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A constitution can be defined as series of principles which are fundamental according to the state or organization which it’s set to govern. The set principles are written down in one document or many legal documents which is then said to be the written constitution. There are several purposes of constitution depending on the area of application. This article outlines the purposes and responsibilities of the constitution of United States of America. It further shows purposes of Magna Carta and the documents similarities with the United States constitution.
One of key purposes of the United States constitution is that; it gives account of the main responsibilities of all three arms of government. In length, constitution of United States outline all responsibilities of the Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary. Another purpose of United States constitution is that it acts as governmental prohibition. This means that the United States constitution gives limitation to the government. A good example is where the government of United States is prohibited by the constitution from imposing laws restricting religion.
Another purpose of the United States of America constitution is that it carries all rights. This means that, the constitution contains all human rights and protects them against breach. The bill of rights is therefore contained in the constitution. The final purpose of Constitution in United States is that it defines the structure of government to the state. In this, the constitution allocates much of the power to the states administration and civilians. This means that the government of United States of America gets powers to conduct its mandate from constitution.
On the other hand, Magna Carta is a world document which was famously used and issued by the then king of England, King John. The King saw the document as a sole and the only practical solution to political crisis he and his country faced in 1215. An example of the key principle in the document was that everybody with the king included, was subject to the law.
Magna Carta had several purposes to King John and his people and also remains to be the Centre of the British Constitution. One the great purposes of the document is that, up to date Magna Carta acts as the foundation for all constitutions of all nations colonized by Britain. In essence, Magna Carta provides the roadmap for constitution drafting in almost all English speaking countries. The other purpose of the Magna Carta is that, the document contains laws which protected human rights. Despite the fact that Magna Carta didn’t introduce new human rights, it contained written laws in it which offered protection to the already existing human rights. The rights protection includes limits to taxes and religious freedom. Magna Carta signed on 15 June 1215 was purposely meant to diminish the powers of monarch. This is because the king misused his powers and ruled the country ruthlessly.
The United States constitution and Magna Carta are similar in many ways. Both documents have many things in common. One of the similarities in both documents is that, they protect human rights. A good example is that both documents allow citizens of their respective countries to exercise freedom of worship. In that freedom of worship in both documents is guaranteed. Another similarity is that, Magna Carta limits the powers of the King of England as well as the United States constitution which limits the powers of the government and regulates its functioning by providing structures on how it should function.

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