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Published: 2020-06-17 02:01:05
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Some types of engines that come to mind are the average internal combustion engine (ICE), the hybrid, and Ford’s new EcoBoost engine. There are quite a few things to consider with each of these engines, things that anyone may like to know or want to consider himself or herself. As a mechanic I’ve taken great interest and thought as to what is under my hood. The ICE is what’s in the average vehicle seen every day. Basically, it mixes fuel and air; and with a little spark, it combusts in what’s called the combustion chamber.
These come in many different sizes. The bigger the combustion chamber, the more power there is and obviously the more gas it uses. There are four stages of operation that make this engine run: intake, compression, power, and exhaust. With these engines being the most common, they are the least expensive. However, they aren’t the cleanest (eco-friendly) or fuel efficient. The hybrid is an engine that uses both internal combustion and one or more electric motors. Yet other apparatuses to capture and utilize are included.
Hybrid vehicles aren’t the most expensive, but they aren’t the least costly either. Though hybrid cars consume less fuel than ICE vehicles, there is still an issue regarding the environmental damage of the hybrid car battery. Some hybrid-manufactured vehicles are Honda Insight, Ford Escape, Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion Energi, Nissan Leap, and the world’s top selling hybrid, Toyota Prius. Fairbrother ! The EcoBoost is a turbo-charged, direct fuel-injected engine produced by the Ford Motor Company.
Engines equipped with EcoBoost technology are designed to deliver power and torque consistent with larger engine sizes while achieving about 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than the same engines without EcoBoost technology. A 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine has the performance of an average 6-cylinder engine with the fuel economy of a 4-cylinder; and the 6-cylinder EcoBoost engine has the high performance of an 8-cylinder, but with the fuel economy of a 6-cylinder engine.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the ICE is the most reasonably priced, but not overall best. The hybrid is better for the economy but isn’t the best priced. The EcoBoost comes perfectly in the middle. If I could choose, the EcoBoost engine would be it, with great performance, good price for what it’s worth, and valued fuel efficiency. Although it’s still new, there aren’t many available yet, but the trend will grow fast. Which would you prefer?

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