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Candide Voltaire Essay, Research Paper

In Voltaire? s? Candide? the issue of worlds being baffled animals is seen through the chief character, Candide. Like Candide many wander seeking for ultimate felicity which they sometimes mistake for wealth, beauty, or power. In some instances, people become so haunted with such desires that they lose consciousness of ethical motives. Often ensuing in them stealing, lying, or even killing to obtain such demands. In Candide? s instance it was Cunegonde which he thought could make full the nothingness of felicity ; although he subsequently learned that felicity comes from oneself.

Money is the common desire among most people. Simply because it allows one to populate an easier life, a life which one is guaranteed shelter, nutrient, and better wellness. The quotation mark? the good Pangloss had frequently proved to me that the goods of the Earth are common to all work forces, that each has an equal right to them p34? illustrates Candide? s reaction to holding

Cunegonde? s pistoles and diamonds stolen and how money for endurance will do a despairing individual to steal. The line? My lady you have seventy & # 8211 ; two quarterings and non a penny ; it depends on you alone to be the married woman of the greatest Godhead in South America, who has a really fine-looking moustache ; is it for you to plume yourself on an unbeatable fidelity? p42? depicts how people will see holding money under the worst fortunes.

In add-on, money can go like a? God? to anyone who lacks love for

themselves. For illustration, a individual may utilize money to purchase friends, blessing, or regard. Furthermore, one can go so haunted about holding mercenary wealth which brings them short -lived felicity that they turn into a compulsive shopper. The phrase? I? m traveling to purchase something to do myself experience better? is one echoed particularly in the United States where mass consumers are popular. In brief, interior felicity can non be replaced by everyday wealths.

Beauty is another shared desire by people. Good expressions are frequently equated with regard and intelligence. Sometimes people that are non attractive are overlooked as holding any human worth. The truth is that it is non outer beauty, but inner beauty which correlates with the impression of ego felicity. Thus a individual that is beautiful can non be content unless they are happy with themselves merely as a individual that is n
ot attractive.
Furthermore, the lines? I grew in beauty [ in the thick of pleasances, regard, and

hopes ] . ? ? Already I inspired love, my bosom was organizing ; and what a bosom! White, house,

sculptured like that of the Venus de? Medici. ? ? And what eyes! What eyelids! What black

superciliums! ? ? [ The adult females who dressed and undressed me fell in to raptures when they

looked at me in forepart and buttocks, and all the work forces would hold liked to be in their

topographic point. ] ? p36 illustrates an compulsion with beauty. Clearly, the comparing to a Venus

sculpture, which were made as objects of regard, and one? s organic structure emphasizes a true arrested development

with outer beauty. In short, the old adult females egotistic quality is one that does non convey

ageless felicity because one time her beauty faded she lost felicity.

Power is besides similar money in that it is necessary for endurance. Similarly, when people

have power they feel happy by forestalling unwanted effects from go oning. However, when a individual becomes disillusioned with power it leads to awful bad lucks. For illustration subjugation, war, colza, and decease are all results from an compulsion with power that are depicted in? Candide. ? Throughout the book, the results of war are a cardinal focal point and the lines? they slaughtered my male parent and brother and cut my female parent into pieces. ? ? A large Bulgarian six pess tall, seeing that I had lost consciousness at the sight of

this set about ravishing me.p30? turn out this. In a similar mode, the old adult females portions the same

sick fortune as Cunegonde when she is raped and witnesses the violent deaths of her soldiers, female parent,

ladies of award, and others. To sum up, power can be used for protection as Candide

utilised it to support himself from Senor Don Issachar, but when it is used to maliciously

injury it is no longer moral nor does it allow self felicity.

Last, the book? Candide? vividly describes the horrid results of trusting on wealth, beauty or power to carry through self felicity. The characters help learn how it is common to want, but incorrect to obtain demands unjustly. Although Candide? s want differed in it being Cunegonde he still realized that like money, beauty, or power another can non offer self felicity.

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