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Company and Manager BackgroundThe Nestle Company began operating in 1867, in Vevey, Switzerland, when a man called Henry Nestle, came up with the idea of producing first infant food, in response to the problem that many mothers had on not being possible to breastfeed their babies, so he created a healthy and not expensive product called Farine Lactee, for superseding these big problem, and saw these as a big opportunity to enter into a good area of business, being these the food area, which is essential for every person and especially for little children. Few years later, this product became so famous and of course very good, that it was distributed in all Europe, as a result the company became better, and had the chance to compete with the most famous company of that area, in that time, called Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, so Nestle began to produce condensed milk products, but the company named before was still the biggest manufacturer of these kind of products, and not only these but many other milk and cheese formulas; that’s why the two business owners came with the idea of merging their business and stay with the name of Nestle in 1905. Making these alliance gave very positive results, and few years later the company had manufacturers all over the world in first world countries and powers such as United States, Britain, Spain and Germany and soon Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Bombay too; however the most production came from Switzerland that was the capital area and principal manufacturers where there. After these the world war I came and that was a crisis for the company because raw materials like milk and others became scares so they had to sell them as a product and not use it as raw materials for developing their formulas, this time was very difficult for the company, but as time passed the world ended and the raw materials where available again, but they were too expensive so the crisis continued and they couldn’t make all the products they wanted and they were in debt, as a result they had to renovate the company in order to reduce the debt and to be able to produce more products and innovate their company, that why for the 1920s Nestle implemented chocolate milk, and powder beverage to increment their sales, things went well but not as they wanted, so later in 1930s the best product of history came to their mind, called Nescafé and Nestea. These two beverages began to be sold and they were a total success, but the second world war came, and distribution from Europe to US became difficult, and the had to find a solution, so they had the idea of building manufacturers in Latin America for distributing all the product to US because it helped soldiers in the second world war, as their principle beverage for the army. As time passed and the company became millionaire and famous, they wanted to acquire more, and merge with new enterprises to have new line of products, that can subtend all the people needs, so they acquired 8 companies in order for the business to expand and not only be part of a small type of food and beverage but only entered to the pet food market, pharmaceutical industry and acquired plenty restaurants and entered to the medical nutrition.As a result of all these acquires and merged companies it became the biggest enterprise of the world, and all these because they focused more on people than everything, that’s why they use the logo of Good food, Good Life”, which is related with their products and with what they think it’s the most important aspects of the company.Internal Environment.Nestle company has a very strong organizational culture emphasizing on its business logo which is Good food, Good Life”, these logo mostly reflects their mission statement that is to create superior food, so that individuals live a better life, and these can be seen in the hole history of the company and how they act with customers and with their employees and in where they focus in, which are the three most important aspects of the company. The corporation tries to additionally expand and stress on these aspects. These three things Nutrition, Health and Wellness can be seen in all Nestle products and in the business mission statement additionally”. (Ali et al (2009).As Nestle has a very strong organizational culture it is mostly focused on their people, and on their people structure, a thing that it’s called team orientation a dimension of the culture which as the name says, encourages employees to work in teams and be together in order to achieve their goals, but also we can see it as a risk taker company, because it not only focuses on their employees but also has an open door policy, for having new people entering to the company, and taking that risk of adding new entrepreneurs that can bring new ideas to the company, The company focuses on collectivism and performance orientation attitude to encourage employees to work harder” (Ali et al, 2009). As we can see on the hole history, mission and logo of the company, for them people it’s important, so I deduce that it is also an attention to details category of companies culture, because as food and good health for people it’s very important, the companies process of making these good food has to be very cautious and precise in their ingredients, so they don’t affect the people in a bad process, that’s why they have the highest quality of products to offer the customers. Nestlé’s corporate objective is to be the world’s largest and best branded food manufacturer, whilst ensuring that the Nestlé name is synonymous with products of the highest quality (Nestle Corporate Objective, 2009).The reflection of the values and importance that Nestle gives can not only be seen in the companies culture and their orientation, but also on the facilities they give to their 328000 employees, having plenty of programs to ensure their well-being and a good working environment, as it is that their employees can agree with managers, where, how and when to work if they have a necessity and also put their confidence in the workers so they have individual responsibility. Apart from these there is a maternity protection policy, which as the name says helps future moms of the company, and facilitates their working conditions, as also their rest time after giving birth, giving the opportunity to rest for 6 months, apart from the fact that they have breastfeeding sites in almost all the workplaces all over the world. Finally Nestle together with other multinationals launched the program International Dual Carrer Network (IDCN) to help the spouses that are in a dual carrer, and facilitate their job and also their professional integration in several locations all over the world, so they provide advices, support and connections.External EnvironmentTalking about the external environment of Nestle is a very big issue, because as mentioned before it is a very big and globalized company which involves a lot of external factor that affect directly not only the organization, but the whole culture of the company, because of the different places where they work and have manufacturers, and these places are different and have different laws that can affect the company, and it has to accomplish what each of these countries state. As we know the external environment involves RecommendationsBibliography: Corporate Objective, 2009). Retrieved from Environmental. (2018, Feb 18). Retrieved from, B. (2002). Nestlé’s ERP odyssey. CIO-FRAMINGHAM MA-, 15(15), 62-73.Heer, J., & Benson, B. J. (1991). Nestlé: 125 Years, 1866-1991. Nestlé.Köse, Y. (2007). Nestlé: a brief history of the marketing strategies of the first multinational company in the Ottoman Empire. Journal of Macromarketing, 27(1), 74-85.

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