Baffles tilt to block the sun.

Published: 2020-05-26 04:06:04
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Sunlight streaming through the windows isn’t always a welcome sight. In this house in Palo Alto, California, a southwest-facing window wall let too much sun into the living and dining rooms, making the rooms uncomfortably warm. To combat the problems, owners B.J. and Phil Sorensen built the shade trellis pictured here. Since its wooden baffles block most afternoon sun, the indoors stays cooler. The trellis also adds visual interest to the back of the house and from inside, draws the eye out to the garden. On this flat-roofed house, construction was simple. Sandwiched around roof beams, pairs of 2 by 6’s cantilever toward the garden. Adjustable 1-by-6 baffles run between these outriders. The baffles pivot on 18-inch-long 3 4-inch dowels that are fastened to the boards with copper pipe straps and extend 1 2 inch into the 2 by 6’s. For neater look on the house-facing side, stop dowels (without straps) are just 3 inches long. All dowels are removble, so the baffles can be taken down to admit more sun in winter. The entire trellis structure was painted white to reflect light.

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