Analysis of Imagery in Sophie’s World

Published: 2020-07-30 04:40:05
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Imagery: Imagery is the ability to form mental images footings or events. It is words or phrases that create a vivid image in the readers mind. Authors use imagery to try to get readers to see what the author sees. Example: The woods were no longer woods and every little tree now seemed like a world in itself. The tiniest twig was like a fairy-tale world about which a thousand stories could be told” (375-376).
Guarder, Sophie’s World In the book, Sophie’s World, a girl named Sophie, who is the main character, ND her philosophy teacher, Alberta, are in the Majors” cabin in the woods near Sophie’s house. Alberta is talking to Sophie about philosophy. Jostles Guarder uses imagery when he explains what Sophie sees when she drinks Some mysterious bottles that she got from a fairy tale person. When Sophie drinks the blue bottle that she got it represents individualism.
After Sophie drank the blue bottle the author says, The woods were no longer woods and every little tree now seemed like a world in itself” (375). You can see imagery in this quote because while you read this quote you imagine to yourself what the character Sophie is seeing. You see how much larger the world is when you read this quote. The author uses certain things around Sophie to describe how the bottle affected her view and even the readers view of the scenery. The author said, Just take another sip from the red bottle….

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