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Published: 2020-07-05 18:31:06
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The topic that I would like to see changed is that you would stop tring to sell Cigarettes. puts all these lies by putting someone cool and someone pretty on the T.V. and say that they can be as cool or as pretty as that person if they smoke. All it is, is lies to get more money and get the kids addicted so they will buy more and waste over $100 a month just on cigarettes. That doesn’t include food or movies or rent if they are young adults. Even worse, if they are young teens, they might not all be in the age range to start working for money so they either have to steal or get someone older to buy some for them and tats illegal. Selling or buying drugs for a minor. The ads have people in the middle of the woods, riding horses or other beautiful surroundings that make them look like they are living a good and healthy life. The fact is, they aren’t as healthy and energetic as they look because they smoke. Their lungs are probably a dingy yellow or a brown black or even black. Don’t forget that tobacco makes your teeth yellow and your breath smell really bad. Don’t try to attract the kids. It’s a negative influence and a bad example you people are making. If they think it’s OK, they will teach their future children and that not OK. They might also be smoking when they are pregnant which could cause birth defects. I would appreciate it if you would leave the horrible fact alone and let the people who already smoke, that have been smoking for a while be your customers. Don’t endanger anybody’s health buy tempting the Children. you might not make as much money, but it will be healthier for almost everyone.

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