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Published: 2020-08-12 12:50:04
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Telus is a service business that has the goal of trying to have relationships with investors and with its customers .In order to satisfy the investors, Telus has made its customers totally unsatisfied .Telus employees have not be satisfied either since they are cought in the middle between management and customers .Just this week the investors have been very pleased with the results of Telus down sizing Telus has several bases for demographic segmentation .Firstly Telus appeals first to its customers age by providing high speed internet service in addition to several phone messaging services .Customers that Telus wants to keep or get are from the teenager to the early middle age customers .Secondly Telus is interested in males perhaps more than females as Telus sees males having more desire and continuing need for high-end services .Telus is interested in families because each person can have cell phone can have different requirements – childrens phones ,or different rings to differentiate more users .Telus appeals to people of higher incomes it has many services for these people .Telus is not for the under or low employed ,it is for highly employed people who want and need service .However ,at the present time it is doing dismal service for these people who have service complaints .The CRTC is watching the number of complaints and has given Telus until Desember to show that standard requirements which it is not doing at the present time .Religion does not appear to be a factor in Telus ,market segmentation.
Customers rate.
of usage with depend on keeping and improving current customers rather than on acquiring new customers .Customers will prefer to have their internet ,phone messaging ,and all phone services with ine company rather than having several providers.
Telus wants to increase its services as it has shown by giving package deals .It is cheaper for Telus to expand its services to its current customers than to try to attract new customers.

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