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Published: 2020-06-14 23:51:05
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Understanding the needs, concerns and the attitudes of the clients is important on the part of the client human services providers, since it will help them to provide quality services to the clients. Some social, cultural, and personal factors do affect the provision of services to the clients. For a client to gain quality and satisfaction on the goods that are being provided by the service provider, it is important for the provider to assess their needs and even know them before going to provide the services to them.
This paper aims at looking at the range of problems that affect clients who consume human services, and prevent them from getting the best out of the service providers. In addition, the essay will look at the specific helping or supportive skills that can be used to the clients. The first categories of problems that affect clients of human services are grouped into socio-cultural barriers. There are many factors that affect client service seeking that fall under this category. For example, the issue of lack of autonomy of women to seek certain services is a barrier to receiving and using that particular service.
An example is the decision to seek family planning services. In some cultures, women cannot make the decision to accept a family planning service from their human service provider without consulting their husbands. The cultural norms and cultural beliefs are also a factor that serves to affect the provision of services by human services providers. According to Stan (2011), many cultures in the world hold beliefs that prevent them from receiving certain services from the service providers. For example, there are some cultures in the world that do not go to the hospital or even accept medications because they believe their God will heal them.
Myths, fears and rumors, are also a barrier to the provision of human services. Some people spread false beliefs and rumors about a product being provided by the human services providers. This leads to inefficiency in the manner of providing such service to the people. For example, some people argue that by using a family planning method, the user will eventually become infertile. This is only a rumor and has not scientifically proven. Nonetheless, it prevents many people from receiving the service because of associating the rumor to family planning methods (Stan, 2011).
Access, costs and availability are also factors that serve to render the provision of human services to be ineffective. A client may be very willing to utilize the service but they cannot asses the service. The best method in ensuring service delivery if effective is by making sure that all the prospective and targeted clients can access the service. The issue of distance affects many clients in receiving human service’s needs. The human service providers may determine the point of access and assume that it is favorable for all the clients.
On the contrary, the point of access may be a long distance for some clients. Such clients will not be able to get the services. The other factor related with these is cost. Some human services are very costly to the clients. To get them, the clients have to dig deep into their pockets. In this note, inadequate finances on the side of the client prevent them from accessing the services. Clients have their personal choices and preferences when they are receiving services from the service providers. The care given will depend on whether the clients have their choice taken care of in the provider’s bracket.
The availability of the choice and the taste of the client, will determine whether they will get the service. Some of the clients go even to the extent of choosing the service provider they want attend them. When the provider of choice is not available, the clients will not get the service. Privacy and confidentiality are very paramount in the provision of human services (Stan, 2011). This is because these services deal directly with the people. Clients will never be comfortable where their confidentiality and privacy are not respected.
Again, the provider who is providing the service may be biased against the client. In such a case, the client will not receive the best care. Providers who provide information and counsel the patients tend to establish very strong links with the clients. This serves to build confidence and trust in the service they are providing. Information serves to assure the clients about their condition. Failing to assure the patients or provide information to them makes them harbor anxiety that is dangerous to their well-being.
In addition, counselling the clients enables them to be well psychologically, and enhances their decision making power. Essential communication and listening skills are important for any provider of human services in being effective. Hannah and Virginia (2012) recommend adopting an attentive and a relaxed posture when dealing with clients. This enhances giving the client valuable time. When the provider is relaxed, the client is encouraged to communicate all their problems to the provider. In this case, the provider is in a good position to help them.
Nonverbal cues and communication skills are very good when used appropriately in the provision of services. Non-verbal communication is a good way of communicating to the clients. The attitude and the bias of the provider to the client can be read on the face or the first encounter. Supportive skills encourage that the client gets a good impression of the provider at the first instance (Hannah & Virginia, 2012). Tracking, reflection and clarifying of the client’s concern is an important step in providing human services.
The provider should make sure that they grasp the concern or the complaint of the client with clarity. On the same, they should provide information to the client with clarity. Another skill of supporting clients of human services is by adopting proper interviewing skills. These skills will enable the service provider to get all the necessary details about the condition and the problem of the client. It is very helpful when dealing with clients who are children. Communicating respect and positive regard is another very important skill in attending human services clients.
Hannah and Virginia (2012) connote that most of these clients are in a great need of the service and some of them have lost hope. Communicating to the positively ensures they regain their lost hope. When they regain the hope, they open up and communicate openly to the human service provider. In addition, communicating to the clients positively raises their self-esteem, and contributes to their getting well. It is also a contributor to raising the morale of the client. A client with high will cooperate with the human service provider and this offers them a chance to get the best service.

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