Alcoholism is a growing and persistent disease

Published: 2020-07-23 20:50:04
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Alcoholism is a growing and persistent disease that affects many people every day brought about by the over-drinking of alcoholic beverages. It consists of frequent and recurring consumption of alcohol to an extent that causes continued harm to the drinker and leads to medical and social problems. Alcoholism, however, does not merely cause harm to the alcoholic, but to the entire family as well, affecting an estimated 28 million children in this country. These children grow up in the unhealthy and abnormal family systems harmed by alcoholism, carrying the negative effects of this environment with them into adulthood. Consequently, adult children of alcoholics are the innocent victims of a disease which has shaped their personalities and behavior as children and will, if not treated, promote their personal disintegration as adults. Most alcoholics don’t fit the stereotype of laying in the gutter drunk. Alcoholics are likely to be persons of short yet intense, enthusiasms. They tend to demand perfection in themselves and in others, leaving them frustrated. They may become painfully depressed or overly aggressive which then leads to self-vulnerability. As the disease of alcoholism sets in, the family is forced to make an unspoken decision—to leave the alcoholic or to stay and adapt to his illness. Because they do not want to disrupt their own lives or leave a loved one, they deny the problem and try to adapt to the pressures and problems that alcoholism brings. Problems caused by alcoholism impose profound adversity to family members, which contributes to high levels of self-conflict, domestic violence, parental ineptitude, child abuse, and negligence, in addition to medical and clinical problems associated to it.
Alcoholism is responsible for more family troubles than any other single cause. As the alcoholism and abuse continue to evolve, the individual eventually begins to show signs of irritability and impatience towards his or her peers and people around them. Alcoholism also has negative effects on the spouse of an alcoholic. The spouse may have feelings of hatred, may suffer exhaustion and self-pity that can become a serious mental illness. Very often the spouse has to perform the roles of both parents. As a result, the non-alcoholic parent may be inconsistent, demanding, and often neglect the children. Having financial difficulties is another issue that families of alcoholics have to deal with. The family may have to give up certain entitlements because of a large amount of money spent on alcohol and also possible joblessness. Alcoholism also is one of the major reasons for divorce.

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