Social Work Practice In England

Published: 2020-08-09 12:35:03
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Social Work Practice In England
Within this assignment I will demonstrate an understanding of legislation and policy guidance, noting the strengths and weaknesses in accordance to British Law. Firstly I will briefly give the history of abuse, bringing in various Department of Health documents as clarification. Moving on to examining in detail ?no secrets? policy guidance, mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of this document.
I will also bring in comments from various authors, websites and journals to demonstrate the need for current legislation regarding the protection of vulnerable adults. Definitions of abuse will also be included as will the comparison of international law with British law.
Abuse against vulnerable adults has been noted since the 1960?s, although certain types of abuse would have taken place before then, society has changed and what is acceptable now is certainly different to what was acceptable back then. People became quite vocal in the 60?s, more open minded and speech and opinions flowing freely an example of this would be the topic of sex and drugs.
Mervyn Eastman during the 80?s wrote many articles for Age Concern on the subject of Old Age Abuse. Around this time the term ?granny bashing? was being used to describe this
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