ACT Policy Relating To The Occupational Health And Safety Of

Published: 2020-07-05 19:16:06
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ACT Policy Relating To The Occupational Health And Safety Of Sex Workers
Prostitution can be viewed as a social construct; a synthesis of nineteenth century middle-class ideas about women, sexuality, work and class relations. Prostitutes have for centuries, in varying cultures been thought of as social deviants. The women working as prostitutes enter a world of meanings over which they are powerless: their role, sexuality, and identity are defined by men. They inhabit a place constructed out of men?s needs, demands, fantasies and desires.
?The philosophy seems to have been that the male population was entitled, without sanction, to seek the services of prostitutes, but insofar as the morality or health of the community might be compromised by such an activity, the target of the law was properly the purveyors and not the customers of the business ?
The laws relating to prostitution in the Australian Capital Territory prior to 1992 were by no means satisfactory. These laws did not reflect the aims of a progressive community in terms of law enforcement, human rights and protection for those coerced into prostitution. The existing laws were harsh and not generally enforced reflecting outdated views and policies. One group particularly disadvantaged by the legislation were the sex workers. The laws
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