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Published: 2020-07-28 10:20:05
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Our group presentation was on integration of Latin music and artists in the United States; within the presentation we talked about the different types of Latin music, the instruments that are used to give Latin music its flavor, the types of awards given to Latino for their achievements, and Latino in American pop culture. Latin Music is originated in Latin countries like Mexico, Central America and South America.
In these countries the types of music varies from mariachi, cambiums, salsa, backchat, meringue, and so many more. For these types of music there are special instruments to give them the beat they need; these instruments include the guitar, the accordion, maracas, different types of drums and trumpets. Latin music is the combination of many different instruments that give it an original and distinct beat. People are always awarded for their achievements either by recognition or rewards, here in the United States famous Latino are awarded for their achievements in the music industry.
These awards include The Grammas, The Latin Grammas, Latin Billboard, and Premier Lo Nonuser. In my group presentation we leaked about these four awards but there is many more awards that Latino are awarded for. The Grammas began in 1959 and were presented by the National Academy of recording Artists and Scientists, they recognized music artist from all around the U. S who had outstanding achievements in the music industry (The Grammar Awards). The Grammas rewarded Latino that produced music in English such as Pitiful, Unripe Gallerias, Jennifer Lopez, and Selene Gomez.
Later came the Latin Grammas that recognized Just Latin Music produced not Just in the United States but all over the world, these awards began in the year 2000 where awards ere given for Album of the year, record of the year, Best New Artist, and many more. Another type of award is the Latin Billboard awards that began in the sass and Just like the Latin Grammas they first originated from the Billboards and later on it was decided that they must make an award to Just recognize Latino overall.
This award is given to those who have outstanding success in the Billboard charts throughout the year. Then ceremony of this award is presented each year on Telemeter Television Network. The last award we talked about in our presentation is Premier Lo Nonuser Awards which in the 1989 to award the best music artist in the Latin music industry, each year this award ceremony is taken place somewhere in the united states and broadcasted to us through Envision Television Network.
The main award given at this ceremony is the Lifetime Achievement Award. Another subject we talked about in our presentation was of Latino in pop culture and the achievements they received. Among these artists were Selene, Gloria Stefan, Jennifer Lopez, and Carols Santa. Selene as we all know here for rhythmic music, great talent and her tragic death is still well known here in the United States. Her Music is played on the radio station and at fiestas where we are always reminded of her although she is no longer here with us.
Selene was first wrote music in English that is what she felt the most comfortable with then later on began to write in Spanish and sing as well. Her album Amour Prohibit” was released in 1994 and went gold, she also received the recognition of top Latin Artist in the ass” and best selling Latin Artist of the decade” (Selene Forever). Another well-known artist in the pop culture is Gloria Stefan who was born in Havana Cuba and unlike Selene she first began singing in Spanish then moved on to cording English music.
Her band known as the Miami Sound Machine reached top 10 charts in the sass and sass. In 1986 is when her entirely English recorded album was released and hit top 10 charts (Gloria Stefan Bibliography). Jennifer Lopez is also a very known artist not only in Latin America but here in the United States she has made both contributions to the American and Latin music industry and has achieved many things not only in music industry but also in film. Jennifer Lopez first released her Spanish album Com Ama Nun Meijer” in March 2007; the album reached top ten on the billboard charts.
Some of the greatest achievements for which she has received recognition are 2 Grammar award nominations, 2 Latin Grammar award nominations, 3 American music awards, and 55 Million Music records sold world wide (Wisped). The last artist we talked about in our presentation was Carols Santa who was born in Calico, Mexico and began his music career as a guitarist then began to sing with his band who became famous in the sass and sass. Carols won many awards including, 10 Grammar awards and 3 Latin Grammar awards. He also received recognition from rolling stone magazine naming him number 15 on the list of 100 retreat artists of all times. (Carols Santa) I learned many things from our presentation, I love music and know many things about the Latin artists but I didn’t know things such as some names of the instruments used to make Latin music. I knew about the basics which are the guitar the drums and the accordion since I used to play it myself but what I didn’t know was that there was different types of guitars that had two strings, three strings, and four strings maybe because I didn’t really pay attention to them before but with the presentation I became aware of this.
The Same thing went for the drums and rumples there are different types that make different sounds and well I thought all drums would make the same noise Just depending on how you would hit the drums, I think it is important to know the difference between these instruments and to be able to distinguish them. Another thing I learned was about the history of some of the artists that I didn’t know before such as Gloria Stefan and Carols Santa I knew very little about them even though they are very famous in pop culture I didn’t know about their history and the types of awards they had been given for their great achievements.
As for Gloria Stefan I didn’t even know that she had produced music in English and I think this is what a lot of people don’t realize about Latin Artists that they don’t only produce music in Spanish but in other languages as well and that is how they become well known in both Latin and American cultures. I didn’t Just learn a lot from my group presentation but also from my Chicane Class where there had learned about many topics I didn’t know about such as the Miner workers and the discrimination Latino had in the United States in earlier decades.
I think many Americans don’t realize how Latino were discriminated in the past and re still being discriminated today in the present by not having the full rights they deserve. When we are taught history in elementary school and also throughout high school I find it that we always are taught about African American discrimination but Mexicans are hardly ever mentioned in the United States history and I think it is sad that we have to take a specific class such as Chicane Studies in order to actually learn the history of Mexican or Latino discrimination because it is very important that everyone learns about this part of history.
The film we watched in class, which was about undocumented illegal immigrants n the United States had really opened my eyes and made me realize many things. I knew a lot about this film although I had not watched it before because I lived through it myself having my parents work in the fields when they first got to the United States and to this day they still remind me of that hard labor they worked in and tell me how important education is because education is the only way to have a decent Job and make a living in the United States.
When I saw the part in the movie about the student who was undocumented and was struggling with the fact that once she graduated it was going to be almost impossible to find a Job in the United States since she had no social security card to work here in the United States legally, this is a struggle that many students face and I wish that everyone was able to see this struggle because there is many people, young people out there that have the right to study and get an education and Just throw it all away.
These young teenagers that drop out school and decide to do nothing but drugs and things that don’t take them anywhere, these people are the ones that I wish would realize how much they cake their education for granted when there are people out there that are wishing they could have legal documentation and rights to be here In the United States so they are able to fulfill their education and obtain a career.
Overall I had a great experience in my Chicane Studies Class I learned many things that I would not have learned if it wasn’t for this class, and the knowledge I have now is much greater than what it was before I entered the class and I am happy to say that I enjoyed learning all this about our Chicanes and that I was able to relate to many of it myself.

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