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Published: 2020-05-12 10:21:05
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Attending college is the first measure to a better hereafter. Throughout life there will be many ends to carry through but some of the most of import ends to carry through will be during the clip you are in college. My first end is to go through every category this semester. After finishing this end my following end to finish will be to graduate from Hudson County Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Finally my last end to finish is to farther my instruction and acquire the occupation I want.
Passing every category this semester will assist me experience positive and confident about my hereafter and future ends. In order to finish this end I will hold to go to every category and be on clip. By losing one category I will lose out on a batch of work and may non be able to catch up.
I will hold to complete every assignment on clip because if I write the best essay I could perchance compose but manus it in late. my class will drop dramatically. Finally I will hold to inquire for aid if I need it. Even though it is my first semester of college and I do non cognize what to anticipate. inquiring for aid is easy and can assist better my college experience.
To be able to obtain my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Humanistic disciplines by August 2015 I will hold to work harder than I of all time have. I will hold to be certain to finish all my assignments and be certain to go to all my categories. I will hold to set school foremost in life and avoid activities that will hold a negative impact on my instruction. Prior to accomplishing this end I besides want to take the calling I want so I can cognize what way my life is traveling.
My concluding long-run college end is to travel on to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree and perchance my Master’s Degree. depending on the calling I choose. I have non chosen the calling I want yet but I want to hold the best instruction possible to measure up me for the occupation. To be able to obtain the best instruction possible I want to maintain my grade point mean high and be able to go to a good university.
I have non truly thought about all the inside informations since I have non chosen a calling yet but I am traveling to break my instruction every bit much as I perchance can. After finishing all my instruction I will hold the occupation I want and be happy and financially stable.
In decision. my college ends are some of the most of import in my life because they greatly help determine my hereafter. By go throughing all my categories this semester I will hold the assurance to go on my instruction and do good. By obtaining my Associate’s Degree I will be able to travel on and obtain my Bachelor’s and perchance Master’s Degrees. And eventually when I finish finishing all my instruction I will be able to acquire the calling I want and be happy with my life. My full hereafter depends on the picks I make in college.

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