The First Tim I Came to the US Essay

Published: 2020-06-22 04:26:04
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When I came to the United States. I felt really glad. My whole household was already populating here. I was excited to be with them once more. My household brought me felicity and joy. They showed me around New Jersey so I would non acquire lost.
In the following few months after my reaching. I got a occupation. In this province. it is really of import to hold a occupation to be able to pay measures and the necessary points needed to populate. When I was in my occupation. I worked difficult and rapidly to gain my life. While I was working. I used to believe about how different the Dominican Republic was here. From at that place. I knew that I had to believe about how different the Dominican Republic was from here. From at that place. I knew that I had to larn English because my foreman was American. and he did non cognize Spanish.
The yearss went by. and I knew that I needed to larn English as fast as possible. I talked to my household because some of them knew English. I so started larning from them. I had a beautiful girl. Leslie. I could non wait for her to acquire older. When Leslie got older. she helped me. She gave me prep to make and get down talking to me in English. I had to understand her because she told me she was merely traveling to speak to me in English.
Every clip I said a word falsely. I had to maintain on stating it. Calendar months passed. and I was stating the word that I struggled with right. I was so happy for myself. The following thing you know. I was traveling to a university. My instructor. Israel Delgado. helped me a batch. I feel like English is a good thing to cognize. It is really helpful.

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