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Count Dracula is a lamia, although he appears to be a regular, rich Lord at first, his actions, his expressions and his behavior reveal that he is in fact much different than everybody else. Our first indicant of him being different would be when he climbs down the palace walls.
But my really feelings changed to repulsive force and panic when I saw the whole adult male easy emerge from the window, and get down to creep down the palace wall over that awful abysm, face down, with his cloak distributing out around him like great wings. ” ( 29 ) .
Count Dracula does something which a normal individual could non even conceive of themselves making ; by mounting down the walls while Jonathan Harker was watching. Furthermore, Count Dracula is physically described by Jonathan Harker after he had escaped and was walking in the park with his married woman, Mina. This is when he saw Dracula and described how Count Dracula looks now since he looked physically different than he did during their last brush.
He gazed at a tall, thin adult male, with a beaky olfactory organ and black mustache and pointed beardaˆ¦ I had a good position of him. His face was non a good face ; it was difficult, and cruel, and animal, and his large white dentitions, that looked all the whiter because his lips were so ruddy, were pointed like an animate being ‘s. ” ( 141 ) .
Jonathan Harker is still terrorized by Dracula ‘s image and the events that occurred at his palace ; Dracula has an everlasting consequence on him and cipher can diminish the fright that he experiences around Dracula.
This novel incorporates the belief of supernatural forces and we are scared of such things because we can non explicate them and we have no cognition of them. When Dracula see ‘s blood on Jonathan Harker, he makes a move and this was the first of many things that Dracula did that would make a sense of fright in Jonathan Harker.
When the Count saw my face, his eyes blazed with a kind of demonaic rage, and he all of a sudden made a grab at my pharynx. I drew off, and his manus touched the twine of beads which held the rood. It made an instant alteration in him, for the rage passed so rapidly that I could barely believe that it was of all time at that place. ” ( Pg. 21 )
Jonathan Harker was about to be attacked by Dracula but something made him halt, the rood. This widely known symbol warded off Dracula and it can be seen that he is non human, the manner he is compelled to assail upon the sight of blood. His other actions such as his slumber forms, his deficiency of retainers in the palace and his deficiency of appetency had Jonathan Harker cautiousness already but this confirmed his beliefs that Dracula is non human. Jonathan Harker besides discovers subsequently on that the manager that got him to Dracula ‘s palace had most likely been driven by Count Dracula himself because there are no retainers in his palace. Then he recollects the events from the manager drive and how the driver had stopped and disappeared for a piece after seeing a bluish fire in the forests.
Suddenly, off on our left, I saw a swoon wavering bluish fire. The driver saw it at the same minute ; he checked the Equus caballuss, and leaping to the land, disappeared into the darkness. I did non cognize what to make, the lupus erythematosus as the ululation of the wolves grew closeraˆ¦ As he swept his long weaponries, as though brushing aside some intangible obstruction, the wolves fell back and back farther still. ” ( Pg. 10-11 )
This triggers something in his memory and he remembers how there is a fable about a bluish fire and how merely a supernatural force can obtain it, moreover, when the wolves move off upon him giving a manus signal, it is indicated that he has some kind of control over them.
There are many events in this novel that we contemplate could go on in a certain manner or be done by a certain person but the characters in the novel do non all portion the same cognition as each other. The cognition that some of the characters in the novel do non cognize creates more fear and suspense because we are believing about what could perchance go on to them. Van Helsing may be the lone individual who knows that Dracula is non merely feeding on Lucy because if that was the instance, she would hold been dead by now. Dracula has a bigger end in head and it seems that merely Van Helsing has an thought of what is to go on. In the quotation mark,
I went back to the room, and found Van Helsing looking at hapless Lucy, and his face was sterner than of all time. Some alteration had come over her organic structure. Death had given back portion of her beauty, for her forehead and cheeks had recovered some of their streamlined lines ; even the lips had lost their deathly lividness. It was as if the blood, no longer needed for the working of the bosom had gone to do the abrasiveness of decease as small rude as might be. ” ( 133 )
we can state that Lucy is n’t traveling through the regular procedure of decease, alternatively decease seems to be giving her life once more. Van Helsing has already put two and two together and came to the decision that Lucy will be like Dracula but cipher else knows this. Another indicant of unknown events that we can non explicate logically would be when Jonathan Harker is given a assortment of appeals to protect him ; the people of the town give him all this after he says that he has to travel to Count Dracula ‘s palace. They give him the appeals, wish him fortune and the kids point at him and state things to each other ; this makes Jonathan fearful of what might go on when he got to the palace. What meant the giving of the rood, of the garlic, of the natural state rose, of the mountain ash? Bless that good, good adult female who hung the rood unit of ammunition my cervix! ” ( 23 ) This event has already instilled fright in Jonathan and he has no thought what is to go of him or if there truly is anything to be fearful of and the scene, on the dark of the full Moon merely adds more onto him and he gets even more fearful.
Count Dracula, a timeless classic is scaring and keeps you on your toes at all times. The chief usage of fright keeps the reader interested and basking the book. It is associating to fear in many ways such as Dracula being the image of immoralities, when you hear evil, you picture Dracula, its usage of supernatural forces or entities that attack people, stalk them, etc and the manner of concealing information so that non all character ‘s know everything and they can non utilize that cognition. Therefore, Dracula was an amazing book to read if you are interested in fright based novels.

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