-task while utilizing the computing machine. Therefore, instructors must hold an apprehension of how computing machines work and must be invariably watching what pupils are making to guarantee that they are staying on-task.
Beyond the statements already mentioned, a common yarn throughout the literature written by people opposed to the integrating of engineering in the schoolroom, relates to money. There are many costs involved in keeping a good quality engineering system. Some of these costs include, foremost buying the computing machines, changeless hardware and package ascents, virus protection plans, educational plans, pressmans and other associated equipment, and the costs involved in holding an IT individual fix any jobs that may originate. ( Person ) offers the thought that these great costs involved in keeping a computing machine web is money that could arguably be better spent on instructor preparation, school care, music plans, libraries and other of import facets of instruction.
Action Learning Plan
In order to further research the deductions of the usage of engineering, in peculiar computing machines, in an English acquisition environment, a little action research program will be conducted. It will foremost affect detecting and questioning a little group of Western Australian, upper primary kids take parting in a literacy larning experience with no engineerings involved. Second, the same group of kids will once more be observed and interviewed after take parting in a literacy larning experience that does integrate the usage of computing machines. Observations will affect monitoring pupil interaction, battle, attitude, velocity and quality of the work that is happening. The interviews will take topographic point to happen out which larning experience was more gratifying, made more sense and to happen out how good they thought they did. To guarantee pupils ‘ safety during this action research undertaking, pupils will be supervised at all times to restrict the opportunity that they may see any violative images or information. Being in a little group this will be rather manageable.
Conclusion ( 250 words )
Draw together the chief subjects from the literature
Highlight the most relevant points
Repeat the deductions of the literature for the design of the action research undertaking
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