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I have been working for Ericsson Vietnam since 1996. My first place was execution applied scientist, and with the concern growing in Vietnam together with my experience and part, I had been recognized and promoted bit by bit to team leader, Site Implementation Manager and Service Delivery Manager as today. However, my 15 old ages experience was about concentrating to proficient support merely. It is so pity to state that I have ne’er done a complete research on any company even Ericsson until I joint this MBA category.
I had learned from this faculty the manner how to larn more. I had able known how to acquire all informations to make a complete research on British Telecom PLC ( BT ) . Later I can utilize this method to research on my company, clients, providers and besides rivals to understand the concern environment every bit good as the chances and menaces that my company may confront in future in order to construct a suited scheme to win our concern. In the undermentioned pages, I will show a brief study of my research on BT Group.
Core Businessbt-logo
What are its major merchandises or trade names?
BT ‘s major activities are the proviso of fixed phone lines, broadband, Mobile, telecasting merchandises and services every bit good as networked information engineering ( IT ) services. In the United Kingdom, BT is the biggest communications services supplier to supply the merchandises and services for the consumer, concern and public sector markets. BT has a portfolio of around 1,800 merchandises and services selling them to consumers, little and average endeavors, transnational corporations, domestic concerns, authorities sections and more than 1,000 communications suppliers in the UK and in more than other one hundred seventy states. ( BT Group PLC, 2010 )
Some of BT ‘s clients ( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 9 )
BT operates in UK and other 170 states ( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 9 )
Which concern generates the most gross?
BT is a really large communications services company, turn outing the merchandises and services to clients through four concern lines which are BT Global Services, Retail, Wholesale and Openreach divisions. Establishing on concern line, the statistic shows that the BT Global Service had generated the most BT ‘s gross with 41 % part in twelvemonth 2010. ( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 8 )
On the position of merchandises and services of BT Global Services, the statistic shows that the Managed solutions are ever the top concern had generated the most gross for many old ages as below figures. ( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 24 )
Finally, the statistic base on customer-facing division shows that the BT Consumer had continually generated the most gross in 2010.
( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 25 )
Which concern generates the most net income?
The Openreach concern is to offer the broadband cyberspace entree, telephone, telecasting and intranet connexions for place and concerns utilizing Cu wires and fibre overseas telegrams. In 2010, it had generated the most BT ‘s net income with 36 % part. The following 1 is really close with Openreach ‘s net income part is BT Retail. It has about 13 1000000s consumer lines in the UK and around a million SME clients and it had contributed 33 % net income in 2010. ( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 8 )
Which concern will drive growing in the following decennary?
For the client position, BT believes that below three client sections will drive BT concern ‘s growing in future.
Multinational Corporations clients
UK corporate and public sectors clients
Public sector and transnational corporate clients outside the UK.
For the globalisation position, BT believes that the Asia Pacific part will be their major country for concern growing and doing programs to farther increase its capablenesss to setup their concern chances. The new investings will non merely continue construct on the strong established markets but besides focus to look frontward new concern chances in transnational client ‘s growing programs.
Finally, for the merchandises and services side, BT besides believes the new merchandises and service sweetenings which had launched during 2010 will drive their concern growing globally. These included the releases of practical informations Centre, intercrossed practical private web, hosted incorporate communications service, incorporate communications and coaction, following coevals contact Centres and BT OneVoice.
Beginning: ( BT Group PLC, 2010 )
How successful would you state this company has been since 2007?
( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 7 )
BT ‘s concern was really successful with Adjusted gaining per portion is lifting steadily from 2006 to 2008. However, it was dropped severely in 2009 whilst BT ‘s Customer Service Improvement was still increasing. During 2009-2010, BT direction board had done a batch of attempts to retrieve their concern. At the terminal of one-fourth II/2010, BT Group has successfully increased net incomes by bettering the public presentation of BT Global Services division which is thought as the lost-making group. Other concern from BT Retail and BT Wholesale besides improved. All of them had contributed to increase BT ‘s adjusted net incomes per portion and its free hard currency flow get peak ?1.993m in 2010.
Corporate Duty
Together with concern growing since 1990, BT has ever been equilibrating their net income and benefits of their clients and society such as protecting the environment on clime alteration and reduces the impact of on environment by developing the sustainable merchandises and services. Below are the groundss that BT engages with external stakeholders.
Climate alteration
The CO2 strength of BT ‘s planetary concern had reduced by 54 % by 2010 and committed to cut down 80 % by 2020 ( compared with 1997 ) . In the UK, BT is lending its good attempt to protect the Climate Change by utilizing merely about 60 % electricity ingestion from normal channel and the remainder 40 % from renewable beginnings. For illustration, BT had successful managed the information Centre energy more efficiency. New design of information Centres has improved the manner to chill the countries lodging the equipment better. This helps to cut down 30-40 % power than old one. This has added up for all BT ‘s 107 informations Centres to salvage 500MW of electricity annually.
Wind for alteration undertaking
BT is besides working on air current farms plan to bring forth up to one-fourth of its bing UK electricity demands by 2016. This strategy is the biggest corporate air current power undertaking outside of the UK ‘s energy sector. With the planning cost up to ?250m, BT will corporate with their renewable energy spouses to safeguard future supplies of clean, green energy. This will be to cut of 500,000 metric tons of CO2 annually compared with coal coevals.
Offer more efficient merchandises to clients
BT ever encourages and offers their clients the merchandises that can salvage energy. For illustration, BT offers new cordless phone theoretical accounts which are energy efficient merchandises to replace all tradition cordless telecommunications and fixed-line phones. This aid to cut down overall more than 195,000 metric tons C dioxide emanations which is similar with the impact of 57,000 autos driving for a twelvemonth and the clients can salvage more than ?39m by this waste electricity measures.
Beginning: ( Bristish Trade & A ; Coutral Office Web Page )
( BT Group – Climate alteration Wep Page )
Crisis Management
In the past few old ages, BT had faced a major issue which is the finance crisis in 2008. Harmonizing to ( Writer, Nov 14, 2008 ) , the BT Global Services division had lost ?53m ( $ 78.3 million ) in the one-fourth 3/2008, even though their gross still increased 15 % to $ 3.1 billion. EBITDA besides fell 5.5 % to $ 175.9 million. All losingss had added up the BT ‘s net income before revenue enhancement dropped 11 % to $ 872 million. However, BT ‘s gross increased 4 % to make $ 8.1 billion, so the CAPEX is decreased 4 % . The BT ‘s direction had instantly looked this critical finance issues and planned to cut 10,000 employees by the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth 2008 to equilibrate flagging net incomes caused by the BT ‘s planetary services division.
However, at the terminal of one-fourth 4/2008, BT ‘s net income had gone to really bad state of affairs when it fell 81 % to ?113m ( $ 160.3 million ) . The chief ground is because of ?501m runing loss of the BT Global services division. Finally, BT had cut off around 15,000 employees worldwide since 2009 with around 30 % from BT planetary services division. The bulk of these head counts cuts are in the country of indirect labor, including contractors, subcontractors, bureau and offshore workers. This head count cut had reduced BT ‘s operation costs and set up the organisation in excellent. These actions helped BT Group ‘s net income was up from ?214m ( $ 334m ) in 2009 to ?28m, even the sale fell 4 % because BT ‘s operating costs reduced 6 % to ?4.4 billion during 2Q. Thus the EBITDA increased 6 % to ?1.3 billion. ( Carroll, July 30, 2010 )
In decision, with really long history since 1605 as a private endeavor until to today as a Public corporation, BT had faced a batch of major issues but its direction board still can pull off, use suited schemes and solutions to maintain BT ‘s endurance and growing. I have really strong belief that BT will go on to turn in long-run.
Beginning: ( BT History Web Page )
How would you specify the company ‘s scheme over the past few old ages?
BT ‘s scheme is to concentrate on constructing a better concern to guarantee its clients will acquire the best the services and support they deserve. BT believes that their better concern will present a better hereafter for BT, its clients and stockholders. BT besides focuses on three countries such as client service bringing satisfaction, operation cost transmutation and puting for the hereafter. These countries are indispensable edifice blocks to do better concern. They are linked and back up each other. BT believes that the better they serve their clients, the less clip and money they will pass on reworking and repair mistakes. BT scheme is to go on to transform their cost base to open new concern chances to put in BT ‘s hereafter. ( BT Vision, Strategy & A ; Values Web Page )
What markets has it focused on?
BT has focused and successful renewed or extended batch of contracts with bing clients, including prima multinationals concern in the UK and in more than 170 states worldwide. BT besides focuses on the Asia Pacific part as a major country for their concern growing and doing programs to farther increase its capablenesss to setup their concern chances in these aggressive parts. The new investings will non merely continue construct on the strong established markets but besides focus to look frontward new concern chances in transnational client ‘s growing programs. Key elements will be widening BT ‘s professional services, industry sector, innovation resources, enhance many merchandises and services and set up the engineering show window centres where clients can straight see and see BT ‘s taking border merchandises. ( BT Group PLC, 2010, p. 25 )
What are its core strengths?
BT has large market webs in more than 170 states with a batch of bing clients.
BT has a batch of endowment staffs within more than 97,000 BT ‘s employees to run successful concerns worldwide.
New clients feel trust and confident to subscribe contract with BT as they can acquire mentions from other markets how good BT ‘s merchandises and services are.
BT continues to develop new merchandises and services with can salvage power ingestion and cut down CO2 emanation which interesting the clients.
BT offers their employees competitory financess and extra interested benefits such as one-year fillips, good public presentation wagess, pensions, share-ownership program and incentive plans to actuate, pull and retain the best employees.
Would you depict the company as advanced?
BT is ever committed to developing the advanced solutions which will both profit society and back up their long-run development. BT encourages staffs continually to hold advanced such as
Invention of the chilling technique the countries lodging the equipment in information Centres to cut down the heat to salvage electricity ingestion.
Invention to happen out the renewable energy beginnings like the solar photovoltaic renewable energy undertaking in America and air current farms plan project to drive down CO2 emanations and cut down their operation costs.
Invention to bring forth new cordless phone theoretical accounts which are energy efficient merchandises to replace the tradition cordless telecommunications and fixed-line phones to cut down CO2 emanations and salvage electricity ingestion.
BT besides aims continually to win market portion and to better addition gross by developing advanced merchandises such as BT Business One Plan Plus which provide the first limitless calls, lines, broadband and nomadic option available to little concerns in the UK.
BT ever embraces unfastened invention. One of them is the extension of their abilities to enroll new thoughts from outside their ain boundaries by the acquisition of Ribbit in the US in 2008. It provides BT a new unfastened platform uniting telephone and cyberspace engineerings in new ways that enables developers to make advanced voice applications and services.
Beginning: ( BT Innovation Web Page )
( Bristish Trade & A ; Coutral Office Web Page )
Vision, Mission, Goals
What is the company ‘s vision?
Our vision is to be dedicated to assisting clients thrive in a changing universe. The universe we live in and the manner we communicate are altering, and we believe in advancement, growing and possibility. We want to assist all our clients make their lives and concerns better with merchandises and services that are tailored to their demands and easy to utilize. ” ( BT Vision, Strategy & A ; Values Web Page )
This means that BT vision is acquiring of all time closer to their clients, understanding their life styles and concerns to set up the long-run relationships with them. BT is passionate about their clients and working non merely to run into client ‘s demands today but besides continually introducing to run into their demands in the hereafter. ( BT Vision, Strategy & A ; Values Web Page )
What are its ends?
BT ‘s end is to supply first-class client service in all market by seting clients at the bosom of everything they do and keep a competitory wage bundle that will pull, retain and actuate a high quality top squad and aline their involvements with those of stockholders. ( BT Group PLC, 2010 )
How does it actuate its employees?
BT ever treats their employees as of import resources. BT aims to keep a squad of high-performing, engaged and motivated people who can do a difference for clients, stockholders, the company and themselves. The quality of their leading is critical to BT ‘s continued transmutation. BT aims to guarantee leaders at all degrees understand what is expected of them and hold entree to allow development chances. BT ‘s end remains to keep a competitory wage bundle that will pull, retain and actuate a high quality top squad and aline their involvements with those of stockholders. BT believes in wage for public presentation will actuate their employees. BT aims to put base wages below the median for its comparator group, while puting stretching ends for the one-year fillip ( including deferred portions ) and the long-run inducement portion program. It is merely in return for sustained and first-class public presentation that the wage bundle as a whole will present upper quartile wagess. ( BT Group PLC, 2010 )
Another BT ‘s actuating position is the manner BT looks after their people, and encourages them to turn and develop to a best one by themselves. Every employee will hold their ain Development Action Plan, specially tailored to assist them win in their occupation and advancement in their calling. BT besides motivates its employees by actively promote their flexible working hours and option to work remotely if possible. BT ever tries to make their best to do certain their employees have a healthy work and life balance. ( BT Helping our people to do a difference Web Page )
Would you wish to work for this company and why?
BT is a good known communicating industry leader. As all above researches, I am impressed by BT ‘s success and portfolio. BT has more than 97,000 employees worldwide. BT ‘s policy is to maintain and put more on good public presentation people. BT runs a keeping service to do certain that talented employee will remain with BT even if their capablenesss change. BT concern may decelerate down in short-run like last 2008 but with a endowment direction board, its concern is ever recovered as their long-run committedness. I am feel trust and really confident with BT long-run successful.
With 5-year experience as a Service Manager in a Global Telecom Company, the BT Global Service is the division that I am proud to work with. I believe the BT Global Service is the topographic point can suit with me where my background, accomplishments and experiences can be utilised and developed. If BT is traveling to setup its concern in Vietnam, I think that I could do a meaningful part to BT development and growing at that place.
Peoples join to work for a company for many different reasonsA which depend on what they are looking for.A For some, it ‘s because they want to hold a good wage and fillip. For others, it ‘s because of the good manner that the company expression after the employees, and promote them to turn and develop to a best one ; or merely because they want to be trained and acquire experience in new industry ; or merely because they like to assist people acquire really best benefits of interesting communications. As my research consequence, I believe that BT can supply us all of above. BT is the really good company for telecommunication applied scientists to joint, particularly for gifted people.
However, I prefer to remain with my current Ericsson Company since Ericsson is besides supplying the similar and as my trueness. So I will seek my best to finish this MBA plan in order to use to higher place in Ericsson.

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