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Published: 2020-07-20 12:10:05
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In 2007, the Government of India announced that Air India would be merged with Indian Airlines. As portion of the amalgamation procedure, a new company called the National Aviation Company of India Limited ( NACIL ) was established, into which both Air India ( along with Air India Express ) and Indian Airlines ( along with Alliance Air ) will be merged.
On 27 February 2011, Air India and Indian Airlines merged along with their subordinates to organize Air India Limited by the Ministry of Civil Aviation headed by the Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel.
Possibly the biggest error associating to Air India was made that is the determination to unify the former Indian Airlines into the flagship bearer. In 2007, in a study on the national bearers, Accenture had highlighted two factors as being responsible for their sub-optimal public presentation:
1. ) An ageing fleet and ;
2. ) The fact that the two existed separately.
Air India was founded byA J. R. D. Tata in 1932 as Tata Airlines, a division of Tata Sons Ltd. ( now Tata Group ) . On 15 October 1932, J. R. D. Tata flew a single-engine De Havilland Puss Moth transporting air mail ( postal mail of Imperial Airways ) from Karachi ‘s Drigh Road Aerodrome to Bombay ‘s Juhu Airstrip via Ahmadabad. The aircraft continued to Madras via Bellary piloted by former Royal Air Force pilot Nevill Vintcent.
Following the terminal of World War II, regular commercial service wasA restored in India and Tata Airlines became a populace limited companyA on 29 July 1946 under the name Air India. On 1 August 1953, theA Government of India exercised its option to buy a bulk stakeA in the bearer and Air India International Limited was born as one ofA the fruits of the Air Corporations Act that nationalized the airA transit industry. At the same clip all domestic services wereA transferred to Indian Airlines. On 11 June 1962, Air India became theA universe ‘s first all – jet air hose.
Boeing 747- 400 in 1970-2007 Palace In The Sky livery in 1970, Air India move dots offices to downtown Mumbai/Bombay. The following twelvemonth, the air hose took bringing of its first Boeing 747200B named Emperor Ashoka and registered VT-EBD. This coincided with the debut of the ‘Palace in the Sky’A livery and stigmatization. In 1986 Air India took bringing of the Airbus A310-300 ; the air hose is the largest operator of this type in rider service. Air India introduced a new Sun ” livery that was largely white but had a aureate Sun on a ruddy tail. OnlyA applied to around a half of Air India ‘s fleet, the new livery did non win, as the Indian winging public complained about the phasing out of the authoritative colors.In 1993, Air India took bringing of the flagship of its fleet when the first Boeing747-400 named Konark and registered VT-ESM made history by runing the first non-stop flight between New York City and Delhi. In 1994 the air hose was registered as Air India Ltd. In 1996, the air hose inaugurated service to its 2nd US gateway at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. In 1999, the air hose opened its dedicated Terminal 2-C at the freshly renamed Chatrapati ShivajiA International Airport in Mumbai. On May 2004, Air India launched a wholly-owned low cost air hose calledA Air India Express.
Air India Express linking metropoliss in India with the Middle East, South East Asia and the Subcontinent. On 8 March 2004, International Women ‘s Day, the air hose operated an All Women Flight ” from Mumbai to Singapore.
In 2007, the Government announced that Air India would be merged withA Indian Airlines. As portion of the amalgamation procedure, a new company called theA National Aviation Company of India Limited ( or NACIL ) was established, into which both Air India ( along with Air India Express ) and IndianA Airlines ( along with Alliance Air ) have been merged. Once the amalgamation isA complete, the air hose – which will go on to be called Air India – willA continue to be headquartered in Mumbai.
On 1 March 2009 Air India announced that it would do Frankfurt Airport its Global Aviation Hub for Flights to and from India to North America.
THE Amalgamation:
The study by Accenture had gone on to state that amalgamation of the two entities and replacing of the ageing fleet would ensue into net incomes gauging of Rs 1,000 crore in the first twelvemonth itself which does non go on.
Air India is runing under a immense sum of debt and accrued losingss so far. The determination of unifying the two entities had badly affected the company & A ; their Employees. Most of the clip, delayed or partially payments of wages ensuing to occupation dissatisfaction and finally taking to protest and work stoppages by the pilots, cabin crew, land staff and care crew.
Another issue was the determination of geting a new fleet for the air hose but with about no planning. When an air hose buys expensive aircraft such as the Boeing 777 that Air India acquired, path and fleet planning frequently starts six months before the aircraft start geting. Alternatively, it had an extraordinary state of affairs where Air India could non take bringing of three aircraft that had to stay parked at Boeing ‘s mill for more than three months as Air India did non hold plenty trained pilots and cabin crew. Even CAG ( Comptroller & A ; Auditor General of India ) had besides criticized the determination to purchase 111 aircraft by Air India and Indian Airlines. In a study by CAG it has besides mentioned that the determination was taken in a hurried mode.
Apart from the CAG study, the CAG is besides considered a study by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture on the ‘Merger of Indian Airlines and Air India: its impact on the Civil Aviation ‘ . The commission, chaired by CPM MP Sitaram Yechury, had besides criticised the civil air power ministry for its unseasonable ” program to unify Air India and Indian Airlines.
The Committee is of the sentiment that NACIL should reexamine its aircraft acquisition programme in position of its fiscal status, altering commercial kineticss and the demand and supply in the market. The company is already fighting to acquire equity extract to consolidate its capital. The Committee feels that a postponement of the aircraft acquisition programme will cut down the debt load of the NACIL well, ” the study had said in 2010.
Again, when Arvind Jadhav took over as Managing Director of Air India he quashed the enlisting of extra cabin crew after the procedure for it had been about completed. As a consequence, another eight months were spent engaging cabin crew. During this period 100s of flights had to be either cancelled or were delayed, non because of a deficiency of pilots or planes but because of a deficiency of crew.
The pilots of the former Indian Airlines were promised para with Air India pilots. For three old ages, nil was done about it. Discontentment built up Praful Patel managed to maintain it in cheque while he was curate, thanks to changeless dialogues.
The pilots were in a place to protest, unlike the cabin crew, land staff and care crew. Now, alternatively of looking for ways to decide differences with the pilots who are on work stoppage, the Air India direction and peculiarly Jadhav has decided to learn the pilots a lesson ” . Matters have worsened to such an extent that even the executive pilots of the air hose, who are direction cell pilots, have gone on work stoppage in support of their co-workers.
A few old ages ago when Jet Airways pilots went on work stoppage Naresh Goyal, the air hose ‘s president, talked to pilots and pleaded with them to travel back to work. But Jadhav has decided that he will non even speak to the pilots. Even the Delhi High Court has noted this fact. It appears that the direction wants to do the pilots whipping boies for its consecutive failures. It was looking for an alibi and feels that the pilots have provided it one.
There is a terrible deficit of trained commanding officers across Indian bearers and this has been coercing air hoses to engage exiles – frequently those with less than the best accomplishments. If Air India sacks the striking pilots they can easy acquire occupations in other air hoses within three months. But the pilots want to work for Air India. They, nevertheless, besides want their dues. In Parliament, we were told that Air India loses Rs 20 crore a twenty-four hours. It is surprising so the direction is contending over what is basically a affair of a few crores.
Political parties like Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP ( Party in Opposition ) , have ever argued in favor of denationalization of Air India. If non full denationalization, at least a partial one can be carried out through disinvestment. This will convey in financess to run the air hose alternatively of the authorities invariably busting taxpayers ‘ money to feed it. The direction of Air India should besides be professionalized. The air hose should non be allowed to go a preparation land for officers of the Indian Administrative Service who have no cognition of the air power sector. Besides, there should be less intervention from the ministry. Air India is an of import plus to Indian skies, and it has helped maintain airfares in cheque. The minute the pilots went on work stoppage airfares rose significantly.
To undertake the assorted HR issues which have cropped up after the amalgamation of Air India and Indian air hoses, a three-member commission was set up to analyze the recommendations of the Justice Dharamadhikari Committee study.
( The Justice Dharmadhikari Committee was formed to analyze the rules of integrating across assorted cells and finding of degree and senior status, examine the rules of pay/wage rationalisation and restructuring between all the employees of former air hose and besides suggest harmonized working of assorted classs of employees of former air hoses ) .
A ministry interpreter said This commission will look into assorted recommendations in this study of Justice Dharmadhikari Committee and give its remarks in footings of implementability of those recommendations, maintaining in head the employee ‘s involvements, the functional viability of the Company, the fiscal deductions and besides assorted other practical facets of execution. ”
The study has called for associating the state-owned bearers ‘ wages to the Department of Public Enterprises guidelines and advocated a ranked system. It has voted for benchmarking pilots ‘ wages to the industry criterions and sniping their pay measure by 10-15 per cent.
Along with Prashant Sukul, articulation secretary in the ministry managing Air India, the new commission includes A K Sinha, articulation secretary, Department of Public Enterprises and RP Singh, manager ( HR ) , IFFCO as an outside expert. The panel will give its study by the first hebdomad of March. The determination to hasten the execution of the study was backed by the ministerial panel reexamining the advancement of Air India ‘s turnaround program.
In order to hike the gross, Arvind Jadhav has curtailed all concern category travel by all classs of its employees with immediate consequence.
The company is go throughing through a critical fiscal state of affairs and to better the rider gross in the concern class/first category, it has been decided that with immediate consequence, all classs of employees ( functioning or retired ) and their families/dependents, including the undersigned, will go merely in economic system category, ” said an official note issued by the Air India head. To implement this determination, Jadhav is said to hold himself travelled by the economic system category on his manner back from Hyderabad the really same twenty-four hours.
There is a certain belief in the market that a significant portion of the concern category market has been unaffected by the on-going recession and of course we ‘re seeking to corner them, ” said an Air India functionary. Indian bearers – which are expected to post losingss of Rs 9,000 crore that financial – are seeking urgently to corner the premium category travel that would assist them vastly increase the gross.
There were cases on the Mumbai-Delhi path when paying concern category riders were shifted to other flights because Air India functionaries were busying concern category seats. It created a perceptual experience that concern category seats were non available at Air India and therefore we have lost riders on that count, ” said an functionary.
However, some employees maintained that the cut was expected to make a negative impact on employee morale and many retired employees who served the air hose during its flowers did non merit this. Jadhav told The Indian Express ( One of the taking Newspaper ) that it was a inquiry of endurance and utilizing concern category seats for run intoing the company ‘s internal use was non an option. There is no injury in utilizing the economic system category seats. Retrenching on paths that many private bearers are making is a bigger demotivator, ” he said.
Air Corporation Employees Union:
Air Corporations Employees Union ( ACEU ) is the largest and most representative trade brotherhood of the non-technical and some proficient workingmans of the Air India Limited.It was registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926 on 16th November 1989 and was granted acknowledgment in 1959. Air India direction had withdrawn acknowledgment to the Air Corporation Employees Union on 26th May 2010.
Reacting to such backdown of acknowledgment CPM has alleged that the Air India direction had randomly withdrawn acknowledgment to the Air Corporation Employees Union and Chairman Arvind Jadhav had refused to keep a duologue with employees. The party demanded immediate annulment of expiration and suspension orders against brotherhood militants and reconstructing acknowledgment of the Air Corporation Employees Union. The direction should instantly get down dialogues with brotherhoods to better the services of Air India and turn to the legitimate grudges of employees, ” CPM polit agency said in a statement. The great incommodiousness caused to 1000s of riders was due to policies adopted by the direction. The Air India direction is entirely responsible for the incommodiousness of riders. The function of civil air power curate Praful Patel is besides responsible for the present province of personal businesss in Air India, ” it said.
On 28 January, 2011 a request in Delhi High Court was besides filed against ACEU for indulging in regular misdemeanors of Code of Discipline and of the Settlement and acted in a mode ensuing in the break of the normal working of the company and breach of the industrial peace and harmoniousness. The said missive stated that ACEU had given directives and work stoppage notices from clip to clip in the last three old ages.The missive dated 26th May 2010 farther stated The ACEU besides issued a directing dated 14th May 2010 to travel on work stoppage w.e.f. 31st May 2010 and went on undue work stoppage on 25th May 2010 even while the affair was seized till conciliation, thereby doing torment to the guiltless riders, doing gross loss and interrupting flights countrywide and to international finishs.
The two-day Air India work stoppage was called off at that clip after the Delhi high tribunal said it was illegal and the air hose dismissed 17 functionaries, including brotherhood leaders, and suspended 15 applied scientists. Over 20,000 employees, including applied scientists, had gone on work stoppage protesting against an order against brotherhood members from speaking to the media. The direction claimed that there is merely one general handbill and no ‘gag order ‘ . CPM leader and president of the parliamentary commission on conveyance and touristry Sitaram Yechury had spoken to the Air India president on the first twenty-four hours of the work stoppage and asked him to speak to brotherhoods and decide the affair.
BJP had alleged that Air India was in a muss ” and asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to spell out who was responsible for it. Air India is till witnessing Strikes and other HR related issues due to this amalgamation as the employees are demanding their due payments and publicities.
In May 2012, due to the work stoppage by the pilots still the state of affairs is making crises for all the parties concerned, Ajit Singh the Civil Aviation Minister has besides agreed the fact the the amalgamation has non progressed the manner it was desired and the state of affairs in Air India is the same.
GENERAL MANAGER – Information technology
DIRECTOR Technology
Social welfare
Work force
Teaching Note:
The instance presents an issue where it was thought and estimated that the amalgamation between the two entities would be fruitful and profitable to both but nevertheless it has non progressed every bit desired as the manner it was handled and treated, both by the ministry and the top most degree of the company. The determination of purchasing the aircrafts with about no planning created a base for the full muss and so the amalgamation acted as a fuel the full instance.
The assorted HR issues in this instance would assist in understanding and cognizing the different aspects of determination devising and challenges associating to pull offing the employees i.e. the Human resources.
What is the function of authorities and concerned Ministry in instance of determinations associating to these Public Sector companies?
Who can be held responsible for such determination doing failures as authorities alterations after their term of office is finished?
In instance of Bankruptcy, ( as Air India is runing under a immense sum of debt & A ; accrued losingss ) what would be done to the employees and other staff if they have to go forth the company i.e. what can be the backup program for their hereafter or the options for them.
One of the points rose by BJP that the air hose should non be allowed to go a preparation land for officers ( Chairman & A ; Managing Director ) of the Indian Administrative Service who have no cognition of the air power sector. Up to what extent this statement holds relevancy.
Arvind Jadhav could hold talked to the employees who were fomenting and protesting at that clip. What could hold stopped him for non holding a conversation with them?
What can be the function of ACEU in this instance and any Union in a company in settling a difference between direction and employees?
Arguments in favour of denationalization of Air India, if non full, at least partial which will convey in financess to run the air hose alternatively of the authorities invariably busting taxpayers money to feed it. Remark on the statement.
These points can be raised and discussed in the category so as to understand the issues associating to human resources, crisis direction and assorted other factors like dissatisfaction, motive & A ; morale of the employees, listening to the demands and doing proper justification etc. The instance best suits the treatment in a HR category and even for a general MBA plan as the ground tackle of the instance is HR.

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