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Published: 2020-06-19 10:56:05
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People in America do not realize the fact that driving their vehicle is one of the regular activities that they do that has one of the largest impacts on the earth. With more and more cars in use each day, the more fossil fuels are called for. Fossil fuels are natural fuels that were formed from the remains of living organisms. These fossil fuels typically take millions of years to be formed. Since most fossil fuels are being imported due to it taking a huge amount of time to reform and be used to make new gasoline, the demand for fossil fuels increase along with the prices for gasoline in America.
To reduce such costs, alternative fuels were created to lower the price and use of foreign oils due to our low production of fossil fuels. Alternative fuels are fuels that have been derived from renewable resources or produced domestically in our own country instead of using imported fossil fuels. They were created to be used as energy that kept the environment in a cleaner, healthier state, and reduce the polluted air that we breathe in due to the exhaust and emissions coming from the conventional fueled vehicles.
There are a number of different types of alternative fuels, ranging from biofuels and compressed natural gases, to electricity and weather power. All these types are currently still being researched and developed. Alternative fuels and its vehicles have the government, vehicle manufacturers, and consumers responding to the topic in positive ways in the more recent years. With the growing trend of alternative fuel use, society will become more conscious of how damaged our environment has become and want to put an end to it.
Although people have found creating alternative fuels to be expensive with its limitations, it should become a top priority due to the rising oil prices and current environmental concerns. With America’s dependency on foreign oils, having alternative fuels will lower oil prices and decrease the possible chance of peak oil. The price of oil rises with every year, and most people are unable to afford it with the recent economy. Also, due to high demands for oil, possible chances of peak oil will increase.
From the Peak Oil Primer, Adam Grubb explains, Peak oil is the simplest label for the problem of energy resource depletion, or more specifically, the peak in global production” (Grubb). Basically, peak oil is the time when the oil’s maximum rate has been reached, and its production rate is expected to go into terminal decline. If people are so dependant on oil and it reaches terminal decline, the country will go into an economical crisis. To keep that from happening, alternative fuels are created to lessen that chance.
Our Department of Energy has stated that, PHEVs and EVs can reduce fuel costs dramatically because of the low cost of electricity relative to conventional fuel” (U. S. Department of Energy). Alternative fueled vehicles, such as those that are electric based, can help improve the fuel economy and lower fuel costs. Coming from these experts’ opinions, we can expect that alternative fueled vehicles are cheaper since having these types of cars allows people to not have to continuously go to the gas station to waste their money on high priced gasoline.
And so, having alternative fueled vehicles will have great impacts on America’s fuel economy. Replacing conventional fuels with alternative fuels will not only help our economy but make it safer and cleaner for the environment. Alternative fuels are much cleaner compared to conventional fuels, leading to more environmental benefits. The earth’s environment has been polluted constantly, using alternative fueled vehicles will lessen the environmental damages caused by humans. In the book, Alternative Fuels, it gives information on why alternative fuels are needed and explains how it helps the environment.
It states, In the United States, petroleum provides about 40% of all energy needs. However, the burning of petroleum emits large amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. This poses a threat to the environment and contributes to global warming. A possible solution is to use alternative fuels and invest in natural renewable energy resources” (Alternative Fuels 4). The book shows readers how the burning of fossil fuels contributes to the damages done to the environment. As stated petroleum provides $0% of all energy needs.
Instead of using petroleum which cause greenhouse gases, using alternative fuels help reduce greenhouse emissions. As a result, alternative fuels have become more known in the recent years due o the deterioration environment. Some say that using and making alternative fuels and its vehicles are a waste of time and money and it has limitations. With the use of electricity as an alternative fuel, it comes with its limitations. For example, it has a need to recharge after using for a short period of time. In the article, Crunching the Numbers on Alternative Fuels”, Mike Allen gives cases against alternative fuels.
He states, Pure electric cars still have limited range, typically no more than 100 to 120 miles” (Allen). From this information, it is understood that electric cars have a certain amount of time until its energy has been depleted. Not only that, but in the article How Electric Car Batteries Work”, Christopher Lampton states that the time taken to recharge these cars can take up several hours (Lampton). There should be no reason to spend money on a car that is unable to drive far. There are also other alternative fuels such as compressed natural gases that can be costly.
For compressed natural gases it costs much more as due to the tank having to be far larger, heavier, and more expensive than a conventional one (Allen). Alternative fuels were created to help our environment and help out with lowering our dependency on expensive foreign oils. After reading the information given from Mike Allen, why would people want to spend more on an alternative fueled vehicle instead of a conventional one? Despite the fact that people find it is costly, having alternative fuels will be worth it in the end as it will be cheaper compared to conventional fueled vehicles and will be helpful to our environment.
Alternative fuels can help by increasing our energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions (U. S. Department of Energy). From the University of Colorado Boulder, The production and use of renewable resources has grown more quickly in recent years due to higher prices for oil and natural gas” (University of Colorado Boulder). This quote shows that alternative fuels have become more known due to how costly oils and natural gases our becoming. With alternative fuels being more known, they will come into use more often and that will cause companies to build recharging stations around.
And as the build more, the will research and develop the charging time for cars with limited ranges to make it more convenient for the consumers. Also, … electric cars are cheap to ‘refuel. ‘ At the average price of 10 cents per kwh, it costs around 2 cents per mile” (Allen). Though buying a vehicle fueled on alternative resources can be expensive when you first buy it, it is much cheaper as you use it throughout the years. Instead of spending money constantly on gasoline for your conventional car, your electric car can not only refuel at a cheap price, but it is able to refuel at night when you are most likely not doing anything.
For these reasons, alternative fuels are highly recommended as it helps our economy in many ways. The environment and fuel economy worsens as each year passes. Alternative fuels allow energy to be stored and helps replace the harmful fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Energy consumption has been growing and it mainly comes from the burning of fossil fuels. With such limited supply, most countries need their fuels imported. And so, alternative fuels will help the cost of gasoline to decrease and lower possible chances of peak oil.
It will also help with the environment, as it is nontoxic and eco-friendly. Though many have argued on this topic that alternative fuels are found to be a waste of time and money, they are considerably cheaper for the consumer and burn cleaner compared to conventional fuels. Replacing conventional fuels with alternative fuels helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and will not affect the environment in any negative way. Alternative fuels will be part of our future, people should realize their vehicles are harming the environment and should work on using alternative fuels more often.

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