A Borderless World Does Not Preclude the Idea of a Home

Published: 2020-08-09 15:40:04
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A Borderless World Does Not Preclude the Idea of a Home The speech given by Patricia Evangelista was mainly about nationalism. According to her, a borderless world does not preclude or rule out one’s idea of a home. It is about being proud and appreciating our own country and appreciating even ourselves. A borderless world” refers to an open world which can bring influences upon people. It may bring about changes in their culture, beliefs, traditions and others. There are many reasons why people, especially Filipinos, migrate to other countries.
One of them is poverty. Most Filipinos think that if they go to other countries, they will have a happy and comfortable life. Many Filipinos are working abroad instead of working in the Philippines, their own country. There are a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) especially in the Middle East. There are also others serving as domestic helpers, care givers, nurses, etc. The main cause for this is probably because the salary offered in other countries is higher compared to that in the Philippines.
In spite of these, there are also Filipinos who became successful in other countries that are still here in the Philippines. Some may have been famous in the field of science and sports. Others may have been popular singers and actors or actresses. I was just like the speaker when I was little. I usually imagine myself being white and blonde; similar to what I see when I watch the television. While I grow older, I slowly learned to appreciate and be contented of myself. I also learned to love and be used of the country’s traditions and beliefs. I am proud to be a Filipino, and I am a true Filipino at heart.

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