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Select three literary works that you have read in class, and that you think are connected in at least one way through convention or device. Consider the following: theme, genre, literary technique, culture, use of literary devices such as symbolism, and how diction is used to suggest culture, class, ethnicity, historical period, or age. Use the three works you have selected to complete the Literature Compare and contrast table. Elements to compare
Everyday Use” Death Of A Saleaman Who will Light the Incense When Mother Is gone?” Author Alice walker Arthur Miller Andrew Lam Genre Moma and maggie poor and uneducated tragedy, family drama Emotional and tragic Technique Flashback Technique flashback technique emotional approach Theme The meaning of heritage, the difference between tradition and living in todays society
The American dream, betrayal a mothers children not caring on the tradition of her ancestors. Culture African American Culture English,American, middle class vietnames immigrants Devices – Symbolism Quilt- the bond between the woman of the family yard- where moma is free from everything Seeds- the worth of working Diamonds-wealth Rubber Hose- suicide Incense- the past, ancestors Devices – Diction moma hard her own special language she used willy is proper but talks very negativily proper talking , very expressive because he is a writer.
Other irony- the different reasons for why the two sisters want the quilts. Like ” Who will light the incense when mothers gone” its about tradition and caring on things passed down from generation. imagery- flute- he hears the flute but does not know it is the flute like the death of a salesman” the story uses tragedy even though no one dies but the mother is worried about when she dies. she wants to no who will worry and care about her when she is gone.

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