Industrial Hemp

Published: 2020-07-16 18:30:06
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Industrial Hemp
In a bankrupt desolate world lies a wasteland with a smog-covered sky, completely stripped of all its natural resources. Dark smoke bellows from the factory smokestacks far off in the distance, slowly consuming what little natural resources are left in this precious world. This is a grim picture, but it is a possible reality if the nation doesn?t find a new profitable and environmentally friendly way to produce vital materials we use every day. The answer to the future of agriculture is industrial hemp. Industrial hemp would be a valuable cash crop that could help eliminate the use of timber and other natural resources.
Literally there are thousands of products that can be made out of, or made with the use of industrial hemp. Things like ?paper, insulation, lubricants, plastic, footwear, cooking oils, toiletries, clothing, fuel, varnish, bedding, concrete, car moldings, preservatives, canvasses, paint, laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner, and even a substitute for some dairy products? (Russell n.p.). Even our forefathers such as Thomas Jefferson were hemp supporters. He once said, ?the greatest contribution a person could make to his country would be to introduce a new crop?( qtd. in West n.p.). ?We could be moving forward in agriculture have
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