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00Case 8.4: Have A GunDurell Henry Professor Hester
I honestly believe there are many of reasons why someone should own a gun. Especially people who are very wealthy and own a lot of valuable things or property. As much as hate crime stems around the country and even the world It would be very cautious and dangerous for you to not to carry a self- defense mechanism. We as human beings have not only a legal right but moral right to own a gun the legal way. The reason I said the legal way was because some people abuse their power of them owning a weapon and might use them for the wrong reasons or they might be a felon who can’t be trusted with a weapon because of the crimes they’ve committed. That wouldn’t be the smartest idea to give someone legal rights to bear a firearm and they have an obvious criminal record of violence. I honestly believe that you have both a moral right and a legal right to park a car with a loaded gun in a privately-owned lot. I believe this statement because we as humans are entitled to the things we own, and we have every right to protect them. It is morally right because that individual may have a family they have to protect and them having a loaded weapon in the house might not be a good idea because it could be found one way or another and you don’t want your children to get ahold of that and the worst-case scenario happens, and someone is seriously injured. Them having a loaded gun in a parked car in a private location is legal and very safe because you only have access to that weapon and it is in your private lot that you own so who is to tell you that bearing a firearm to protect your family and valuable things on your lot is morally wrong and illegal?
In my opinion, employees have the moral and legal right to park cars with guns in the company parking lot if the company allows. If the company is concerned about the property rights and safety issues of the employers and stops the employees to keep the guns in the cars, it is legally incorrect, and the employees would be charged of committing illegal acts without the consent of the owner. Companies have grounds for being concerned about the issues as any kind of trouble can take place in the parking area if the place would be loaded with guns and therefore the company would be held responsible for the issue. To avoid that issue, companies have all the right to stop the employees from keeping guns without their permission. Different companies have different security protocols like a larger company probably wouldn’t need you to bring your weapon to work because they have high level security that protects everyone on that company’s ground but a smaller company probably would need you to bring your weapon because their security protocol allows you to protect yourself because of the environment the smaller company might be located in and the crime that surrounds the smaller company’s area. I believe the property rights and safety concerns should depend on the environment, the crime rate and the company’s security protocol because a larger company can guarantee your safety, but a smaller company might need you to be able to defend yourself because they couldn’t afford the security protocols that the larger company has.
In my view, the legislature has no business telling employers they must allow guns on their property. That decision is to be made from the company’s and employers’ perspective. They know their workforce better than the legislature does. For some, safety during the work hours may be a real concern and their workers can’t perform under that kind of pressure. Others may leave directly from work and head home to a beautiful environment and crime free. For many employees it may not be worth the risk when a gun in a glovebox makes the short trip up the sidewalk and into a manger’s office. Politicians attach names to legislation that are hard to oppose, such as the Freedom, Fairness, and Fuzzy Kitten Act. When it comes to guns at work, proponents call it a parking lot” law. It would require employers to allow employees to keep guns only in their cars on the employer’s property. What could possibly go wrong with that? A lot. Few employers have TSA-level security screening in their facilities; a gun in the parking lot is just a few quick steps from becoming a gun in a supervisor’s face.

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