Amusement Park and Senior Citizen Essay

Published: 2020-06-22 23:26:04
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* All concluding replies are written as complete sentences. * Any look. equations or expressions used demand to be clearly stated. * All computations are performed right. * Specific inside informations in work outing or measuring should be apparent. NO WORK. NO CREDIT! * Graphs and visuals are accurate and elaborate. Amusement Parks Cedar Point Amusement in Sandusky. Ohio. is one of the largest and most popular amusement Parkss in the universe. Over three million people visit the park each twelvemonth. Opened in 1870. it is the 2nd oldest amusement park in North America.
In 1990. Cedar Point was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for holding more roller coasters than any other amusement park in the universe. Presently. it has a sum of 14 roller coasters. In Exercises 1-5. usage the undermentioned information. Suppose you. your uncle. and your small brother are buying base on ballss to Cedar Point. You pay x dollars for your grownup base on balls and $ 28 less for your small brother’s base on balls. Your uncle pays the senior citizen rate. which is $ 16 less than the grownup base on balls. Two hours after the park opens. 4668 grownup base on ballss. 118 senior citizen base on ballss. and 634 kid base on ballss are sold.
The park’s income for these two hours is $ 186. 320. 1. If the figure of people come ining the park occurs at a consistent rate. how many people could you anticipate to be in the park after six hours? After six hours at that place will be 14. 004 grownup base on ballss. 354 senior citizen base on ballss. and 1. 902 child base on ballss should be in the park. 2. Define variables for each of the terra incognitas in the job. Let ten stand for the cost of an grownup base on balls. The variables are x is Adult Pass cost. x-28 is Child’s Pass cost. x-16 is Senior citizen Pass cost. 3. Using the variables from Exercise 2. write an equation that can be used to pattern and work out the job.
Using the variables from exercising 2 the equation is 4668x+118 ( x-16 ) +634 ( x-28 ) =186. 320. I got this equation purchase multiplying the figure of tickets sold in 2 hours of each age group with its variable to be what the net income is in 2 hours which is $ 186. 320. The resolution of the job I believe is what X peers and X=38. How I got is first I multiplied 118 to X so to -16 so I did the same and did 634 to X so to -28. After I added 4. 668x with 118 tens and 634 ten to acquire 5. 420x. and so added -1888 with -17. 752 to acquire -19. 640. I so added 19. 640 to 186320 to acquire 205. 960.
Last I divided 205. 960 by 5. 420 and hence I get the reply 38. 4. Using the equation from Exercise 3. determine the single monetary values of an grownup base on balls. a child base on balls. and a senior citizen base on balls. An grownup base on balls is 38 dollars. a children’s base on balls is 10 dollars. and a senior’s base on balls is 22 dollars. 5. Suppose there is a 20 % price reduction on both senior citizen base on ballss and child base on ballss. Determine the income for the park in the first two hours utilizing this discounted cost. After the 20 % price reduction on both senior citizen and kid passes the parks income after 2 hours is 184. 532. 8 dollars.

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