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Published: 2020-05-25 11:56:04
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Individual bureaus classify condemnable information that is compiled in a study as Uniform Crime Reporting. The Uniform studies are normally compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and they consist of condemnable informations that belongs to all the provinces that signifier United States of America. This plan began in 1929. It was the thought of constabulary commanding officers, who saw the demand of making a dependable condemnable statistics for the state ( Anderson and Dyson, 2002 ) .
Today, the studies form an of import component of contending condemnable activities within United States of America. This is because they necessary information that jurisprudence enforcement officers can trust on for intents of contending condemnable activities. For case, the studies provide the names of the most wanted felons, and the forms of offense within a certain vicinity ( Anderson and Dyson, 2002 ) .
The studies besides help policy shapers in the section of fatherland security on how to develop policies that will assist in doing the state secure. The assorted jurisprudence enforcement bureaus within the state have the duty of roll uping these studies, and thenceforth show them to the FBI for digest. Presently, there are three Uniform Crime Reports published by the FBI, viz. ;
Hate Crime Statistics 2011.
Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted 2011.
The Preliminary Uniform Crime study 2012.
Resources Available for Sheriffs and Police Chiefs:
One of the resources that public safety functionaries like constabulary officers and Sheriffs have in sorting offenses in their locations is the merger centres. A merger centre is an establishment formed by the section of fatherland security for intents of receiving, analysing, and circulating intelligence information from to the relevant security organic structures. These centres can therefore guide security officers and Sheriffs on how to sort the assorted offenses within their countries of legal power.
They have the capableness of placing whether a offense falls under terrorist act, or it is a murder/ homicide. The Central Investigative Agency is besides another resource that constabulary heads and sheriffs have that can assist them in sorting and analysing offenses ( Dunn, 2012 ) . The bureau has the duty of roll uping intelligence information, and provides it for appraisal by senior policy shapers in United States of America. On this note, Sheriffs and local constabularies heads can profit from their installations and experience in analysing and sorting the assorted condemnable activities within their vicinity.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is another resource unit that the Sheriffs and local constabularies heads can utilize to sort and categorise condemnable activities. This is a Federal Agency that has the duty of contending offenses within the United States of America. The section is good equipped to manage any signifiers of condemnable activities. The section besides has experts who can categorise and analyse assorted condemnable activities within the province, and hence Sheriffs and local constabularies heads can utilize their experiences in analysing the assorted condemnable activities within their countries of legal powers.
Professionals and Cons of UCR:
The Uniform Crime Reporting system is advantageous because people are able to cognize the offense rate of their vicinity. For case, adult females who are concerned with the security of their kids might cognize the offense rates of the schools in which they take their kids to, or the surrounding environment where their kids play or pass through. The study besides provides information on the assorted offenses that occur within the province, and attempts to project their happening in future ( Dunn, 2012 ) .
On this footing, policy shapers can make a policy that can efficaciously turn to the security needs of its people. However, this coverage system besides has some disadvantages. One such disadvantage is that it relies to a great extent on the information that comes from jurisprudence enforcement bureaus. Other civilian organic structures can besides hold accurate and relevant information sing security issues within a province. Therefore, there studies should besides be incorporated in this system.
Part Two: ANALYZING Specific Crime:
How UCR can Help in Predicting Crime:
The UCR can assist jurisprudence enforcement officers prevent and predict future offense because it contains condemnable statistics which are accurate and dependable. If jurisprudence enforcement officers carefully analyze the study, they have a capableness of foretelling when, where and at what clip a condemnable activity will happen. These studies will besides assist jurisprudence enforcement officers to place and cognize the forecaster factors of offense. On this footing, they will originate more police patrols in the identified offense hot spots, and hence forestalling offense from taking topographic point.
Criminal Forecast of the State of New York:
The condemnable activity under consideration is physical colza, for the province of New York. The FBI categorizes colza as an illustration of a violent offense. In 2011, the figure of condemnable activities related to ravish stood at 2150, with the metropolis of New York describing the highest figure at 1092. However, there are other metropoliss where physical colza was zero, or even 1. Cities such as Adams small town, Akron Village and Allegany did non see any Acts of the Apostless of physical colza. By analysing this information, I can foretell that physical colza will still be higher in New York City in the coming old ages ( FBI, 2013 ) .
The metropolis of Buffalo had the 2nd highest figure of the physical colza offense. The figure stood at 121 reported incidents. Looking at this information, you will denote that the difference between the metropoliss with a higher figure of physical colza rates, with the metropolis that follows it is high. The difference in this instance is 971. This tendency is likely to go on in the coming old ages. The metropolis of Buffalo is besides likely to keep the figure two topographic point in relation to the offenses that involve physical colza.
This is because the other metropoliss have a low figure of this offense, and to catch up with the offense rate of Buffalo, so their rates of this offense will hold to increase by more than 100 % . Take for case the metropolis of Albany. The figure of physical colza was 33, and for it to catch up with the offense figure of Albany, so it has to increase by 200 % , with the offense rate of Albany staying changeless ( FBI, 2013 ) . Looking at this information, it is impossible for this type of offense to increase by the border in Albany. Therefore, for some clip, Buffalo will stay the metropolis with the 2nd highest figure of physical colza offenses in New York.
Comparison in Crime Rate of 1950 and 2011:
In 1950, the physical colza offense stood at a sum of 2335 reported instances. During this period besides, the metropolis of New York had a reported figure of instances affecting the offense at 1025 instances. Looking at this information, with the information contained in the 2011 colza offense statistics of New York, the tendencies are similar. In the 2011 statistics, the metropolis of New York had the highest figure of colza instance in the State ; this is the same as the 1950 statistics, which was of the sentiment that the metropolis of New York had the highest figure of physical colza instances in the province.
Other metropoliss such as Akron Village, Adams and Allegany had a lower figure of physical colza instances. For case Albany had 1, while in 2011, Albany had zero. On this footing hence, the similarities in the condemnable Acts of the Apostless continue. New York metropolis still has a higher figure of colza instances. Looking at this information, you will happen that the higher the figure of population in a metropolis, the higher the figure of reported physical colza instances. This is the instance of New York, which had a higher figure of populations in the 1950s, as compared to other metropoliss in the province of New York. This tendency still continues, because as of 2011, New York had the highest figure of population, standing at 8,211,875.
Statisticss of 1970s and Crime Prediction:
To foretell offense rate in 20 by utilizing statistics of the 1970s, authorities functionaries should foremost analyse the population growing in the several countries of concern. This is because the higher the population, the higher the figure of offense rates in an country. A good illustration is in the province of New York where New York metropolis has a higher figure of offense rates, and this is because it is the most populated metropolis in the province, and this is in comparing to the other metropoliss of the province. Another illustration is Buffalo metropolis which had a population of 262,484 Numberss of people. Because of this figure of people, the metropolis had the 2nd highest rate of physical colza in the province of New York.
Dependability of UCR:
The statistics of UCR are dependable because they are collected by the jurisprudence enforcement officers. In roll uping these informations, jurisprudence enforcement officers follow the set up guidelines from the FBI. The FBI provides these organisations with a enchiridion that explains to them on how to sort discourtesies for intents of Uniform Crime coverage ( Catalano, 2006 ) . The FBI emphasizes on the usage of the guidelines they provide, and on this footing, the statistics by UCR are dependable. This is because jurisprudence enforcement officers follow a peculiar guideline and format in the digest and coverage of the offense statistics. However, jurisprudence enforcement officers are non required to describe their condemnable incidents, they can merely move in good religion.

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