A Memory

Published: 2020-06-28 08:31:04
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A Memory??¦
Every time I am near some kind of pool my heart beats faster. I love water. The sensation of the cool liquid touching your warm skin sends tingles down my spine. The feeling that you are so much lighter, that you don??™t have to carry your whole weight around with you is just amazing. The best is when you go under water. You may or may not find this weird but the feeling that you cannot breathe in an area so close to the air fascinates me. It helps me think; when you can her nothing but bubbles popping are soothing. Every one that pops makes another one of my problems disappear.
Imagine how I felt when I entered this enormous swimming pool with just about any flume you can think of Ok you can stop imagining now. I??™ll tell you. Well the first thing I did was: I froze. I stood like this for a few seconds taking it all in. In the distance I could hear my friends calling me. You coming If you carry on walking this fast we??™ll be lucky to try one slide! then they both burst out laughing, but it was Sarah??™s laugh that got me out of my trance. She had a trademark laugh she was well known for it in school; a screeching high-pitched sound that could be mistaken for a seal. Of course I was going to hurry up. I just had to have some time to let this feeling soak into my skin.
Every step I took over the dimply floor that massaged the bottom of my foot got me more and more excited. I had been confident since I was little entering water but this happiness was at a different level. It had enlarged itself inside my body by at least ten times. I chose one finally. It was harder than choosing between salt and vinegar and cheese and onion crisps. But I settled on my choice. It was the open slide that went vertically down into a pool over three metres in depth.
After a few minutes of discussion I got volunteered by my two very trusty friends to go first. I didn??™t dare argue s this was not a very wise choice and I had learnt my lesson from last time, but lets not get into that now. There was a red and green light that indicted when you should and prevented any accidents (like a traffic light). It was red when I sat down but as soon as the green light flashed my body tensed and I had n adrenalin rush. I never knew that a single colour could change your body so quickly. I pushed my self off the edge and then the sensation that feels like your heart is in your mouth came and lasted for barely a few seconds. I made sure that my body was as straight as I could, so I could enter the water without belly flopping the water. I pointed my toes so I got into the water like a dart, but I still made a big splash. I swam back to the surface and waved to my friends who were waiting anxiously at the top. My wave was a signal that it wasn??™t that bad.
It was Sarah??™s turn; she was always jumpy and never stood still for a second. Her face always bright, eyes shining with excitement. Her dark curls bounced just past her shoulders and her equally dark eyes glinted with every step she took. She didn??™t look the slightest bit nervous. Her face still looked as radiant as ever. It wasn??™t a surprise to us when she didn??™t even wait for the green light to flash. She just pushed herself over and fell in. when she entered the water her body was so streamlined that she didn??™t make a splash. She came running up to me with water dripping from each strand of her long hair, which still looked as beautiful as ever. Wow! I did it. She exclaimed.
I know! I replied trying to sound as enthusiastic about it as I could. But the truth was that I was worrying about Yasmine. It wasn??™t my usual job to worry about people it was hers. I could see her face. She wasn??™t a very daring person that is why she looked so frightened by this slide. Sarah seemed to have noticed Yas??™ troubled face as well. So we both just stood as still as we could, while we watched her every action. We had never seen her this worried except for the time when Sarah and Me started throwing popcorn in the cinemas at the old men sitting in front of us. (We only did it because their baldheads were in the way of our view!).
After a few minutes of tension she finally sat down. Sarah and Me smiled at her reassuringly and she smiled back half-heartedly. She sat down and looked at us a last time before she let herself slide off the edge. The look she gave us was the look she would give if she didn??™t approve of something. As if it was the last look she gave us before she died.
She was so stiff (undoubtedly because of her nervousness) that she went down in sitting position. It clearly stated in the poster to lie down that is why it surprised us. She always reads every thing. From where Sarah and me were standing her position looked odd in every way, and when she landed in the water it didn??™t look any different. She hit the surface with her belly and face. She had spread herself out in the air obviously remembering our science lesson and how this was meant to slow you down (by in creasing your surface area it would trap more air resistance). It looked so painful. She might as well of fell down on hard concrete. She got out of the pool eyes bright red. Not from the chlorine but from crying. We both ran towards her even when we got shouted at by a lifeguard (who we guessed was talking to us as we had no clue what he was saying. He was talking in a hollandish language.) And we gave Yasmine a big hug.
It wasn??™t that bad, was it and instantly put my hand to my mouth as I knew what I had said did not make things better but worse. Her tears started pouring out of her eyes like waterfalls. We tried to get her mind off what had just happened so we went on different flumes, which were placed next to one another. They were called the Flitz??™ and Blitz??™. These both had a height restriction. You had to be over 1m55. Sarah decided she wanted to go on the one we went on last and Yasmine got her confidence back and decided she would have a go at this flume. Yasmine sat at the one which looked quiet fast but not too steep. A wise choice for her. Unfortunately I sat at the one, which was impossible to see the bottom from. Now I was scared.
We both sat down in sync, and waited until both lights flashed green. We pushed ourselves into the mouth of the monster. I was going down vertically that I was barely touching the sides. When the flume changed angles and I finally felt safe again the air that built up was so great that it forced me to lie down. It did so in such a brutal matter that banged my head. It really hurt. My head was throbbing and soon had turned awfully hot, but there was no blood thankfully.
I soon forgot that my head was hurting and enjoyed the ride. I am normally conscious about my weight, especially in a swimming costume, but for once it made something better. The heavier you are the more dramatic the turns and corners seem to you. It was so fun I was going as fast as my sister when she ran away from dogs sending me almost to the roof of the flume. I landed in the tiny flume at the end and saw that Yasmine had already finished and was waiting for me with a cheesy smile across her face. Obviously she was proud of herself for going on it without injuring herself or crying. I wanted to tell her how scary my ride was and how hers was a babyish one compared to mine but she was too happy. I let her have her moment of pride.
And that is when I realised that without my friends is like having no life. Their feelings have an effect on me. They are part of my life and I wouldn??™t loose them for the world.
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