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Published: 2020-06-15 19:56:04
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Dear Nick,
My goal for this essay was to improve my unpacking skills, fix my citation issues, and write more clearly for my audience. These were all problems in my last essay, which led to the grade I received. I believe I improved these aspects of my writing a bit in this essay, but I know that they are still something I need to work to improve throughout this semester.
I utilized many resources in my writing process such as your office hours, my peer reviews during class, and the Sweetland Writing Center. All these resources helped me improve my rough draft tremendously. In office hours, I realized that my essay was not very focused, and I was trying to prove a vague point. So, I took the one element of my essay that I felt particularly confident about and just wrote my essay over again about that topic. My peer reviews were helpful as well, both of my classmates were very thorough and gave me many suggestions on how to improve. I was told to fix some of my citation formatting, change up my diction, and add transitional phrases to my topic sentences. It was suggested to me to diversify and clarify my argument. I was using very similar sentences to prove almost all of my points, which became redundant and boring to the reader. I took all these into consideration by thinking of new ways to link my body paragraphs to my thesis statement, using different words to keep the reader’s attention, and incorporated transitional phrases that helped my body paragraphs flow more smoothly. The Sweetland Writing Center helped me make the changes that were suggested by my peers. These resources brought many flaws in my writing to my attention, so I could focus on improving them.
I think a big success of mine while writing this essay was coming up with an interesting topic and way of looking at The Birthmark”. But I am also aware that there are flaws in my writing, such as not explaining my claims thoroughly, my citing, and using redundant statements. These are aspects of my essay that I was striving to improve and will continue to develop as the semester continues. The biggest risk I made in my writing was to rewrite my entire essay. This was time consuming but worth it in the end. I was worried that I would not have enough time to revise my paper, so it would feel like it was not well thought out or put together. However, I believe my essay is now much clearer and more focused, so I am glad I made the decision to redesign my argument.

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