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Published: 2020-05-28 09:56:04
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How does an individual’s cultural experience influence his or her personality? Explain why or why non. Supply illustrations. Every individual that is born in any household. in any portion of the universe is subjected to an upbringing that is surrounded by different sets of values. moralss and ethical motives. These values in bend form the footing of a civilization. The of import point to observe is that these values are ne’er the same ; they differ from civilization to civilization. A civilization defines a society. the society in bend defines its norms and those norms and rules influence a personality ( Reynolds. 2006 ) .

A personality is something that one can non inherit. But it has a batch of power to be influenced by the ambiance it is placed in. The inquiry that rises in heads is how? Well let’s merely state its human nature to follow something that a individual faces once more and once more repeatedly. To turn out this we can see the illustration that the oldest of norms and values survive the most in any civilization and therefore are found to be a critical portion of every person’s personality particularly if they are from the same civilization.
This is why we note that people who migrate to different societies have jobs in seting to the new civilization. This is because their ain native civilization is so much ingrained in their personalities that it is hard to extinguish it and replace it with new ethical motives of the new society. The best illustration can be that of pupils who migrate to foreign states for instruction. If a pupil who has been brought up in an eastern civilization of the sub-continent will decidedly hold jobs in seting to the new western civilization that he has switched to.
This is because that individual has been brought up in a society that teaches him values wholly opposite to the values of the western society that he has migrated to. And the old values are deep-seated in his personality. He is greatly influenced by them therefore it consequences in jobs sing an accommodation in the civilization. Mentions Book Reynolds. J. ( 2006 ) . Celebrate Connections among Cultures. Lee and Low Books.

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