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With the accelerated gait of the planetary economic system from the traditional economic system to a knowledge-based economic system, as a strategic resource the traditional fiscal capital has bit by bit been replaced by human capital ; the new kineticss of planetary economic development of mutuality and restraints has besides affected our direction doctrine. With the publicity of computing machine web engineering and the Internet, the information age has an impact on our organisation direction. Information is non merely to buy a few computing machines, but to pay attending to the development of information resources every bit good as information on human resource development, and greater accent on the construct of the system as a whole.
1.1.2 The daze of the inclination of human resource capital
Directed towards the feature of the big entire figure of human resources but the low quality, how to efficaciously better the quality and accomplishments of workers every bit good as efficient allotment of human resources and forestalling their loss, the theory community and the concern community are in the geographic expedition and pattern. A planetary capitalisation of human resources is a more effectual step and tendencies, although the pattern still lacks of the corresponding footing and conditions which makes the publicity and execution affected by some grade and obstructors. But in the position point of development, the human resources capitalisation is finally.
1.1.3 The challenge of competency-based human resource direction system
Under the cognition economic system epoch, an endeavor ‘s organisational construction presents tendencies of networking and team-oriented ; the sort of inactive work-based human resource direction system has bit by bit been unable to accommodate employees ‘ versatility and flexibleness, in peculiar, which neglect their enterprise ; an human resources direction system of version endeavor development calls Begins to look. Competency-based system is based on the competence of staff to find the work performed ; this attack itself to the full embodies the direction doctrine people-oriented ” .
1.1.4 The challenge of the thought of vocational womb-to-tomb preparation
In the epoch of cognition economic system, people are faced with the demand to constantly update their cognition and accomplishments in order to run into the demands of the community development, so staff womb-to-tomb preparation is a new construct of human resource direction. This is an right impact on the past construct phase of preparation and seasonal preparation ; how to alter their thoughts and set up lifelong developing system, every bit much as possible to develop human potency will be that enterprisers need to be carefully thought jobs and to make highs in human resources direction in the future period of clip.
1.2 The development tendencies of Human Resource Management in knowledge economic system Era
1.2.1 The constitution of human resources direction scheme position
Today, establishing on the direction thought of presenting client value maximization ask enterprises to see jobs standing on the client position, and formulate the right schemes and implement steadfastly. Such a changing of operating environment makes those endeavors senior directors have demanded human resources direction section provide extra services beyond the traditional maps, viz. , alterations in the functions from the endeavor as the function of an internal non-operating service suppliers to take part in corporate scheme preparation and aid in the execution of the strategic concern.
1.2.2 Greater accent on the staff of knowledge-based development and direction
In the cognition economic system epoch, the company ‘s nucleus strengths depend on the advantages of human capital ; the focal point of human resources direction is how to develop and pull off cognition workers, concentrating on the possible rating of the staff and supplying multiple signifiers of value distribution ( Robert L. Mathis & A ; John H. Jackson 2007 ) . The cognition workers create most of the value of the endeavor, while the figure of proportion of endeavors may non be big. The cognition workers, because of the being of specific cognition and accomplishments, they are more focussed on self-actualization, stronger liberty at work and more loyal to their profession, In contrast, the lower of corporate trueness, they pursuit self-fulfillment, womb-to-tomb employability, and have a strong desire to larn and pay attending to corporate acknowledgment of their personal values ; they have a strong desire for accomplishment, and need disputing undertaking, require showing their cognition.
1.2.3 The outgrowth of theoretical account of practical Human Resource Management
The definition of practical human resources of Iapak & A ; Snell is defined as the practical human resource is a web construction assisting to form the acquisition, development and use of rational capital which is a partnership-based, with information engineering as the bearer ” . In the context of practical human resource direction, the traditional method of enlisting will be bit by bit abandoned and the human resource direction will pull support from the information engineering development every bit good as the web popularisation. Human resources information system ( HRIS ) enters into the company LAN, so that direction and staff can straight reach with the seller outside on the Internet, and organize a practical human resources direction. Not merely can finish the occupation, communicating and other simple processing, you can finish the complex applications of self-management compensation system ( John W. Jones 1998 ) .
2. The position of Human Resource Management of traditional household concern
2.1 Paternalistic and autocratic manner direction
Paternalistic manner direction can besides be called authoritarian-style direction. The paternalistic manner direction in household concern chiefly refers to centralise organisational theoretical account, inducements and direction patterns every bit good as with the presentation consequence of the parent ” , etc. used to finish the forces direction of endeavors ( Diane Huber 2006 ) .
In the household concern, the ownership is chiefly grasped and controlled by the proprietors and their households, and cardinal direction places are chiefly for household members ; the endeavor direction of group decision-making subordinates was largely occupied by the household. Even though some household concerns have become a listed company publishing stock, the household is still steadfastly in control of a bulk interest in listed companies. In peculiar, the decision-making in the household concern operations direction is by and large the foreman who has the concluding say ; on the footing of sufficient information supplied by the subsidiaries the foreman himself makes determinations and besides demands absolute obeisance from subsidiaries. Such a extremely centralized decision-making mechanism in the early pioneering household concern is a high-efficient, and could organize a strong nucleus of leading and executing capablenesss to accommodate to the altering market and do speedy response, encourage endeavors to rapid development. However, due to the rights of household concerns tend to concentrate excessively much on the custodies of a household or even a parent, the household ‘s destiny flexible joints on a concern. Particularly when the size of the household concern grows larger and larger and the quality of concern individual chiefly responsible for the overall is non comprehensive, non merely it is easy to do by the decision-making errors, but besides it lays a crisis ” for the household long-run development of endeavors.
2.2 The direction theoretical account concentrating on household, relationship
Most household concerns emphasis in the close comparative usage and the usage of cronyism in the forces aspect, but non in merit-based hiring ” of societal endowments. In the household concern, the household members with blood relations and dealingss are treated as one of us, but non with blood relations and affinity ties are treated as foreigners. This corporate administration concentrating on the relationship can assist beef up household ties within the household coherence, so that members of the household for the common end makes visible radiation of uncomfortableness and does non number the wages diligent work.aˆSChina ‘s private sector development reportaˆ‹shows that 20.9 % of the private enterprisers are willing to allow their partners take part in corporate direction, while the huge bulk of foremans of private endeavors have set aside ” the sequence place for their kids. Harmonizing to the study, in the household concern, 66 % of the president and frailty president come from general director of policy affair long or relations ; other of import sectors ( such as procurance, finance, etc. ) largely come from the relations and friends of the managers or general directors ( Huang Mengfu 2005 ) . Family concern attempts to utilize blood, affinity to guarantee the security of endeavor financess to guarantee the smooth operation of concern. All in all, household concerns rely chiefly on affinity, friends, relationships and household dealingss direction.
2.3 The forces system of paying attending to utilize and underestimate development
The ground why human resources in knowledge-based economic system is seen as the most of import resource is that merely people can make cognition, airing of cognition and application of cognition. The most effectual manner of human resources development is instruction and preparation. Many economic experts believe that rational capital direction is the highest degree of concern direction. However, at present most household concerns have non yet reached such a phase. There exists the heavy usage of visible radiation development ” phenomenon in the household concerns, and this phenomenon chiefly reflects in the preparation of staff on a differentiated ” state of affairs. For the internal members of the household, particularly they attach great importance to kids ‘s instruction and concern accomplishments development, and even do non number the input. For non-family members, they attach great importance to the usage but visible radiation of preparation, and they are unwilling to bear the costs of investings in forces developing. The besides worry that they do non achieve return on investing in human resources, and deficiency of to the full developed civilization of enthusiasm. In many labour-intensive endeavors, they prefer to pass a batch of money on equipment investing, but non to increase investing in forces preparation.
Writer in the Chinese Family Enterprises in Chongqing country of human resource direction study found that 51 % of the surveyed endeavors did non develop developing plans, 49 % of the surveyed endeavors have developed a preparation plan, but of which 71 % of the endeavors is hapless execution or no execution. The being of such a state of affairs will doubtless constraint corporate human resource capacity at the current degree, one time the endeavors grow greater and greater, there will miss of appropriate human resources support, and thereby it will restrain the development of endeavors.
3. The bing jobs in the Human Resource Management of traditional household concern
3.1 Human capital belongings rights are ill-defined
Enterprise Human Capital Property means that by virtuousness of their ain human capital the proprietor gets the related rights through the game with physical capital, and the ultimate look of this right is the right to return and portion of control right ( Daniel J. Gervais 2007 ) . It consists of workers the cognition, accomplishments and physical and other accoutrements. Family members because of the particular affinity, non merely are ill-defined ownership of physical capital, the belongings rights of human capital are more bleary. As the household members the proprietor of human capital, because belongings rights are ill-defined, they do non acquire reflected from the household concern of their human capital value additions. Chiefly as follows: some household members make a part to the development of endeavors, but because the household ‘s position is non high, the benefits are non many. Peoples outside the household because they are in the foreigner ” function of the household concern, they may non reflect its human capital additions. This belongings equivocal state of affairs non merely affects the healthy development of household concern, earnestly is besides likely to do household members strife, finally leads to decomposition of household concerns.
3.2 Exclusive phenomenon of staff who are responsible for enrolling high spots
Family concern theoretical account of the human resources is non contributing to absorb more human capital value. As the enlisting of comparatively narrow range, when household concerns need people, the first idea is to utilize internal staff or the staff who are introduced by household and friends. However, internal staff of the household and the staff introduced may non needfully to the full understand the concern expertness and the corresponding direction capacity ( Ernesto J.Poza 2004 ) . In add-on, the household concern the method of recruiters is comparatively simple. They are merely by and large with general apprehension of sketch and make non to carry on a comprehensive rating Jibei employed, so that people and things at that place do non fit, finally taking to the enlisting of staff to the endless a considerate individual. When people in the assignment is frequently merely from the trust and the involvements of the shallow point of position, so that external staff can non run good in the endeavor, their capablenesss can non be to the full realized.
3.3 Incentive mechanism is non sound
An effectual inducement mechanism could excite the potency of employees. However, in household endeavors, between employees and endeavors is basically a relationship between employments and be employed, concern proprietors is really simple apprehension of the inducements that motivate is to honor and penalty. ” From the theoretical analysis, when the employee reaches a certain sum of money income after the inducements do non ever able to play its expected function. At the same clip, the household direction of the endeavor, due to the particular relationships within the form, doing the insiders ” and foreigner ” split clearly between the deficiency of a sense of familiarity and trust, foreigners lack of a sense of security for endeavors, ownership of sense ( Suzanne Scotchmer 2004 ) . In peculiar, some household concerns are still cherished the not-family groups, whose bosom must besides believe otherwise, ” the thought that they may non be dependable. This construct would non merely sabotage the integrity of endeavor, but besides the positive impact of non-family employees, cut down staff of the concern sense of togetherness. Therefore, the household concern a high-ranking employees need to be respected, every bit good as the demand for self-fulfillment is hard work to accomplish a consequence, they lack a certain grade of religious motive.
3.4The weak sense of Human Resource Management
Many household concerns the weak construct of human resource direction, ensuing in household concerns humanistic concern for employees is non adequate to do the development of household concerns lack a strong human resource support. Family concerns and equity capital chiefly in the custodies of a household, the bosom of concern leading by the same household, rank in concern operations chiefly through blood or friendly relationship ties maintained, although in this manner can heighten the sense of coaction among members of lower direction Because information dissymmetry and monitoring costs paid. However, weak internal organisational construction, direction, endowment and technology-based deficit, which is present, many household concern can non be achieved sustained development and growing of the chief grounds for ( Mick Marchington & A ; Adrian Wilkinson 2005 ) .
Particularly in human resource development, developing in such countries as household concerns loath to put in their ain civilization, unwilling to bear the cost of investing in human resources and human resources investing hazards, ever wanted to stand to other concern people delving pes of a wall ; or wait until the vacancies affect the normal operation of the enlisting to the outside universe until a haste, because when asked to hotfoot, it is hard to guarantee the quality of recruits.
3.5 Human resources system building is non standardized
Family endeavor human resources system building is non standardized, chiefly leaders in the household decision-making arbitrary big, and the normative and the operability is non strong. In a market economic system, household concerns or pan-family endeavors more autonomy and flexibleness of big, sensitive to market signals reflecting the decision-making fast, you can rush up the adjustment way of operations and production ( Jean Lee & A ; Hong Li 2008 ) . However, in the human resources system building and execution, but showed a batch of abnormalities in the office.
4 The countermeasures of Human Resource Management invention of traditional household concern in cognition economic system Era
4.1 Establish a people-oriented human resource direction construct
If household concerns conduct human resource direction invention, we must foremost set up a people-oriented direction doctrine to better the direction of people from a simple phase to strategic human resource direction degree, every bit good as alteration the mistakes of forces and human resources ‘ direction apprehension, in fact, they have so many differences ( Jon Clark 2004 ) .
Table 1: the chief differences
Table 1 the differences between forces direction and human resources direction
Personnel Management
Human Resources Management
Management Centre
Management focal point
To set up conformity
To set up trueness
The end In order to accomplish
Chiefly organisational ends
Both organisational ends and personal ends
Control Point
External portion
Internal portion
Endowment thoughts
Inactive province
Dynamic province
Constraints a principled manner
Using Centralized top-down attack
Bottom-up democratic ways
Chiefly based on economic inducements
Aid in the planning and realisation of their staff ‘s personal end station criterion
The importance attached investing in people
Do non pay attending to it,
considered it as a cost
To a strategic tallness, considered it as a capital investing
Management consequences
The chase of cost minimisation and standardisation of public presentation
The chase of uninterrupted betterment of public presentation and the creative activity of adaptable advanced big staff
Besides we must rectify a inactive construct of endowment, non do everything from the tubing ” on the start, and introduce and cultivate endowment unable to be seasonal demands, but should be a long-run position. To be a dynamic expression at endowment, we can non take set uping a section or happening a few people into making the scaling program and salary that is the talent direction. For talent direction should be standardized, there must be continuity. Do non merely see the current but neglect of long-run investing returns, we must hold long-run and strategic vision for company grow.
Modern human resource direction is based on the construct of competency-based. Human resources direction is to turn human possible capacity into existent occupation public presentation. With the rapid development of scientific discipline and engineering, Human resources direction through usage engineering and subjects of other topics, it can utilize quantitative marks to place and mensurate human capacity. After all, the people direction is different with machine, because the machine is a changeless capacity but people are non. Ability of human potency is barely to be shown with marks, and efficaciously transform the ability into productive forces must trust on an effectual inducement. Is merely cognizant of these, can we genuinely organizing ability-oriented construct.
4.2 Establish scientific and standardised human resources direction system
Family concerns must set up consciousness of regulations, set up and better human resources direction system, including enlisting hiring, preparation, development, wage and benefits, public presentation direction, employee dealingss, and so on. First, we must present human resource direction system, set up a professional, scientific and efficient human resource direction sectors ; and re-establish the company ‘s organisational construction, set up a clear powers and duties, common supervising and restraints, effectual communicating, a high grade of coordination mechanisms within the endeavor, different sections exercise different of import officers maps, every bit good as clarify objects, powers and responsibilities of the places to advance the assorted functional sections and director to right exert their powers in their ain countries.Second, procedural enlisting can keep human resource demands be dynamic stableness, in order to keep and vouch the endurance and development of endeavors, which enable staff do appropriate competence and derive satisfaction from work, cut downing turnover and better staff ‘s stableness. Third, set up an nonsubjective and just public presentation assessment system and these consequences will be applied to human resource planning, enlisting, wage, publicity, deployment, dismissal and so on, which will assist companies make the right human resource direction decision-making ; besides, using the consequences to human resources development can supply information on employee strengths and failings to assist staff in bing stations to make a better public presentation, besides enhance staff targeted preparation and do staff calling planning advice. Fourth, set up a rational wage system, make the wage and employee public presentation good together. The fifth is to set up employee developing system to assist staff transport out calling planning.
4.3 Establish a scientific and just employment mechanism
The invention of household endeavor human resource direction must set up a scientific and just employment mechanism to widely pull external human capital.
First is necessary to better the debut system of human resources, harmonizing to professionals demands of endeavor development in different Fieldss, recruit qualified forces in market-oriented enlisting ;
The 2nd is to better the public presentation assessment system, and set up impartial choice mechanism for all employees have equal chances for development. The trouble here is how to do proper agreements for those household members and concern veterans who are non qualified for the nucleus occupation duties. One attack is to clear up belongings rights within the household, so household members can have benefits by virtuousness of their ownership interest and minimise their competition for concern in of import places ; method two is to do entrepreneurial veterans those can non accommodate to the new competitory state of affairs to hold supervisory work, giving them a higher intervention ;
The 3rd is to set up inefficient immature household members to prosecute advanced surveies, or travel to other companies work to better the personal qualities and practical ability ;
Fourthly, for those with strong capacity and entrepreneurial urge, but the companies can non perchance supply their places, the company can give them a separate amount of money to do their ain investing and operation.
4.4 Improve the inducement wage
Motivation is a complex science-intensive work, household endeavors have to unite existent of the concerns to implement scientific and rational inducements. Available from household members, non-family members, concern in three countries to better and optimise the human resources incentives mechanism of household concern, in order to excite employees ‘ greatest potency, better employee motive, maximise the benefits of endeavors so that endeavors can stand in the market with barbarous competition ever.
For household members, through concept a sensible intergenerational transmittal mechanism, issue mechanism and public presentation rating mechanisms to spirit up household members, besides maximise the advantages of household members in the household concern ( Alnoor Bhimani 2006 ) . A constructional of scientific and rational intergenerational transmittal mechanism non merely has played a decisive function the household concern ‘ stableness and sustainable development, but besides better the household members ‘ work enthusiasm, divine motive of concern proprietors, managers, related involvement groups, and non-family members ‘ work enthusiasm ; scientific and sensible issue mechanism, so that household members in conformity with their capablenesss and expertness are fit on the appropriate location at the right clip, being an appropriate mode, which can forestall household from triping because of incorrect members flow, and besides prevent concern determinations are non inauspicious effects ; scientific and sensible public presentation rating mechanism to be able to adhere to the rules of equity and justness, and therefore excite the motive and impulse of employees.
For the non-family members, through concept a sensible mandate mechanism, stock options mechanism in two facets to spirit up or non-family members, in order to heighten the non-family members a sense of belonging and ownership position of endeavors, and better their working enthusiasm and passion to assist household endeavor development and growing ( Craig E. Aronoff & A ; John L. Ward 2000 ) . Implementing mandate within mechanisms household enterprise suitably to allow certain powers under the employee, which can cut down the work force per unit area of concern proprietors and better decision-making efficiency of concern proprietors, every bit good as to the full mobilise employees. Equity inducement chiefly aimed at concern direction is contributing to the involvements of directors and stockholders, the convergence of long-run inducements ; it will assist to better employee sense of ownership, heighten their sense of belonging and contributing to pulling endowment, stable work force and heighten the fight of endeavors.
Corporate civilization has a guiding map, normative map, uniting map and encouraging map. Excellent corporate civilization that inspires employees ‘ enthusiasm to organize a sort of spirit inspired, vibrant, open uping atmosphere, fostering staff ‘s individuality and bind their egos to the destiny of cooperates, play inducements force unmatched by other direction, ensuing in extraordinary inducement efficiency ( Peter Sedguick 1992 ) . Inside, corporate civilization can infect staff, better staff ‘s enthusiasm and passion ; outside, companies can set up a good societal image and create concern chances for endeavors.
4.5 Do a good occupation of strategic human resources direction
Strategic Human Resource Management respects human resources as the primary resource to derive a competitory advantage which emphasizes the human resources planning and direction patterns. Do as that, it can accomplish corporate strategic aims and organize the nucleus fight ( Paul Kearns 2003 ) . First, harmonizing to endeavor ‘s development scheme and the position of human resources, scientifically predict endeavor hereafter supply and demand tendencies of the human resources to develop long-run human resource planning, in order to accomplish the advanced human resources direction ; second is to better and implement staff preparation system, beef up the overall quality of employees, concern cognition and occupation accomplishments preparation, peculiarly to beef up the senior director staffs ‘ preparation, staff preparation to accomplish the institutionalization of attempts to make learning-oriented endeavors ; third is to assist employees to develop and implement calling planning, make the endeavor ‘s development scheme and employee self-actualization together ; 4th is to beef up the edifice of endeavor civilization to organize a relationship based on affinity among household members of the trueness, trust, cooperation, dedication, extend to all employees, stress equity and openness in rule-making, people who are used moderately, just distribution of income and occupation security warrants, come ining corporate civilization into the day-to-day direction activities of endeavors to build a harmonious labour relationships.
4.6 Give to the full plays to the authorities and the community function, bettering the institutional environment
First, play the function of authorities. Government in advancing institutional invention to do up for market failures and better human capital devising for household concerns play a function in the institutional environment have be of import function. First, authorities sections should be to the full cognizant of the private household concern professionals working has being the great of import place in the whole of human resources work in the society, and attach the importance human capital restraint factors in the procedure of human resources development research. Second, the authorities should be through the proviso of efficient public services for supplying a relaxed environment for endeavor human resources development. To private household concern is concerned, they frequently do non woolgather of the Government to give particular attention, merely desire to acquire a just national intervention. ” The Government should non merely acquire relaxation in the external environment to the endeavor force policy but besides should be farther forces exchanges at the market, supplying companies the necessary human resources information services, making loose conditions conducive to the development of private household concern for the growing of endowment. Government sections should set up and better relevant Torahs, ordinances and systems so as to supply a good legal environment for the development of private household concern.
Second, interrupt through human capital restraints of the household concerns by virtuousness of the advantages of community organisations. Industry associations, Chamberss of commercialism and other industries community organisations in the endeavor human resources direction play an of import function. Industrial society organisations can utilize their societal web advantage, professionalism and reciprocality norms to supply professional services to endeavors and forces information services, utilizing its self-regulatory mechanisms and trust mechanisms to ease the constitution and betterment of professional directors market, professional labour market. Reach the governments and conference to the full by virtuousness of community organisations and industry as a span for endeavor connect to the external labour market. Play the function of community organisations to heighten corporate human capital value, through the creative activity of relevant preparation establishments to supply professional services to efficaciously better the quality of corporate human resources. Play the function of community organisations to decide the job about lacking of human resources and history for the hard job about employee ‘s kids nursery school and other issues, while supplying other housework services, achieve the harmonious development of communities and concerns.
Third, accelerate institutional development, advancing institutional invention and inter-generational bend swimmingly. In order to basically better the direction of endeavor human resources, endeavors besides need to decide the internal ownership, organisation construction, which is required to the sustainable development of household concern, but besides is needed to transform a modern endeavor and accomplish a smooth transmittal of intergenerational jussive mood. First of all, enterprisers who do non belong the household and investors, every bit good as nucleus staffs that have some particular part to company development have enterprise belongings by uncluttering company belongings and accomplishing variegation of company belongings, so that household concern finally lay the foundation for the constitution of joint-stock public company. Second, although fiscal capital can convey benefits for endeavor, the senior direction staff of company must see that the nucleus human capital is a more proactive capital to company, fiscal capital can be preserved and increased the value by them. Family concern recognizes the human capital that is a important measure to making modern endeavor system, and is underlying institutional footing to keep the sustainable development of the private household concern. Finally, the Government and societal organisations should rush up the edifice of professional directors though making advantage conditions. In order to construct a first-class Professional director squad, on the one manus, the household concern must get the better of household civilization ” construct ; on the other manus, the household concern besides need to forestall inauspicious choice ” and the moral jeopardy ” in status of the information dissymmetry ( Wen Li 2002 )
5 Decisions
With the coming of cognition economic system epoch, the chief factors of the socio-economic forms have been a cardinal alteration. Economic development has less dependance on labour, capital resources ; nevertheless, cognition has played an progressively outstanding function which alternatively of capital and resources to go the prima function in the production. The external environment and internal direction of concern organisations have being besides changed mutely. The position of physical capital in the endeavor diminution compared to human capital, the concern direction is from physical direction as the nucleus of the production into cognition direction as the nucleus of human direction. Family concerns are besides confronting a immense new chances for development. Meanwhile, with the economic openness, they are confronting quickly increased competition.
On the household concern itself, proprietors should better the quality, leap out of the household circle, and see it as an endeavor to run, subordinate the involvements of the household to concern involvements. In human resources development and direction, seek the best to acquire rid of the negative effects of traditional household civilization ” , use the modern scientific discipline and human resource development and direction methods, to be certain household members and foreigners have equal intervention.
In add-on, the authorities should make an institutional environment of household concern for human resources development. Specifically, the undermentioned facets can be carried out: first, pay close attending to the building of professional directors and stock markets ; secondly, better the Torahs and ordinances which are related to ; thirdly, oversee the constitution of independent, impersonal and impartial mediators.

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