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Abstract This study aimed on the construction of a prototype electric play dryer that would be able to work indoors without the sun as the heating medium. Upon building this prototype, we were able to visualize its potentials on how it would be improved and what its uses are. The researcher was able to produce as a household level dryer that would let families who have play (unasked rice) stacks of their own to dry play on their homes. (http://regions. Dost. Gob. PH/index. PH? 9: p retype-electric- pa lay- rye&catid=20:engineering<emid=45) The study aims to promote the utilization of improvised play drying machine from a discarded materials such a motor and a spinner from an old washing machine assembled in an old body of a gas range. The machine can help farmers to ensure the good quality of harvested grains, reduce harvesting losses and dependence on weather conditions. There are 3 treatments made to determine the significance of the methods used in dying harvested grains.
In treatment I-sun-dry method, Treatment II-blow-dry-method and Treatment III- low-dry-with charcoal method. The amount of grain was kept constant. Each treatment used egg of harvested grains. There are three trials for each treatment. The length of drying time will be recorded. For every trial the amount of weight loss were measured to determine if dried play was able to attain the desired dryness. The data gathered were analyzed using NOVA or analysis or variance. Results showed that there is a significant effect in using improvised play drying machine.
Treatment Ill showed the shortest time in drying play. It took 3 minutes to dry egg of grains or an average of 1 minute to dry a kilo of harvested grains. On the other hand, Sun drying and mechanical drying method using improvised drying machine has no significant difference in attaining the desired dryness of play. An average weight of 14%is desirable. Therefore, it is concluded that improvised play drying machine is effective and economical way of drying play. (http://regions. Dost. Gob. PH/index. PH? Option=com_content&vievv=article&id=232:palay-dryer-&catid=24:physics<emid=45)
Conclusions Perhaps the benefits of this technology, which requires a significant change to the way small grain-trading firms operate, are not well known. Certainly, there have been criticisms of the government programs to subsidies the introduction of the technology. These focus mainly on an apparent lack of understanding of the two-stage nature of the technology, the poor selection of firms to receive assistance, and the lack of training and ongoing support and maintenance for a complex technology more demanding of management.

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