Citizens liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Published: 2020-06-16 01:36:04
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Citizens living in the united states of america must know their rights and responsibilities. Understanding all the rules created by the government will help every citizen in completing their responsibilities for america. We must understand our rights for our own safety and independence in the country. The constitution was signed in 1787 on September 17 which has given rights to the american citizen. According to the American constitution, we have various rights and responsibilities.
Everyone in america has rights, even me because i’m citizen of this country. Being a citizen of America entitles me to certain rights, and some of these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson stated that as American citizens, everyone of us has these rights, They are documented in the The Declaration of Independence. Every citizen has rights and with that comes responsibility, responsibility to them as citizens and to our country. As citizens, of america we must make sacrifices for a greater cause.
United states citizens also have many responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are: To be responsible for our actions and for the consequences of those actions; To be respectful of the rights and beliefs of others; To do the best to meet our own and our families needs; To respect and obey the laws of our countries; To respect the property of others, private and public; We also share our appreciation of the benefits of freedom, participate in the election by voting, and to respect all of the rights in the constitution. Serving on a jury and respecting the different opinions, cultures, ethnic groups, and religions found in the united states are also responsibilities for united states citizens.
Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. We must always consider our responsibilities and complete them whenever necessary. As the famous saying goes Great power brings great responsibilities.” It is a matter of regret that most of the american citizens are neglectful of their duties to america. However, it is hoped, our student community will do their duties to the country, while enjoying the rights, guaranteed by the Constitution

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