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Published: 2020-06-09 16:26:04
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Naylor writes about her ain personal experience demoing she is prejudice about how and when the word is acceptable. Her experience is powerful but can besides be judged as a limited position of the word. Naylor ‘s readers can merely understand the state of affairs from her experience with the word ‘nigger ‘ . Naylor tries to learn her readers by sharing her personal experience. I think her purposes are for her readers to believe about the kernel of the words they use, how they tend to utilize them, and the affect those words can hold on different people. Naylor wants the readers to understand how deeply she was affected by a immature Caucasic male child ptyalizing on her and naming her a ‘nigger ‘ , but more so how she ne’er thought about the significances of the word ‘nigger ‘ until the really minute it was used in a hurtful mode directed towards her. Her chief aim is to do her readers think about the words that come out of their oral cavity, the words they hear, and how the context of those words can drastically alter the significance of them.
Naylor ‘s mark audience will be the persons that have experience with linguistic communication and how people use it. The persons will hold experience with hearing or utilizing the word ‘nigger ‘ . Naylor wants her readers to demo sensitiveness and apprehension of her personal experience. She does non make this in a hapless manner, because Naylor is n’t seeking commiseration from anyone. She outlines in item her experience and wants her readers to recognize and understand her positions and how they originally manifested. She describes how of import the context in which a word is used can hold an consequence on the individual it is directed towards, by composing about her personal experience. Naylor has a consecutive forward tone in her authorship. Her Hagiographas are neither demanding nor used to indicate fingers at any one group of people. She portions her experience in a manner that causes her readers to inquire what it must hold been like for her as a immature miss sing a new significance of a word, in which she already knew but ne’er wholly understood it in a racial context. Naylor ‘s tone is non one of high quality or that of subsidiary. It is as if she is holding an unfastened conversation with her friends. That is a powerful statement for Naylor because she achieves the intended consequence she was endeavoring for in a elusive mode. She does non talk her readers ; alternatively she portions with them her experience.
The debut of The Meanings of a Word, ” is the foundation in which the remainder of the work must construct upon. Language is the topic of Naylor ‘s authorship. Naylor feels that the written word is considered inferior to the spoken word. The statements within the debut of her authorship are clearly apprehensible. She gives the readers detailed concluding on how powerful she feels the spoken word can be. In Naylor ‘s statement, Dialogue achieves its power on the kineticss of a fugitive minute of sight, sound, odor, and touch. ” ( Naylor 108 ) This helps the reader to understand the power of a spoken word such as ‘nigger ‘ . Naylor takes the place that words either spoken or written can non take on any peculiar significance until a consensus gives them one. She describes this by saying, Words themselves are innocuous ; it is the consensus that gives them power. ” ( Naylor 109 ) Through Naylor ‘s experience as a author she feels that the spoken word has a much greater influence and impact than any written word by stressing it in saying, aˆ¦much of the defeat experienced by novelist in the consciousness that whatever we manage to capture in even the most surpassing transition falls far short of the profusion of life. ” ( Naylor 108 ) Naylor ‘s piece expresses accent on merely how powerful the spoken word such as ‘nigger ‘ can be. Naylor uses chronological organisation in her authorship The Meanings of Words. ” She begins her authorship with her childhood experience, and so makes the passage into her ideas on the word ‘nigger ‘ as an grownup.
Naylor sums up her point of position deeply in her decision. Her purposes are to convey forth consciousness on how the significance of words can take different forms depending on how they are used, by whom they are used, and when those words are used. An illustration of how one word can take on a new significance, or the fact that a single ne’er notices a word they have heard infinite times before, until it is used out of context and causes undue injury is given by Naylor when she states, at that place must hold been tonss of times that the word ‘nigger ‘ was spoken in forepart of me before I reached the 3rd class, but I did n’t hear ” it until it was said by a little brace of lips that had already learned it could be a manner to mortify me. ” ( Naylor 111 ) Naylor creates a conversational ambiance where she puts her ideas together nicely in chronological order. Naylor ‘s personal experience is her grounds. Her colloquial tone of composing tantrums good with her readers. My ground behind my observation is, due to the fact, that Naylor draws her readers into her authorship by doing it easy apprehensible, which causes them to accept her experience. Naylor offers creditability with the usage of her ain personal experience as an illustration. Naylor grabs her reader ‘s attending and pulls them in with the usage of her ain personal experience, demoing her development of apprehension. Through Naylor ‘s composing her reader ‘s experience what it would hold been like to hear ” a word for the first clip, to finally recognize they have heard the word many times before used in a different context. The linguistic communication in which Naylor uses is common. She does non take to utilize large words that people can non understand, or have to seek for in the lexicon. Her low manner of authorship is really effectual of her statement. Naylor ‘s usage of linguistic communication provides a apparently friendly relationship with her reader ‘s, it is as if she is sitting down with you sipping on a cup of tea and speaking about how the context of a word can wholly alter the persons apprehension of the word. Naylor portions critical information refering her life experience in hopes that her reader ‘s will go cognizant and understand her statement.

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