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Today ‘s demanding markets requires organisation to work harder than of all time before to develop employees who can execute smarter, faster and more creatively than their rivals. If an employee is non working up to full velocity he/she is bing the company money in otiose efficiency and wasted net incomes. That is why public presentation assessment is of import. It is your best opportunity as an organisation to honor your employees for their achievements and actuate them to new degrees of productiveness. It is besides through public presentation assessment that a company can recognize the divergences from expected results and aid to put out a program so that betterment can be made.
Harmonizing to Cummins and Worley ( 2001 ) , public presentation assessment can be defined as a feedback system that involves the direct rating of single or work group public presentation by supervisor, Manager or equals. Most organisations have some sort of rating system that is used for public presentation feedback, pay disposal and in some instances reding and developing employees.
For cases, in Kenya Commercial Bank the appraisal public presentation is normally an one-year event where employees are appraised by their immediate supervisor and directors. The consequences of these assessments are used for the fillip distribution at the terminal of fiscal twelvemonth. The consequences are besides used as the footing of either being promoted to higher class or being demoted. There has been a batch of instances where employees complain that their public presentation assessment was subjective instead that being nonsubjective. It is this position that the research is aimed at set uping the factors that affect the public presentation assessment procedure and urge the ways in which the procedure can be made more effectual and nonsubjective.
Harvard ( 2001 ) , identified some country that is references during public presentation assessment procedure and these were ; specifying ends, marks and aims for the period in which assessment are to be done by supplying a formal method of puting and holding on work aims, giving the visual aspect that the organisation is interested in disputing employees to present high public presentation by supplying a formal system to reexamine public presentation, work planning and job sharing. Review past public presentation in order to measure it and associate wagess with it as a manner of acknowledging the parts and accomplishment of each single member staff. Identify and be aftering to construct on the strengths of employees in an organisation. Identifying and extinguishing failing of employees in an organisation by placing preparation demands and agree on manner to better single public presentation. Establishing constructive duologue about public presentation that can be used after the appraisal treatment to better communicating and understanding between directors and employees.
However the procedure of public presentation assessment has non been effectual in Kenya Commercial Bank for the last three old ages it has been used. In many incidents the assessment procedure has failed to because those who are responsible for acquiring them of the land do non believe through what they are making. They copy another organisation strategy without necessary happening out what it offers its host.
For case, KCB introduced the assessment system after larning that other Bankss like Barclays and Co- operative Bank are doping it without fixing employees through preparation to understand how the procedure works. This has lead to a batch of opposition from employees because some position public presentation assessment as a menace to their occupations.
Bascal ( 2002 ) observed that most Bankss have an internal preparation section that offers broad scope of classs. These classs range from two yearss to two hebdomads in length in each twelvemonth. While this is true with KCB the preparation has non been successful from the word travel, because the tool that has been used for public presentation assessment Balance Score Card was perceived to be a tool for down sizing the organisation and people resisted the usage of the tool in 2005. In the twelvemonth 2006 and 2007 there has been intensive preparation which includes hiring of adviser to develop employees on balance mark card and still there are jobs that are associated with appraisal procedure.
Since the debut of public presentation assessment where the balance mark card ( BSC ) is used as a measuring tool for employees, there has been debate on how the procedure is subjected to personal biass. This has come up as a consequence of some supervisors being more indulgent while others are rigorous when it comes to presenting tonss a BSC.
The chief intent of this research is to happen out the benefits that are associated with a well designed PA procedure every bit good as turn toing the jobs that affect the effectivity of public presentation assessment. The survey will besides propose some of the ways that can be used to better the procedure of assessment. It is in this position that the survey is aimed at set uping the benefits that the bank has enjoyed since the debut of BSC as a public presentation measuring tool since 2004.the survey will besides turn to the stabling blocks that hinder the effectivity of a PA procedure. The survey will reason by proposing the ways in which the procedure can be improved.

Statement of the job

Harmonizing to Nzuve ( 1999 ) public presentation assessment can be defined as the rating of employees work public presentation over a given period of clip. It is formalized reappraisal of the manner in which an employee has been executing on the occupation. In Kenya Commercial Bank employees ‘ assessment is ever carried out at the terminal of the twelvemonth and the consequences of the assessment are tied to bonus, publicities and Demotions of some employees. The assessment procedure has been perceived to be really subjective instead than being nonsubjective.
There are several issues that have been raised in connexion with appraisal procedure. For case during the procedure the Manager may urge a occupation rotary motion for employees in a given section to derive more accomplishment in other countries but you still happen a clerk who has worked in one section for more than ten old ages. The challenge is, on how to utilize the recommendations in public presentation assessments to increase employees ‘ productiveness in an organisation.
Levinson and Harry ( 2003 ) commented that employees are in most instances non allocated wise mans neither do they acquire a opportunity to revolve in assorted sections and addition cognition of other subdivision of the Bank.
This has lead to humdrum of executing same undertakings over a long period of clip. In most instances, employees ‘ ends up experiencing de-motivated, as their personal growing is sort of stagnant into one place.
The other issue is employee engagement in the assessment procedure right from one planning trough reappraisal and concluding appraisal. Harmonizing to ken and Christina ( 2001 ) a cardinal facet of the assessment is to pass on aims with mensurable standards.
The direction is supposed to guarantee that public presentation is mensurable in numerical or per centum footings. This is to supply appraisee with specific marks and give them sense of accomplishment when they surpass them. This is most instances is non done because employees are non involved at the initial phases when the marks are set from the corporate degree and cascaded down ward to employees without audience. This has brought about the issues of unrealistic marks, which are non accomplishable.
When it comes to promotion the tonss of public presentation assessment have to be accompanied by academic makings and these de-motivates the workers who are good experient and are executing in a first-class mode but because they have no grade they can ne’er see the door to publicity.

Purpose of the survey

The chief intent of this survey is to analyse the major benefits associated with a well designed public presentation assessment system the research worker is besides concern with major jobs associated with the public presentation assessment so, as to come up with ways in which the procedure can be made more effectual. This is to guarantee that the procedure encourages and motivates staff to recognize their full potencies and do maximal part to the organisation.

Research Questions

The research inquiries that the survey will turn to are:

What are the benefits associated with a well designed public presentation assessment system in KCB?
What are jobs that hinder effectual public presentation assessment in KCB?
How can public presentation appraisal be improved at KCB?
Importance of the survey / justification of survey

The survey will add more cognition to the bing research in the field of public presentation assessment ; it will assist KCB to set up the knifing blocks of the public presentation assessment and acquire to cognize how these jobs can be addressed to do the procedure more effectual and applicable to organisation. This will finally take to staff motive that consequence in higher staff keeping. With motivated work force, the degree of client service will greatly better hence pulling more concern and this will take to profitableness of the company. The consequences of the research can be used by other establishments in the banking industry to better on their public presentation assessments procedure

Scope of the Study

The research will be a instance survey of KCB. The survey fundamentally will be carried out with respondents from the cardinal Region which comprises of six subdivisions viz. ; Thika, Ruiru, Matuu, Gatundu, Githuguri and Kiambu and Head Office. The sample will be drawn from two classs of staff viz. direction and brotherhood members

Definitions of footings
Performance Appraisal

Harmonizing to Nzuve ( 1999 ) public presentation assessment can be defined as the rating of employees work public presentation over a given period of clip. It is formalized reappraisal of the manner in which an employee has been executing on the occupation.

Balanced Score Card

It is a tool used to mensurate employee public presentation. It outlines the cardinal consequence countries like financials, client service, internal procedure and growing as the chief countries to be measured.It is besides given the marks to be achieved in either numerical or per centum ratios.


Harmonizing to industrial relation Act 1996 Section 5, an employee is any individual employed in an industry whether on wage or rewards or piece of rate. In Kenya Commercial Bank we
have employees who are under direction while others are brotherhood members.
1.7.4 Feedback
Harmonizing to Robbins ( 2007 ) , public presentation feedback has been defined as the information that lets an employee cognize how good he or she is executing a occupation
1.7.5 Performance Measurements
The term public presentation measurings have been defined by Jonathan and Canwel ( 2004 ) as the measure and quality of work that single employees produce during the class of their occupation.
1.8 Chapter Summary
The abroad aim of this survey is to set up the factors that influence the public presentation assessment procedure either positively or negatively. The chapter has addressed the subjects such as background of survey, statement of the job, intent of the survey, research inquiries, and importance of survey. The range of survey and definitions of footings are besides covered in this chapter.
The following chapter will be based on literature reappraisal and will be addressed in line with sub-endings outlined by Research inquiries outlined in this chapter. Chapter three will cover the methodological analysis to be used by the research in roll uping the information.
Chapter 2
2.1 Introduction
The Literature reappraisal is based on plants and surveies which have bee done by the other bookmans and research worker in the country of public presentation assessment procedure.
The reappraisal will supply some basic cognition of the research subject by casting some visible radiation on what other research workers have found out in their surveies refering the major benefits of public presentation assessment procedure. It will besides turn to some of the major jobs encountered during the rating procedure. The literature reviews highlight the major ways in which the public presentation assessment system can be improved in an organisation.
In today ‘s competitory concern environment, employees in a given company present one of the most valuable assets in an organisation. The success or productiveness of a company depends on full use of persons potencies in a given organisation.
Therefore a public presentation assessment procedure is perfectly critical to the on-going success of a company. Without mensurating the public presentation, employees may miss an thought of what is expected of them and may non be working towards the ends that contribute to long term success of the concern.
2.2 Benefits of a well Designed Performance Appraisal
There are several benefits associated with a well designed public presentation assessment system in a given company. Bob ( 2001 ) made an observation from his working experience with clients and by reading the research done by other bookmans in the subject of public presentation and came up with some important benefits that acts like the pillars of public presentation direction. These pillars need to be in topographic point to lend to an organisation excellence. These pillars are:
2.2.1 Organizational Purpose and Direction.
Peoples need to cognize the organisations vision, mission and values, particularly those that differentiate it from other seemingly similar organisation. The mission and vision statements of a given company spell out the intent and way that it takes.
Since the public presentation procedure of an employee is based on the company ‘s mission and its aims, so direction of public presentation makes it clear to employees what is expected of them by puting ends, set uping timelines when the ends should be achieved, tracking advancement through reappraisal procedure and placing obstructions or challenges faced in run intoing the ends. The purpose becomes clear to all people and squads at different degrees in an organisation.
A good public presentation assessment should be built around unambiguous aims. These aims should cover all the degrees and countries of the organisation and the demands of each. The assessment system should be clear in its intent. Participants should cognize whether it is being used to find rises and publicities or to find developmental demands. It is of import to clearly province who should take part in the system that is, will employees at all degrees be involved or will some country or beds in the organisation be excluded? Participants must be cognizant of what type of information will be collected, how frequently, and who will hold entree to this information
2.2.2 Aspiration
Performance direction can move as a mechanism to assist people acknowledge that uninterrupted betterment is indispensable non merely desirable and to cognize what first-class public presentation expressions like. By giving employees as clear apprehension of their single ends and how they fit into the bigger corporate image is a motivative factor for employees. Measuring one ‘s public presentation acts as a thrust for higher accomplishments. The public presentation assessment procedure provided a nexus between the concern aims and employees ‘ twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours action which are straight linked to company ‘s aims.
Performance treatments between the valuator and the employee are the most critical constituents of a successful public presentation assessment system. Performance reappraisals should non stress a tell and sell” attack in which the valuator tells the employee how good or bad their public presentation has been and efforts to convert them to accept this evaluation. Using a tell and sell” attack can estrange employees and destruct the possibility of unfastened communicating in the hereafter.
Alternatively the public presentation reappraisal should stress duologue between the judge and the employee. During the treatment the employee should be given the chance to see all written assessment of his or her public presentation so discuss them with the judge. The response should be obtained from employee both verbally and in authorship. Some organisations encourage employees to make full out a ego appraisal signifier to ease this duologue.
2.2.3 Support
By pull offing public presentation of a company it creates a support mechanism to promote and give persons a sense of ego assurance to acknowledge their possible. It besides helps in placing developing demands of employees which is necessary in guaranting that employees have the necessary accomplishments required to execute their responsibilities to the expected degree.
The support mechanism helps the company to cut down employee bend over and abrasion by guaranting that our employees remain relevant to the demands of the company. The consequences of public presentation procedure can be used by directors and supervisors who know how to actuate their people to make the necessary couching for their staff.
For public presentation assessment system to be effectual, it should be supported by the full work force. This includes direction, support for possible disbursals such as extra preparation, employees meetings appraisal signifiers and other stuffs of staff clip. In add-on, employees can profit from engagement in the public presentation assessment procedure. For illustration, many companies encourage employees to make a ego assessment as a agency for treatment. The information solicited by self – assessments should be consistent with both the organisations aims and single end.
2.2.4 Recognition and Compensation of Top Performers.
Employees ‘ advancement can be tracked against the public presentation ends so as to place the employees who are presenting against outlooks and lending to the overall success of a company. The consequences of public presentation assessment can be used to honor employees who have put exceeding attempts to the success of a company.
The reorganisation may be on pecuniary or non-monetary footing for case awarding of certification and trophies. Surveies have shown that reorganisation of employees contributes to ongoing occupation satisfactions and productiveness.
A company that is able to acknowledge its employees is able to retain its best performing artists and this helps employees to be more successful by supplying them with clear ends that supports the company ‘s aims. The success of single employees is straight related to the success of a company.
2.2.5 Feedback Loops
Performance assessment gives the feedback on how people and public presentation making. By acquiring feedback on public presentation it is easier for direction to cognize how good the organisation is making against the outlooks. The public presentation assessment can be used as a structured on-going daily feedback from directors, co-workers and clients. The identified cringles can be filled up or a remedial action to be taken.
Performance direction is an of import tool in an organisation because it provides inside informations and conditions that need to be met for an employee to go on working in a given company. If a instance arises that calls for expiration of an employee due to unsatisfactory public presentation so the company is lawfully protected by the regulations and ordinances laid down in the public presentation contract
Therefore in any given organisation the human resource section should understand the importance of holding a strong public presentation direction procedure in topographic point, such a procedure helps the company to better motivate and retain top performing artists, more closely align persons ends with those of the organisation and make a more engages workforce all of which leads to greater productiveness and finally better the profitableness.
2.3 Potential Problems Associated With Performance Appraisal
The purpose of any human resource section is to carry on a public presentation assessment that is free from personal prejudices and biass. However, this has non been achieved due to perceptual mistakes that occur in the procedure of assessment. Regardless of the public presentation standard or the scientific nature of the assessment method, perceptual mistakes can happen.
2.3.1 Halo Effect
This mistake occurs when the valuator allows one trait or characteristic which may be either positive or negative to overrule a realistic assessment of other traits or features. For case, if an employee is ever on clip to work, a supervisor might let these positive features to act upon his / her rating of this employee ‘s public presentation on other dimensions. Therefore, this employee might be judged as a good performing artist – non because of existent public presentation, but because of the aura consequence.
The recommendation from Robbins and Decenzo ( 2007 ) for people who design learning assessment signifiers for college pupils to make full out to measure the effectivity of their teachers each semester is that they must face the aura consequence mistake. This is because the pupils tend to rate a module member as outstanding on all standards when they are peculiarly appreciative of a few things he or she does in the schoolroom. Similarly, a few bad wonts, such as demoing up tardily for talks, being slow in returning documents or delegating an highly demanding reading assignment might ensue in pupils measuring the teacher as lousy” across the board.
2.3.2 Pigeonholing
Pigeonholing occurs when the valuator places an employee into a category or class based on one or a few traits or features. For illustration, an older worker may be stereotyped as being slower, more hard to develop and unwilling to larn new attacks. This ageless mistake could negatively impact the overall public presentation rating. Of class the older worker being evaluated may non suit this stereotype at all and may be speedy to pick up new constructs and dying to take part in new preparation plans.
Similar to cut downing the aura consequence, stereotyping may be controlled by offering specialised preparation to the valuators and doing the job associated with pigeonholing salient. In add-on to this, avoiding graduated tables that are non tied to public presentation criterions can assist cut down pigeonholing mistakes.
2.3.3 Attributions
Attribution is another mistake that affects the cogency of public presentation assessment. Harmonizing to Robbins and Decenzo ( 2007 ) ascription occurs when evaluation other in a manner that gives particular consideration to qualities that valuators perceive in them. For case, if a supervisor attributes an employee ‘s good public presentation to external causes such as fortune, keeping an easy occupation, or having aid from co workers, so the public presentation rating will non be every bit positive as if the supervisor had attributed good public presentation to external causes such as attempt or ability.
Attribution mistakes can be avoided by utilizing behaviorally anchored evaluation graduated table because this method requires the judge to rate the behaviour but non judge it.
2.3.4 Recency Effect
Recency mistakes occur when public presentation is evaluated based on public presentation information that occurred most late. Since it is easier for most of us to retrieve vividly what happened last hebdomad than what happened a twelvemonth ago so this creates the potency for Recency mistake during public presentation assessment. Recency mistakes are most likely to happen where there is a long period of clip between public presentation ratings for case one twelvemonth.
Because recent employee ‘s behaviour is the most outstanding to a supervisor, utilizing a method that requires the valuator to maintain a log of employee public presentation throughout the twelvemonth, such as the critical incident attack and coercing the valuator to uncover the log before doing a evaluation can assist to relieve this job. Critical incident method of public presentation assessment ensures that a record of extremely effectual or extremely uneffective public presentation is kept.
Recency mistake can be reduced by continually maintaining documented grounds of employee ‘s public presentation. It is of import to maintain a file for each of your employee and continually put note in this files depicting specific incidents of achievement including day of the months and inside informations. When the clip comes for you to carry on the formal employee assessment, you will hold a comprehensive history of each employee ‘s public presentation record during the appraisal period.
2.3.5 Leniency / Strictness Mistakes
This mistake occurs when the valuator tends to utilize one of the extremes of a evaluation graduated table. When lenience mistake occurs, most employees receive favourable evaluation, even though it is non warranted by their public presentation. lenience mistakes can happen for a figure of grounds. For illustration, a supervisor may be uncomfortable facing peculiarly aggressive employees with less than favourable ratings. To avoid struggles, the supervisor might take to rate everyone high. It is besides possible that the supervisor ‘s ain public presentation rating is based peculiarly on the public presentation of his/her work group. Then evaluation everyone favourably gives the feeling that full work group is really effectual.
Strictness mistakes, which are fundamentally the antonym of lenience mistakes, occur when the valuator mistakenly evaluates most employees unfavourably. In this instance, supervisors may merely desire to look tough” or they may hold unrealistic outlooks of public presentation. Regardless, most employees are assigned evaluation at the lower terminal of the public presentation graduated table.
Both of these mistakes can be eliminated by utilizing forced distribution method that requires that the valuator topographic point a certain per centum of the people being evaluated in assorted classs, from outstanding to below norm. By coercing the valuator to utilize all of the classs, both lenience and strictness mistakes will vanish.
Leniency mistake can be solved by usage of multiple valuators. In this instance a set of judge ‘s Judgess a public presentation, the highest and the lowest tonss and the concluding public presentation assessment is made up from conglomerating tonss of those staying. If an employee has ten supervisors, nine holding rated him or her first-class and one hapless, the one hapless assessment takes less importance. Multiple valuators increase dependability of consequences.
2.3.6 Cardinal Tendency Mistakes
Harmonizing to Robbins and Decenzo ( 2007 ) , cardinal inclination mistake occurs when the valuator tends to avoid the excellent” class every bit good as the unacceptable class and delegate all evaluations around the average” or center scope. For illustration, if you rate all employees as 3 on a graduated table of 1 to 5, so no distinction among them exists. Suppressing differences makes employees work public presentations appear well more homogeneous than they truly are.
To control these jobs personnel comparing system may be applied, for illustration, forced distribution. This method requires the valuator to put a certain per centum of employees into each of several classs based on overall public presentation. For illustration, 10 % of the employees must be placed in the unsatisfactory” class, 15 % must be placed in the fair” class, and 50 % must be placed in the satisfactory or average” class, 15 % in the good” class and 10 % in the outstanding” class.
2.4 How to Better Performance Appraisal
The public presentation assessment system can be used to advance a assortment of direction ends and aims. In add-on to consistently encouraging high degrees of public presentation, the system is utile in placing employees with possible, honoring public presentation equitably and finding employees need for development. However Watson ( 2001 ) observed that both valuators and appraisee fear the procedure of public presentation assessment whether the organisation is utilizing traditional assessment methods peer assessments or taking border 3600feedback. It ‘s of import to observe that any company can better the ability of its system to influence and better public presentation. Some of the major constituents or rules that can heighten or better the public presentation assessment are: –
2.4.1 Job Description
A good occupation description helps an employee to interrupt down the occupation into constituents undertakings for success. The beginning of a good public presentation assessment starts with a good occupation description, Basal ( 2002 ) . , For an organisation to hold the best public presentation assessment system, so it should guarantee that all employees have a occupation description which they have agreed on and should be updated on a regular basis to do necessary accommodations it need arises

Performance Appraisal Design

Organizations are required to hold a criterion and effectual manner of planing public presentation assessment system if the assessment is to be considered effectual. Harmonizing to Daniel ( 2001 ) , employees need to experience that public presentation assessment method used gives adequate feedback on their public presentation based on the public presentation criterion and put public presentation measurings. If they perceive the procedure is unjust, inaccurate and subjective, there is a danger of undependability of the system being used. The public presentation assessment system should be supported by the full work force.
2.4.3 Performance Indexs
Paradis ( 2001 ) , defined public presentation indexs, as the agencies by which success in accomplishing aims can be planned, monitored and evaluated. Performance indexs help the employees to measure their public presentation against the given indexs. For case, a gross revenues individual can be given a certain mark to accomplish in a specified period of clip. The mark acts as a public presentation index to cognize whether the individual is executing to the expected degree or below the norm.
In state of affairs where public presentation indexs are missing public presentation assessment becomes really hard and mostly uneffective in instances where there are no marks set, and agreed on, persons public presentation can non be objectively assessed. This creates a room for subjective sentiment about personality traits and the whole procedure become prejudice. Lack of public presentation indexs reduces the public presentation assessment procedure to a personal relationship between supervisor and the staff member instead than a concern association with the organisation.
Therefore, it is of import that a public presentation assessment procedure should supply for indexs that can assist in puting marks that lead to aims appraisal of employees in a company. The public presentation indexs help in concentrating persons attempts on organisational ends
2.4.4Performance Measurements
The term public presentation measurings have been defined by Jonathan and Canwel ( 2004 ) as the measure and quality of work that single employees produce during the class of their occupation. Performance measurings are agreed when puting aims. It is worthy observing that public presentation measurings deals non merely with what is to be achieved by those concerned but besides how good they know that they have achieved. Performance steps should supply touchable or discernible grounds of whether or non an intended result has been achieved and the extent to which the occupation holder has produced consequences.
Harmonizing to Armstrong ( 2001 ) , public presentation steps should at all times be related to consequences and non attempt put to execute. It should besides be within the occupation holders control nonsubjective and mensurable in footings of finance, end product, impact reaction or clip
Harmonizing to Robbins ( 2007 ) , public presentation feedback has been defined as the information that lets an employee cognize how good he or she is executing a occupation. It may be intrinsic ( self generated feedback ) which is provided by the work itself. It can besides be extrinsic which is provided by supervisor or other beginnings.
The timing of the public presentation assessment or feedback session should be predictable. For case, some organisations have an one-year public presentation assessment while others have it after every six months. When the assessment is predictable it helps the employee to fix psychologically for rating. In this instance employees will ever hold an advanced cognition of what to anticipate in the public presentation reappraisal and when to anticipate it.
The word feedback” relates to any information that helps to measure the success or failure of an action that has taken topographic point. Harmonizing to Katz ( 2001 ) a critical director ‘s duty is measuring and giving seasonably feedback to his/her subsidiaries on their public presentation. Continuous feedback in an organisation is necessary because every bit shortly as the error is discovered it can be corrected instantly to avoid farther divergences. Feedback on public presentation that is given every bit shortly as possible has proven to be the most effectual.
Second it is non just to state person how she/he messed up two to three months after the occupation is done. Let people cognize rapidly where they are non executing to the expected criterions so that they rectify their mistakes that have been identified and travel on to achieving success.
Ivan ( 1999 ) , observed that people want to cognize how they are making, how they are being perceived by their supervisor and others. They besides want to happen possible ways on how they can better their public presentation. Employees attitudes are straight linked to the public presentation feedback they get from clip to clip, Lam ( 2002 ) made an observation that employees who receive favourable public presentation feedback normally develop a more favourable work attitude which is expected to prevail for a long period of clip.
Therefore, attitudes such as organisational committedness, occupation satisfaction and distributive justness frequently deteriorates when the public presentation autumn short of persons ‘ outlooks. Performance assessment should hence be seen as an effort to influence or reenforce a positive behaviour and riddance of certain bad action. In this instance, supervisors must be sincere and make a enabling working environment as possible Robbins ( 2002 ) .
2.4.6Performance Planning
An effectual public presentation assessment is that which has been decently planned. The planning procedure should include both the appraisee and the valuator. Ken and Christina ( 2001 ) , advocates that be aftering includes fixing mensurable aims. At this phase both appraiser and apraisee assign steps to each aim guaranting that they will be able to entree the information they need to supervise public presentation against those steps. It involves looking at the squad and organisational aims and how they can be measured. The planning procedure considers the parts that each squad member must do in realisation of the corporate aims. Performance assessment can be improved by guaranting that there is effectual be aftering which should sketch the subsidiary public presentation outlook based on critical occupation maps and agreed ends ( Katz, 2001 ) .
2.4.7 Training
The preparation for both appraisee and valuator is necessary to better public presentation assessment. It addresses the deficiency of necessary accomplishments or information that prevents either the valuator or appraisee from executing to criterions. Appraisers need developing on how to turn to public presentation assessment jobs.
Ken and Christina ( 2001 ) , suggest that before the valuator corrects a job, the appraisee must admit that a job exists. It is of import that they realize the inauspicious impact their actions on run intoing their aims or they will non perpetrate to work outing the job. The valuator should get accomplishments to explicate how the public presentation of each member affects the full organisation
2.5 Chapter Summary
This chapter provides the literature reappraisal based on research inquiries which were:
1. What are the benefits of a well designed public presentation assessment system in KCB?
2. What are possible jobs associated with public presentation assessment in KCB?
3. How can public presentation appraisal be improved at KCB?
The literature has provided the several benefits that are associated with a well designed public presentation assessment system. The reappraisal has besides addressed the major jobs associated with the procedure of public presentation assessment. The assorted ways in which public presentation assessment system can be improved have been discussed.
The following chapter looks at the methodological analysis to be used in the survey. it will specifically cover with the research design, population, sample design which consists of sample frame and trying techniques, informations aggregation, research process, informations analysis and presentations.
Chapter 3
3.1 Introduction
This chapter will sketch the methodological analysis to be used to transport out this survey. It focuses on research design, population and sample size, informations aggregation, research process informations analysis and presentation methods every bit good as foregrounding some of restrictions which are likely to be encountered.
3.2 Research Design
The intent of this survey is to place and analyse the major benefits of a well designed public presentation assessment system and turn to the possible jobs associated with public presentation assessment and come up with ways in which public presentation assessment can be improved. The research is designed as a instance survey of Kenya Commercial Bank. Harmonizing to Brian ( 2000 ) a instance survey can be defined as an extended survey of a individual state of affairs such as single household or organisation. The justification for taking a instance survey of KCB is that the survey will assist to look into the benefits that accrue to a well designed PA procedure. The attack of a instance survey will be cost-efficient and easy accessible.
3.3Population and Sampling Design.
Population has been defined by Cooper and Schindler ( 2000 ) as the entire aggregation of elements about which the research worker wishes to do some illations. For this research, the population comprises of employees both in direction and in brotherhood in six subdivisions of KCB within the cardinal part which are: Thika, Ruiru, Githunguri, Matuu, Kiambu and Gatundu.
every bit good as the Head office in Nairobi. The major classs of this population will be ; Management ( 180 ) and brotherhood ( 300 ) . Management is divided into two ; senior direction and line direction while brotherhood staff falls under two class supervisors and clerks.
3.3.2 Sampling Design
This is a finding of who and how many people to interview, what and how many events to detect or what and how many records to inspect. Cooper and Schindler ( 2000 ) specify a sample as a group of instances respondents or records comprised of portion of the mark population carefully selected to stand for the population. They continued to state that a good sample is accurate and precise and for a sample to be a representative of the population, it should be at least over 20 % of the population.
The entire figure of staff population in Central part of KCB is four 100 and 80 ( 480 ) . The survey will take 28 % of that population as a sample. The sample will consist of one hundred and thirty four employees drawn from both Managerial and Union staff in order for it to be a good representative of the whole population. Sampling Frame.
Harmonizing to Denscombe ( 1999 ) a trying frame can be defined as an nonsubjective list of the population from which the research worker can do his/her choice. It contains a complete, up to day of the month list of all those that comprise the population for research. In this research, the sampling frame will be obtained from the cardinal part of KCB and caput office in Nairobi. The cardinal part is composed of six subdivisions which are: Thika, Ruiru, Githunguri, Matuu, Kiambu and Gatundu. Sampling Technique
A graded sampling technique will be used. In this research the population will be split into sub populations called strata as senior direction, line direction, supervisors and clerical staff. A sample size of ( 134 ) will be determined so divided into sub-samples ( strata ) . From each sample, a random figure of respondents will be selected. Finally the bomber sample consequences will be added together to obtain figures for the overall sample Sample size
Cooper and Schindler ( 2000 ) defined sample size as being a map of the fluctuation in the population parametric quantities under survey and the gauging preciseness needed by the research worker.
The sample size distribution will be as shown below: –
Sample size distribution
Table 1 Sample Size Distribution



per centum


Senior Management


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Line Management


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3.4 Data Collection Methods.
The research will be conducted utilizing questionnaires as the informations aggregation method with all respondents from the four classs of staff. All the questionnaires will be delivered to the respondents, the research worker through the postal reference. The questionnaires will incorporate both closed and unfastened ended inquiries. Personal interviews will be used where the respondents have troubles in understanding the inquiries.
The questionnaires will be based on the research inquiries highlighted in chapter 1.
3.5 Research Procedure
Questionnaires are designed and developed to roll up primary informations based on the research inquiries. Once questionnaires are ready a pilot trial will be carried out to place any failing in it and to make the necessary accommodation to better it.
3.5.1 Pilot survey
The questionnaire will be retested to observe failing. The pilot survey will affect two senior directors, three line directors, five supervisors and six clerical staff. Harmonizing to Cooper and Emory, ( 1995 ) it is necessary to make a pilot survey to guarantee that the inquiries are good understood by the respondents. Flying of a questionnaire is a trial for cogency and dependability.
3.5.2 Administration of the Questionnaire
The pilot questionnaires will be administered by the research worker through manus bringing to each respondent within the subdivision by postal reference to those in other subdivisions.
A covering missive foregrounding the intent of survey will be sent along with questionnaire. The covering missive requests the respondents to finish the questionnaire in 14 yearss.
A research helper will follow the advancement the respondents are doing and presenting the completed questionnaires back to the research worker to make the necessary amendments.
3.6 Data Analysis and Presentation
Data analysis will be done utilizing statistical bundle for the societal scientific disciplines ( SPSS ) , the package that is used to bring forth quantitative studies through tabular matters, per centums and steps of cardinal inclination. Responses from the questionnaires will be interpreted coded and their frequences will be determined through cross tabular matter on differences between respondents. The information will be supported by pie charts.
3.7 Restriction
By the fact that the banking sector is a busy service industry, there could be some hold of acquiring the feedback from respondents. However, this will be reduced by the research worker traveling an excess stat mi to questioning the employees who work overtime like on Saturday and Sundays when there are no clients in the banking hall.
3.8 Chapter Summary.

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