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Published: 2020-06-18 20:51:04
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Are you writing a dissertation?  Our editors can help you to edit and revise your paper.  This means that you can focus on content and get your thoughts on the page.  Forget about perfect sentences and spelling if they don’t come naturally.  After you submit a draft to the editors, a detailed examination of style, grammar, punctuation, and logical flow of the paper will be performed.  Our editors will also examine and correct the physical layout and format of the paper to ensure it adheres to the guidelines required for your application and field.  Let us help you turn your document from a rough sketch into an academic masterpiece; send us your draft today!

2. review of dissertation/thesis/research proposal: includes feedback with analysis from writer (no corrections)
Do you want a final check before you finalize your paper or not so sure about the content and thought process in your paper?  You can ask our reviewers to perform a critique of your efforts. They will read your paper carefully and provide feedback on the structure and content of your paper.  All feedback will be in an analysis rather than actual corrections or modification of your paper.  You can then choose what ideas to implement in your paper yourself and produce a superior, more finely honed final product.
3. editing of admission papers (admission essay, personal statement, scholarship essay) – eliminating of grammar, punctual, stylistic mistakes plus formatting
Ready to make an impression and get started seizing your future?  Well, grab on with both hands!  Send your draft admission essay, personal statement, or scholarship essay to our editors. Our editors will take on the task of ensuring your essay uses correct grammar, punctuation and style; so that you may concentrate on the central question and ensure you express what you have to say without worrying too much about how you expressed it.  With a team of professional editors at your disposal, you can’t help but to turn out a well polished and sincere statement truly reflective of you and your accomplishments.

4. review of admission papers – feedback with analysis from writer (no corrections)
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Not sure what sort of impression your essay might make?  No need to worry about your essay’s impact; find out!  We have professional writers on staff who will read your essay.  They will provide you with detailed feedback and analysis of your paper.  With this service, you will know where you likely stand with your target audience.  The writer won’t actually alter your essay but you can use their analysis and other feedback to produce a truly fine work sure to shine among your peers.

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