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Published: 2020-07-19 01:05:04
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In addition, the student should illustrate independent critical thinking. The marker accepts that the student should be familiar with the contents of the learner guide and the prescribed textbook. If, however, factual and correct information is included from other valid academic sources besides the learner guide and the prescribed textbook, such knowledge and insights also qualify for the allocation of marks.
When answering questions the student is required to: Read each question carefully and thoroughly before attempting the answer, in order to determine exactly what is required. Allocate sufficient time to answer each question in proportion to the marks indicated n the examination paper. Number answers clearly and correctly. Provide answers in a legible handwritten format. Set out the answers in a structured format and formulate statements in full and coherent sentences. In most papers one mark is normally allocated for each factual statement.
This memorandum should also assist students and student support centers in preparing for future examinations. As the memorandum accompanies the examination paper and is prepared prior to the examination session, it is not able to include areas where the students provided incorrect answers. The memorandum is also central to the moderating team when performing moderation of examination scripts. After the release of marks for any examination session, the memorandum becomes public knowledge and is available to students.

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