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I. Introduction A. One important job faced among the judicial system is the unfairness affecting African Americans with condemning and racial profiling. Not merely will the single and society response be discussed but the expert’s theories and alternate solutions will be included. II. African Americans confronting unfairness within the judicial system. A. Sentencing for offenses committed compared to other races. 1. Marissa Alexander. a black female parent. was sentenced to 20 old ages in prison after hiting a warning shooting to frighten her opprobrious hubby.
No 1 was injured in her pick to hit the warning shoot but Amber Cummings. a 32 twelvemonth old female parent. did non confront any gaol clip for killing her hubby who was said to be a white supremacists. 2. Judge Jean Boyd sentenced a immature white male. Ethan Couch. after killing 4 persons while driving rummy. to 10 old ages of probation and sentence a 14 twelvemonth old black male to 10 old ages of prison after pluging and killing a adult male. Ethan Couch prior to the incidents. stole from a shop and intoxicant degree was three times the bound. Neither immature work forces where mentally ill or had justification on the offenses they committed but condemning was harsher for the immature black male. 3.
John McNeil. a black male parent of two. was sentenced to seven old ages in prison and 13 old ages of probation in 2005 for slaying a white male that threaten to knife his boies after intruding on their belongings while Joe Horn. an aged white male shooting and killed two work forces that was interrupting and come ining into his neighbor’s place one dark. Horn took it upon himself. even after the 911 operator repeatedly informed him non to interfere in the state of affairs because the bulls were on the manner. to slay the two work forces. 2 B. Racial Profiling of African American persons.
1 Trayvon Martin was a immature black adolescent walking through a vicinity with a black hoodie and was murdered by George Zimmerman because he believe the immature adolescent was traveling to perpetrate a offense. George Zimmerman did non function any jail-time for the slaying. 4. African Americans have a higher opportunity of being stop by constabulary officers when driving and frolicing than a White American. Research has found that in fact-finding Michigans. a black adult male age 25 or younger has a 28 per centum opportunity of being stopped for an fact-finding ground over the class of an twelvemonth ; a similar immature white adult male has 12. 5 per centum opportunity and a similar immature white adult female has merely a 7 per centum chance” . ( Epp & A ; Maynard. 2014. p. 15 ) 5.
African Americans besides has a higher opportunity of being stalked or watched closely in section shops. For illustration: Barneys. a high-in section shop is now under fire for its patterns when confronting minorities. Two immature African Americans have come frontward with their issues faced when shopping in Barneys. One immature adult male. Trayon Christian was put in handlocks after an employee of Barneys called the constabulary to describe a deceitful recognition card used by the African American male and subsequently found out the recognition card was existent. Kayla Philips purchased a 2300. 00 pursed and was subsequently stop by the constabulary upon go forthing the shop.
( Harris. 2013. p. 1 ) III. Expert’s Opinion on the job. A. Both David Harris and Randall Kennedy have research and exam research on the subject of racial profiling. 1 David Harris is a jurisprudence professor at University of Pittsburg School of Law and has found that in 2003. many of the traffic vehicle Michigans resulted in illegal substances and goods being found by constabulary officers. When Harris calculated the traffic vehicle stops he came across that White Black America vs. the Criminal Justice SystemPage 2 of 8 3 Americans contributed to most of the Michigans and that that racial profiling is a counterproductive jurisprudence enforcement scheme every bit good as a controversial 1. ” ( Collica. 2012. chp. 4. 3 ) .
2 Randall Kennedy wrote an article in 2011 rubric. ”Race and the Administration of Criminal Justice in the United States” . In 2006 he research racial profiling in New York City and found that 55 % of African Americans were stopped by the constabulary and that figure is twice the representation of Blacks in the local population. ” ( Collica. 2012. chp. 4. 3 ) IV. Society response on the job. A. Citizens are coming together to organize mass meetings for Justice. 1.
Ferguson. Missouri citizens have rallied and protest since the decease of Michael Brown. a immature African American male who was gunned down by a police officer. 2. Many metropoliss. provinces and states rallied after the dissatisfactory finding of fact of the Trayvon Martin instance. V. The public policies in topographic point to rectify the job. A. In May of 2013. Congress put into drama the End Racial Profiling Act. 1. This act was set in topographic point to stop racial profiling among jurisprudence enforcement bureaus by: Black America vs. the Criminal Justice SystemPage 3 of 8 4 a. Grants the United States or an single injured by racial profiling the right to obtain declaratory or injunctive alleviation. ” ( End of Racial Profiling. ” 2013 ) .
B. Requires federal jurisprudence enforcement bureaus to keep equal policies and processs to extinguish racial profiling and to discontinue bing patterns that permit racial profiling. ” ( End of Racial Profiling. ” 2013 ) VI. Alternate solutions that can help with the issue. A. Every constabulary office should hold a camera inside of their vehicles or a camera on their organic structures at all times. If the regulations can non be followed so the constabulary officer should confront disciplinary actions. 1. If the constabulary force use the camera in the auto and on themselves at all times this will assist minimise police ferociousness.
Police Officers will do certain to utilize proper force in every state of affairs and will non overdrive their power as authorization figures. B. If a citizen decides to utilize deathly force against an single and that person is killed. that citizen should confront gaol clip. unless that person posed a menace to their life or others. 1. Citizens find that they can hit anyone for anything. Unless this individual is seeking to do physical injury to them. citizens should non hold the authorization to utilize deathly force against anyone.
2. If person is in a domestic force state of affairs and the constabulary is called the person doing injury should automatically be arrested and charges should be placed on that person. No more leting the victim the ability to hold or differ to these charges. Not merely will this let the maltreatment to acquire out of the state of affairs. this will besides assist with future violence…including slaying. Black America vs. the Criminal Justice SystemPage 4 of 8 5 C. Police Officers should ever utilize a stun gun or Piper nigrum spray whenever they come across an ireful person. 1. Police officers should ever utilize their Piper nigrum spray or stun guns when taking down or taking in an unarm person.
Particularly if there is more than one officer at the scene of the offense. If person is defying arrest use the stun gun or Piper nigrum spray to repress the person. Let’s stop force with utilizing more force than necessary. VII. Decision A. It has somewhat change throughout the old ages with African American work forces and adult females holding the right to vote and sit peacefully in a eating house without being bothered or called names but in all equity. African American people will ever hold it difficult. Yes. we have an African American president but that does non halt the high Numberss of frisking or being stop by the constabulary after buying a high dollar sum point because person believes you could perchance be a stealer.
Yes. the statistics throughout the old ages to come might dwindled down but the Black race will be looked down upon and will called felons because of a few bad apples. The Black race will still go on to be murdered in the streets. unarmed or give uping with no proper justness because. like the stating. the best forecaster of future behaviour is past behaviour. Black America vs. the Criminal Justice SystemPage 5 of 8 6 References Collica. K. & A ; Furst. G. ( 2012 ) . Crime and Society. San Diego CA: Bridgepoint Education. Inc.
It explains criminology and how society responds to offense. It breaks down offense through age. gender. race. instruction and living conditions. It shows statistics of offense and types of offense and explains how the statistics are measured. Epp. C. . & A ; Maynard-Moody. S. ( 2014 ) . Driving While Black. Washington Monthly. 46 ( 1/2 ) . 14- 16. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //eds. a. ebscohost. com. proxy- library. ashford. edu/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer? sid=212adf44-d029-44a2-9c35- b2a2e0dc1f07 % 40sessionmgr4002 & A ; vid=6 & A ; hid=4203.
This article discussed the statistics affecting drive and frisking among all races. It breaks down the measurings through race. age. sex. instruction and living conditions. It discuss how the African American race will ever be prejudice upon. Gabbidon. S. L. . Jordan. K. L. . Penn. E. B. . & A ; Higgins. G. E. ( 2014 ) .
Black Supporters of the No-Discrimination Thesis in Criminal Justice: A Portrait of an Understudied Segment of the Black Community. Criminal Justice Policy Review. 25 ( 5 ) . 637. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //cjp. sagepub. com. proxy-library. ashford. edu/content/25/5/637. full. pdf+html This article explains the different methods used to mensurate the African American response to the condemnable justness system.
Six 100 African American persons were surveyed and merely 26 % believes that the condemnable justness system is non prejudice against one race. The measurings are broken down into age. instruction and living conditions. The older coevals of African Americans made up most of the 26 per centum. Harris. D. ( 2013 ) . Shoping While Black. World News with Diane Sawyer. 1. Retrieved from Black America vs. the Criminal Justice SystemPage 6 of 8 7 hypertext transfer protocol: //eds. b. ebscohost. com. proxy-library. ashford. edu/eds/detail/detail? vid=1 & A ; sid=e32d3682- cdb2-48b8-8a38- a2f84927e979 % 40sessionmgr198 & A ; hid=104 & A ; bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWRzLWxpdmU.
% 3d # db=bwh & A ; AN=91694591 This article non merely discussed certain African American persons positions and experience with the high in section shop Barney’s but besides inquiries a high profile famous person on his engagement with the company. They question his beliefs and how he feels about the contention environing the company. Rosich. K. J. ( 2007 ) . Race. Ethnicity. and the Criminal Justice System. Washington. District of columbia: American Sociological Association.
Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. asanet. org/images/press/docs/pdf/ASARaceCrime. pdf This article explains the many statistics and research informations performed on racism and race dealingss issues. Statisticss are measured through. race. gender. age. instruction. employment. life conditions and other factors. S-1038 – End Racial Profiling Act of 2013. ( 2013 ) .
Retrieved October 26. 2014. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Congress. gov/bill/113th-congress/senate-bill/1038? q= % 7B % 22search % 22 % 3A % 5B % 22end+racial+profiling+act+2014 % 22 % 5D % 7D This article discuss and explains what the End Racial Profiling Act of 2013 is. This act was introduced in May of 2013 with every action that has taken topographic point with vote. amendments and other act created based off it is documented. Black America vs. the Criminal Justice SystemPage 7 of 8.

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