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Published: 2020-05-13 11:36:04
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What type of forces must be overcome when solid I2 dissolves in methyl alcohol. CH3OH?
Induced dipole What type of forces must be disrupted between CH3OH molecules when I2 dissolves? Hydrogen bonding
What type of forces exist between I2 and CH3OH molecules in solution?Dipole-Induced Dipole
4 ) What type of intermolecular forces must be overcome in change overing each of the following from a liquid to a gas?a ) CO2 London forces. dipole-dipoleB ) NH3 London forces. dipole-dipole. Hdegree Celsius ) CHCl3 London forces. dipole-dipolevitamin D ) CCl4 London forces
6 ) Rank the followers in order of increasing strength of intermolecular forces in the pure substances. Which substance exists as a gas at 25 ®C and 1 standard pressure?
He & lt ; CH3OH & lt ; CH3CH2CH2CH3He ( He ) and CH3CH2CH2CH3 ( butane ) exist as a gas at 25® C and 1 standard pressure
12 ) The heat content of vaporisation of liquid quicksilver is 59. 11kJ/mol. What measure of energy as heat is required to zap 0. 500 milliliter of quicksilver at 357®C. its normal boiling point? The denseness of quicksilver is 13. 6 g/mL.
2. 0 kJ
16 ) Figure 12. 17a ) if H2O is placed in a certain milk carton at 60 grades Celsius and sealed tightly and allowed to chill. finally there will be an equilibrium of liquid and vapour. Gas is non able to get away and multitudes of the liquid andvapour remain changeless.
B ) assuming that the temperature your manus is below 34. 6 grades Celsius. liquid diethyl quintessence should stay a liquid if dropped on your manus.
22 ) Vapor force per unit area informations for octane C8H1838. 6 kJ/mol. normal boiling point 128® C
26 ) What factors affect the viscousness of a substance?Temperature. size of the molecule. mutual opposition. and the sum of substance present affect viscousness. Which of the undermentioned substances is expected to hold the highest viscousness? Glycerol has the highest viscousness because it has the greatest sum of intermolecular forces.
Should viscousness of a substance be affected by temperature? Explain. As the temperature of a liquid increases the kinetic energy required to divide the intermolecular forces besides increases. The sum of separation that occurs is a step of the viscousness. the opposite consequence occurs when a liquid is cooled as the energy degree is minimum.

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