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if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see each problem as a nail.

Conflict seems to change as with age. As a child one would consider conflict being not allowed to play with a toy by a peer. During adolescence conflict seems to change being pressured by friends to do something against an individuals beliefs, which can lead to a problem. An adult conflict seems to be taken more emotionally because of how passionately one feels of their personal view(s).
When speaking of conflict everyone holds there own definitions but it could be generally agreed that requires disagreement between individuals within a group or two parties. According to Interpersonal Communication” by Daniel J. Canary, Michael J. Cody, -Valerie L. Manusov the defined conflict as ” any disagreement between interdependent parties who perceive that they have incompatible goals (Cahn, Hocker & Wilmot; Putnam & Poole, 1987 pg.369). Many people are not aware that when a misunderstanding occurs is often the sender did not relay the information correctly and this leads to conflict.
When speaking of conflict many people avoid engaging in interpersonal conflict because it is often perceived as negative. Positive conflict management is significantly higher in differences appear in positive than in negative conflict,” written in the Group Research Journal by Zoronza. The article states that individuals do not to linger with a miscommunication for a long period or time, nor do they like confrontations. Zonora conducted a study that presented results in positive conflict. Many agreed that at times conflict will have positive results, when both the communicators do not want to end with an aggressive confrontation.
According to Interpersonal Communication,” conflict is often seen as positive because it may have a constructive result. Although, when speaking of the entire population of our culture views conflict as a negative outcome in a relationship.

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