Analytical procedure in agriculture chemistry

Published: 2020-05-13 09:06:04
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The volumetric ware that provides highest accuracy and precision in this experiment is graduated pipette. This is because the mean mass produced is only differ 0. 013 from the real theoretical value. The percentage error of this glassware is the lowest compared to others. In addition the standard deviation of the graduated pipette is 0. 009- not the smallest standard deviation but it is still considerable to be the most precise glassware uh to the experimental value only deviates 0. 09 from the theoretical value. 4. Theoretically, the most accurate measurement will be produced by automatic pipette because it has special designed small tubing for 1 ml of liquid only. However in this experiment, this could not achieve due to the inconsistent pressure applied to the device by the experimenter. 5. One possible source of systematic error is the incorrect measurement taken produced by the electronic balance. The reading may be taken even the electronic balance did not show ere.
Moreover, the scale of calibration of the air displacement pipette is too big and thus the volume of 1 ml of water only been roughly calibrated and did not show the exact volume of water. 6. The temperature of water is only measured at the end of the experiment instead in each experiment. This may causes the different in density of water as the temperature of water may varies at the first and end of the experiment. 7. The first random error in this experiment is the incorrect reading taken. This may due to the eyes position which is

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