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Analysis Based on my topic and my thesis statement which are inclined to the comparison of the setting in the two novels, they are, Sherlock Holmes: Two Plays” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Live and Let Die, A James Bond Adventure” by Ian Fleming, I have found and analyze some evidences that related to my topic and my thesis statement above. In this research I would like to connect the theory of N.
Scott Momadav with the comparison of these two novels. N. Scott Momadav said that the sense of place is very to most writers, and I want to prove the existence of this theory in the novel, I will start from the first novel( Sherlock Holmes novel). Sherlock Holmes is a story about detective who have a smart thinking in reaviling every case that he faced.
In this story has told that the setting was hapenned in the end of nineteenth centuries, and the main character ( Sherlock Holmes ) did his case in London, the great capital was a rainy foggy city, where the police often have difficulty in catching criminals. As the theory of Momadav said before, this story consist of the prove that support Momadav’s theory, like the first scene of Sherlock Holmes novel at the first setting’s explanation, told that the inside of Wilson’s shop, it is a little shop, with a lot of clocks’ pictures, watches etc ”.
I think that it has strong connected with Momadav’s theory, I think the writer wanted to describe clearly about the setting in order to invite the readers to feel the setting, and also the second scene, the writer told that, The office of Pope’s court-a room with only a table and two chairs. Duncan Ross, a men with very red hair is sitting behind the table. We can hear the noise of a lot of people out in the street ”. The writer also told the spessific setting ( at the page 6 ) when Watson ( Holmes’ Partner ) said it’s the morning chronicle of 27th April, 1890 ”.
I think that the writer also told the historical and the geographical setting, actually, I guess that this story was hapenned around 18th centuries. Sherlock Holmes’ writer explained or described the situation through each scene, and sometimes he put the description of the setting in the dialogues of each character, I think that this was the writer’s strategy to persuade the readers to feel the setting or the situation just like watching a theater performance.
I consider the description of the situation that told in each scene as a physical setting of this novel, because each situation give differences atmosphere and mood to every readers, and the situation also connected with each characters of this novel. The writer also could hypnotize the readers through the physical setting by his words that written in this novel, according to my sources that taken from the literature book, the physical setting can influence the psychology of the readers.
I assume that the readers may imagine the author’s words through this novel. For the second novel ( Live and Let Die, A James Bond Adventure ) by Ian Flemming, the setting occured in many places, but this story mostly happened in United States of America, the spessific place was New York City, and mostly at Harlem and Florida. In my opinion this novel reflects the changing rules of Britain and America during the1950’s eras and the perceived threat from the Soviet Union to both Nations.
In this story Bond was sent to New York City in order to investigate Mr. Big, an underworld vodoo leader who was suspected by M ( Miss Money Penny ) of selling 17th century gold coins to finance Soviet Spy Operations in America, from this circumstances of the setting, I think the setting also happened during the Cold War between USA and Uni Soviet and my statement is supported by Bond’s arrival in Harlem in his duty to protect America from the Soviet’s working through the Black Power Movement.
Perhaps the reason of why the writer put the setting in New York City was because of the image of New York City it self which informed that N Y is the largest city of USA and over 10 million people live in entire area, and New York City has been the world’s major center of commerce and finance, it has really strong relation with the story, because of the people’s population, Nigger become one of the large population in New York City especially in Harlem, therefore the story took place.
After discuss about the historical and the geographical setting of this novel, now I will discuss about the Physical setting. The physical setting has strong relation with the mood’s development of the story, and give the certain atmosphere to the readers, and in this story there were a lot of evidences of the existence of the physical setting. As the part when the ritwr describe the room( page 55, chapter 6 ) the air was with smoke and the sweet feral smell of two hundred Negro bodies ”, I think it can create a perception that the writer also had racism side, because he described the negative things of Negro in this part, I think his words seems like mocking the Negro, it become the one of the example of certain atmosphere that given by the setting, then the writer also had the samw strategy with Sherlock Holmes’ writer, he described the place clearly with little touch of poetic language ( Chapter 1, Page 7 ) written that, The wind sighed outside the passage windows and Bond had a fleeting view of the tops of other Skyscrapers and, beyond, the stark fingers of the trees in Central Park. He felt far out of touch with the ground and for a moment a strange feeling of loneliness and empty space gripped his heart.
I consider it purposed to persuade the readers to feel the Bond’s mood at that time, so the readers can imagine about how the Bond’s feeling feels like, then still on the page, the writer described the sitting room with significant description too, He walked into an attractive sitting room decorated in Third Avenue ‘ Empire’- comfortable chairs and a broad sofa in pale yellow silk , a fair copy of an Aubussion on the floor, pale grey walls and ceilling, a bow-fronted french side board with bottles and glasses and plated ice bucket, a wide window through wich the winter sun poured out of a Swiss-clear sky. The central heating was just bearable . When I read this part, I could feel and imagine the situation and the room decoration, it also can be the reason of Momadav’s theory( setting is extremely important to most writer) in acondition of making the story seems interesting, the next prove is placed on Chapter 4( page 39) the sun was setting in a blaze of colour.
In the Skyscrapers the lights were coming on, turning the whole town into a golden honey comb. Far below the streets were rivers of noon lighting, crimson, blue, green. The wind sighed sadly outside in the velvet dusk, lending his room still more warmth and security and luxury”. I think the writer tried to show the sense of the setting toward the character and it also may influence the readers. I also use David Lodge’s theory quoted from his book The Art of Fiction”, he said that We all know that the weather affects our moods, I assume that this theory is suitable with Chapter 15, Page 153, written that it was bright moonlight night and the buildings and warehouse threw great blocks of indigo shadow.
The whole seemed deserted and there was no sound except the quiet lapping of the small waves against the sea wall and water gungling under the empty wharves”. This circumstances makes me feel the obscurity, darkness, and the silence that occured in this setting and it definitely affects my mood and I could feel the atmosphere. Conclusion Basically each novel are consist of Geographical, Historical, and Physical setting, but I found that Live and Let Die, A James Bond Adventure” has more amount of setting. In Live and Let Die novel the writer was able to make the setting seems real, because he could tell and describe the significant condition with his imagination, so it seemed interesting. The theory of N.
Scott Momadav often emerges in this novel rather than Sherlock Holmes novel, but I think there is a reason of why the theory seldom emerges in Sherlock Holmes novel, because the Historical and Geographical setting is not supported to describe the setting’s story. In the Live and Let Die novel, the story involved many places and more than one country, even, race and culture. So, it will be proper if Ian Fleming’s novel has more interesting approach in describing the setting that affects our mood, eventhough both of two novels tell about the story of detective or agent in revealing their case. References: - Sherlock Holmes: Two Plays” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Live and Let Die, A James Bond Adventure” by Ian Fleming –

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